The Forsaken

The Forsaken

by Bebad

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

The story begins in the kingdom of Ferro. Five anti-heroes each with a different story, and a unique purpose set out on an epic journey. Leading their paths to cross as they unwillingly/willingly fall in political schemes and a war between kingdoms all while, unknownst to them, being pawns in a power struggle of ancient powerful beings.

Note: The first five chapters will introduce each of the five main characters and the start of their journey.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One - Moonchild ago
Chapter Two - One Who Walks With The Devils ago
Chapter Three - Fire And Forgiveness ago
Chapter Four - Death To The Queen ago
Chapter Five - The Last ago
Chapter Six - Following Your Nose ago
Chapter Seven - Under The Moon ago
Chapter Eight- The True Killer ago
Chapter Nine - Praise Be To Aion ago
Chapter Ten - Wolf ago
Chapter Eleven - The Devils and the Moon ago
Chapter Twelve - The Remnants ago
Chapter Thirteen - Crime and Punishment ago
Chapter Fourteen - Evil Magic ago
Chapter Fifteen - Lunch of Worms ago
Chapter Sixteen - A fire under the Moon ago
Chapter Seventeen - Burial Rites ago
Chapter Eighteen - These are my carrots ago
Chapter Nineteen - The Cult of Boreas ago
Chapter Twenty - Where The Beasts Lie ago
Chapter Twenty-One - Flip Them The Finger ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - The Journey of Death ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - Ulric's Tale ago
Chapter Twenty-Four - Melione's Tale ago
Chapter Twenty-Five - Tyr's Tale ago
Chapter Twenty-Six - Shaphas'es Tale ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven - Invited Guests ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight - Uninvited Guests ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Calm Before The Storm ago
Chapter Thirty - The Storm (Part I) ago
Chapter Thirty - The Storm (Part II) ago
Chapter Thirty - The Storm (Part III) ago
Chapter Thirty-One - A New Page ago
Chapter Thirty-Two - Short Stories ago
Chapter Thirty-Three - Friends, To the North ago
Chapter Thirty-Four - The Withering Lands ago
Chapter Thirty-Five - The Black Forest ago
Chapter Thirty-Six - Where The Lost Go ago

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