The two choices that the system gave both had pros and cons.

No matter the size option, the one room per floor allowed her dungeon to be very inconspicuous. It would not attract as much attention as the sub-dimension choice. But sooner or later, Amy would end up with not enough space to continue growing. The first option also seemed less secure to her because outside forces could damage or destroy the iceberg.

The second option, the sub-dimension, seemed like the best idea to Amy. It would still be connected to her iceberg; she would have access to her territory and the outside world. It would also let her expand in ways that she would not have been able to do if she chose the first option. The sub-dimension would even grow with her, and it would allow Amy to be more creative and take more chances with it. The only downside that Amy could think of would be that the sub-dimension would attract attention with powerful beings that she would not be able to deal with.

With these things in mind, the choice was obvious.

Amy, with her decision made, reached out and selected the second option. As soon as she selected the sub-dimension option, a portal appeared exactly where her core used to sit, and she was pulled into it.

Inside the sub-dimension was interesting at the very least. The dimension was shaped like a cylinder, with her core settled precisely in the middle, underneath the water. The size of the dimension also surprised Amy as it was 100 metres from her core to the edge of the dimension in each dimension. So, from her dungeon core, it was 50 metres up, 50 metres down, and 100 metres North, South, East, and West.

She assumed that if it operated the same as a traditional dungeon that expands with every floor, then the sub-dimension would grow by 100 metres with each floor. Well, she assumed that this would happen, but Amy knew that she wouldn’t know until it happened.

The dimension itself held 50 metres of saltwater tall, 25 metres above her core and 25 metres below her core. Above the water, there was breathable air, and below the water, there was sand, then compacted dirt, and stone at the bottom. The air and earth portions both covered 25 metres of height within the dimension.

There were a couple of features that came with the sub-dimension. The first feature is the island. The island was small, about one metre by one metre. It was very curved and not in a uniform shape like a circle. It was located 57 metres away from her core in the North East section of the dimension. The island had a slight decline into the water surrounding half of the island that faced away from her core, while the other half facing towards her core had a steep decline underwater. The island’s surface was made up of rocks, dirt, and sand, which she could work on if she ever gains non-aquatic plants.

The second feature of the sub-dimension that Amy noticed is the currents that flow throughout the dimension. One of the things that really pleased her was that the dimension had both air and water currents. This made the sub-dimension feel a lot more like it was outside her dimension. It would also help add details to her dungeon so that the air and water fill continuously flow and move. The sub-dimension very much so mimicked the outside world, including having a sun in the sky. Though Amy did not know if it would move through different positions, simulating different times of the day.

The third feature was that the underwater floor of the sub-dimension was not flat. It was as if someone took 100 metres of very hilly land and filled it with water. There were essentially areas that changed between shallow and deeper areas. Most of the land underwater had inclines or declines, with some flat areas. Except for the area around the island and the Eastern section of the dimension were primarily flat, with slight incline or decline. There were very few rocks, unlike the island, that laid on the floor, so Amy knew that if she wanted to add rocks, she would either have to create them or bring them in from the outside world.

The fourth feature that she noticed was the water. The water itself was saltwater, but the level of murkiness and how clear the water was changed in certain areas. The area around the island and the Northern part of the sub-dimension was very clear and transparent. The Eastern and Western areas were somewhat murky, kind of like looking into a clear lake on a cloudy day. The Southern area was a lot harder to see; it was a lot more muddy and sandy. A human from Earth would be able to see about five metres down before it got hard to see, but it was still very bright under the water. The changes in water clearness and murkiness would allow Amy to be able to have different area types with other things.

The fifth thing about the dimension is where her core is situated. Her dungeon core was located exactly in the middle of the dimension. It was sitting on a stone platform exactly 25 metres above the sand floor.

The last thing that Amy noticed about the sub-dimension so far was the ice. Around the outer area of the dimension, there were chunks of floating ice, ranging from one metre to ten metres in size, floating with the water currents. These miniature icebergs were interesting because they just kept to the outer area. But they did allow for Amy to obtain creatures that do not live in water and live on the icebergs in the future when she had such creatures.

After looking over her new sub-dimension, Amy tried to figure out how to exit the dimension. First, she closed her eyes and tried to sense if there was a portal within the dimension, and there was. Like the portal that she was originally pulled through, there was a slightly hidden portal within the southwest side, at the very edge of the dimension.

Amy figured that this was how she would get in and out of the sub-dimension, so she quickly entered the portal and appeared in a familiar room of ice. When she arrived back onto her iceberg, she realized something. Amy could still feel and see the sub-dimension. The best way that she could describe it was when she was human and back on Earth, and she would read and watch television simultaneously. She knew what was going on in the sub-dimension, but it was in the background if she was not paying attention to it.

With her choice chosen, Amy figured that it was time to start populating and shaping her dimension into her dungeon.


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