Amy was quite excited to start exploring this new environment. Still, she knew that she would have to find a way to anchor herself to the sea bed to stay at this place until she is ready. And she knew how to do it.

When ships want to stay in one play, they lower an anchor, holding the boat to a spot. Amy could create a chain and anchor with ice. And she did, but she decided to do two chains and anchors. She first created the anchors. These anchors were made out of ice with two large prongs that could dig into the ocean floor. Amy then grew two chains in relatively non-obstructed areas of her iceberg. She kept on growing them until she felt them hit the ground, as well as another two metres for slack.

Now then, Amy decided to finish up with the idea that she had put on the back burner that would work very well in this instance. A month or two ago, she had an idea of building a grate or bucket-like object that Amy could use to scoop up sand, debris, creatures, plants, anything that was on the ocean’s floor that she could bring back up to her iceberg.

The exciting thing about this world that she was in was that sunlight still reached that far down, 20 kilometres down. And Amy couldn’t wait to see what she brought back up.

So, she built a one-metre long and 60-centimetre tall box, which she then created two small chains that were attached right on the edge of the opening to the box. She also included a sheet to cover the opening to prevent anything from escaping or falling out of the box. Amy then placed the ice sheet over the opening, took the two chains, and dragged it a couple of metres before she started pulling it back up. With her mana, she pulled the box up towards a completely isolated room, when she created a tunnel from the outside directing downwards into the room, allowing it to fill up with water. The tunnel’s opening was the exact dimension of her box, and Amy lined up the box, slid up the sheet, and poured whatever the box picked up into the isolated room. She quickly sealed up the room again and let it settle down before she started going through what was picked up.

Amy picked up mostly piles of light grey sand and a bunch of different sizes of rocks. But in between the sand and rocks, she did pick up plants and animals. Some of these were a white coral, a spindly-looking crab, and a feather-looking plant. With a smile, she pulled up all the information on everything that she collected, including the rocks and sand.

Cold Water Builder Coral

A species of coral that is often the starter coral to new reefs. Builder corals often will attract other species of corals to a particular area.

Black Sand

Contrary to the name, black sand is not actually black. It’s grey. It gets its grey colour from worn-down degraded volcanic debris.

Lava Rock

A type of rock created from the rapid cooling of lava in contact with the ocean. The rocks get their names through very rare circumstances in which one of the rocks still contains a strand or two of lava mana.

Spider Crab

A species of crab that produces a very sticky silk-like mucus that the crab uses to ensnare prey.

Glass Jellyfish

A small species of jellyfish with a small train of tentacles that are often found near the bottom of the ocean floor. This creature generates a potent paralysis toxin within its tentacles that the jellyfish uses to hunt and defend.

Long-Feathered Pen

A type of invertebrate that anchors to the seafloor, and this species also produces a slight bioluminescence through its polyps.

Sea Glass

A type of mineral condensed and formed within oceans that can hold mana.

Amy knew that the collection box, what she decided to call the box that collects things from the seafloor, was a great idea. She already gained a bunch of things that had potential. Just imagine what she could build from what she collected.

Then Amy realized something. She hadn’t started on her dungeon yet. Oh, she had worked on her territory, her creatures, plants and objects, the iceberg that holds her dungeon core, but not the dungeon. She is a dungeon core, a dungeon core without a dungeon. And she wanted to fix it.

So, she did what felt instinctively right. Something that Amy had been ignoring for a while. She let loose her mana with the intention of finally starting her dungeon. And with that, the System sent her a message.

You have officially created your first floor.

Any dungeon location finder equipment or dungeon finder spell can now locate you within a certain proximity.

Due to the circumstances of where your dungeon is located, the System has decided to offer you two choices. Your choices are:

1) One room would equal one floor. The System would automatically increase the size of the room. The size of each floor depends on how many rooms you have. This would follow the traditional methods of dungeons, where each floor gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

2) A sub-dimension. Dungeons often gain access to the ability to create a sub or mini dimension when they reach a certain age or a certain amount of power. Due to certain circumstances, this option is being offered to you. The sub-dimension will be tied to your iceberg, and what would be within the sub-dimension would be an island, ice, and saltwater. You will still have a connection to your territory and will be able to operate the same way that you have been able to.

This … this fucking shocked Amy. There, there were no words to describe what she was seeing, what the System was offering her.

She read and re-read the words, looking for something that showed what the System was telling her was a joke. But it wasn’t.

Now, Amy had one of the biggest decisions that she has had to make since coming to Terra.


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