Tower of Redemption

Tower of Redemption

by Gryphon10

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Kauss Mellow was born on the first floor of the Regal Tower. Since childhood, his life has been centered on survival. Yet even in a world of kill or be killed, he manages to build some normalcy for himself, with his girlfriend and close (though odd) friend. 
But the tower has never been a place to allow long term peace.
Now, Kauss and his friends must climb.
The top of the tower awaits them, and along the way, they will find new allies, make dangerous enemies, and discover things previously unknown.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0 - Regal Tower ago
Chapter 1 - Silence in a City of Noise ago
Chapter 2 - Bullet to the Skull ago
Chapter 3 - Meaning ago
Chapter 4 - Pecking Order ago
Chapter 5 - Operation Stealth ago
Chapter 6 - To the Basement ago
Chapter 7 - Breakout and Escape ago
Chapter 8 - Rush Forward ago
Chapter 9 - Blood and Tears ago
Chapter 10 - Climbing the Tower ago
Chapter 11 - Man with a Staff ago
Chapter 12 - Felxin ago
Chapter 13 - Power of Electricity ago
Chapter 14 - Field of Monsters ago
Chapter 15 - The Beast Underneath ago
Chapter 16 - Secrets of the Devices ago
Chapter 17 - Infinite Energy ago
Chapter 18 - Calm Before the Storm ago
Chapter 19 - Plan of Action ago
Chapter 20 - Battle of Blade and Fist; Battle of Pistol and Whip ago
Chapter 21 - Battle of Anger and Calmness; Battle of Staff and Spear ago
Chapter 22 - The Council of the Second Floor ago
Chapter 23 - Going All Wrong At Once ago
Chapter 24 - Planning and Pain ago
Chapter 25 - Olten ago
Chapter 26 - Gone Red ago
Chapter 27 - Breaking into the Monsters Den ago
Chapter 28 - Drawings on the Walls ago
Chapter 29 - One Disaster After Another ago
Chapter 30 - Man Versus Beast ago
Chapter 31 - Split Evenly In Two ago
Chapter 32 - Second Chance ago
Chapter 33 - Why Can't the Past be Left Alone (Part 1) ago
Chapter 34 - Why Can't the Past be Left Alone (Part 2) ago
Chapter 35 - Step Ahead Once, Pray to Never Take Two Steps Back ago
Chapter 36 - Decisions, Decisions ago
Chapter 37 - Battle of Olten (Part 1) ago

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There's a lot of redemption ahead!

Reviewed at: Chapter 2 - Bullet to the Skull

Disclaimer : I have read till the end of chapter 2 - The latest chapter posted.

The world of the tower of redemption is like the world of cyberpunk and the wild west combined together. Gritty, dark, overwhelmingly apathetic to the value of human lives - It brings together a tale of survival, openness, and brutality in one place.

Overall score: 4/5 - This book is honestly not at the level of 4 stars...yet. But it will be and even beyond 4 stars if my gut instinct is right.

Style score: 4/5 - The grittiness and the stark reality of life in the tower comes through in spades due to the author's voice and style of writing. The style has an old gangster movie vibe to it which is fitting seeing that the level of the tower that they are on is full of wolves of the human kind.

Story: 4/5 - We don't really have much to work with on the story since the author has just started this book and it hasn't hit its stride yet. However, till now, the survivalist temperament of the society and the depiction of the dystopian environment has come through distinctly.

Grammar Score: 3.5/5 - I am no expert at grammar and hence this is 4/5 for most books that I review unless the readability is significantly bad or there are clear errors that even I can recognise.

As per readability, the book has no issues apart from a few words here and there that can be replaced. The issue comes from punctuation and some incorrect spellings here and there but that's nothing that a good edit won't fix up, so don't worry too much about it.

Character score: 4/5 - Killian, though he might be the last character to be introduced, comes across as bat shit crazy and loyal right from the start. Kauss is also memorable and Helona too for their casual acceptance of life and their live-or-die mentality.

The NFSW tag on this is appropriate because this is not a story for children. It's a story for those who have seen the horrors of war and understand that for some it is not horror but a daily part of life where death is cheaper than the money you spend on mundane things.

Lots of potential in this book and I hope to see the author take it to a good place.

Good luck and Cheers!



Sure, there are a few mistakes here and there, but the author has clearly shown some manner of improvement over time. Couldn't find the supposed death of mind while reading this.

Since I haven't read too far into the story, there is obviously some manner of the story I haven't reached. However, I would still say that the gritty stuff I've read is very interesting. Might even have read more if I had the time.

5/5 from me. Potential is worth it.

Blind Serpent

So this is surprisingly good.

Kauss is quite a multilayered protagonist. I like how at first he seemed a bit tropey but then pretty quickly turned out to be not at all what is expected.

He fits really well with the worldbuilding and we get to plunge right into major events from the get go. Even though there are quite a few characters in the first few chapters, they all make good sense and have motivations, etc.

I am pleasantly surprised that a few things actually surprised me as I read, plot wise. Good job.


Style is the major issue in this story. The manner of descriptions, the wordiness of them, that could be done better. I think it comes down to experience and generally reading more and writing more improves it.

Occasionally the POV jumps were a little confusing but not overly so.

Grammar wasn't too bad but a few issues here and there - the author mentioned that he's working on it, and it shows.

The story is the strong part. There is a clear world and setting, the first floor of the tower is pretty miserable. As I read I could really feel the atmosphere of it, the gang violence, and the cynicism.

Even though the descriptions were quite long at times the story itself moved pretty quickly which nice. We slowly learn of the power that control the city of the first floor and then of the infighting within it. Early on some events happen that shake things up, and I am expecting pretty major growth as Kauss and his female companion are planning to climb the tower.

I am already looking forward to what happens with the rebels and the hopeful underground that spurred our heroes to action and kickstarted their personal growth.

Kauss is a pretty well rounded character, he does have an arc and shows growth and change already in the first few chapters. His girlfriend does too, which is nice as it makes me want to see where they are going to end up.

The secondary characters are elaborate and unique enough for a gang and the regular people are also pretty different.



Style Score - The story itself isn't terribly unique, but it is a genre that is known to do well, and one that many like. Most people prefer the third person perspective so that is good. 

Story Score - At 50 pages there isn't much story to go off of at the time of this review. Whether this story improves and keeps a consistent story will only be known when future chapters are published. 

Grammar Score - If this were fixed the author's story could be greatly improved. There are issues with some of the sentences being a little awkward, as well as the text is littered with misspelled words. The author rarely varies his sentence structure opting for long, multi-clause sentences. Below are just some issues I found that would be easy fixes: "Loneliness" is misspelled in the first sentence of the second chapter. "Kauss didn't cry, in fact he didnt even move at all that day." Needs a semicolon because there are two complete clauses in the sentence. "His Dad and grandmamma stared at him..." dad should be lowercase. "Want some time baby" needs a comma between time and baby. "No he's still asleep actually" needs a comma between asleep and actually. "Wait up dumbass" needs a comma between up and dumbass. "When I saw you you calmed down" is two clauses that either need to be broken into two sentences or need a semicolon in between them. There are other issues in this work. You should definetely give it a proof read. 

Character Score - The characters aren't bad, although some instances its hard to tell who is speaking and who isn't. 

Overall Score - This book could use some polish, but it could petentially become something great if the author really works on fixing the grammar issues within the story. 

MrNobodyisHome (E. Anderson)

Oh, wow, this is my first review. How exciting.

4 chapters in may be a little too early to judge a story as a whole (that's like giving a final grade to someone halfway through the test), but so far I think it's intriguing! And I just had to share my thoughts on it.

What this story really has going for it is the world. I'm a sucker of gritty settings where everybody is a shithead, but these shitheads have depth to them, and it's noticeable that the author cares about what they're crafting. I admire that greatly. 

Minor grammar issues hold it back from absolute greatness, but nothing that disrupts the flow of reading. The adrenaline-filled scenes that read smoothly amend those pesky mistakes. 

But the potential it has is so evident that it is almost palpable, therefore, I say that this is definitely something that deserves following to see the moment when the story reaches a point where you go and say, "Wow, this is just freaking awesome."

A fascinating mystery looming over the story, rounded badass characters, and good pacing. Keep an eye on this one. 

As I continue reading, I might update this review. Be aware this it is subject to changes, but I refuse to believe there will be a dip in quality from the way the story is currently developing.

That is all.


I'm reviewing this after reading the 10th chapter.


The author uses a gritty and immersive style that draws you into the world. I enjoy the way the prose works to pull you into the story, and protray a captivating lore that the story is eager to explore.


A few rough spots here and there, with some stylistic mistakes. However, overall, the prose holds up. Whilst there is some patches where the grammar can get in the way of the story, this is in the far minority.


The highlight feature of this book, and sits at the centre of the strong foundation this narrative rests on. A great mesh of genre elements, and character focused narrative progression that kept me entertained throughout my read.


The cast of characters are interesting, and directly engaged in the progression of the plot. There is no shortage of fun moments, mixed in with the serious nature of the story itself. The dialogue works to highlight each of them in a unique way, and kept me engaged in their own characterization.


Overall I think the Tower Of Redemption is a fantastic foundation for a story, and shows that the author has no shortage of talent when it comes to story telling. Whilst there are some elements that require work, the same could be said for almost every author on the platform.

I look forward to seeing how Tower Of Redemption progresses.

A V Dalcourt

Story: By far the best part of the this story is the ideas behind the scenes. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the slow execution of the first act. In a nut shell, we're exploring the world of a society trapped within a tower, in this case the first floor of a massive tower. Life for the denizens of the floor 1 is on shade shy of sheer hell, having to live life at the savage mercy of 4 gangs who hord electricity, food, and power, and whose turf wars have a habit of taking more just a few by-standers.
The story really begins when the trio of lead characters decides to ascend to the next floor with the intent to climb the tower, an act that had been more or else forbiden for decades, but for whom none have return. Honestly, if coming back to the hell that is floor 1 was an option, I wouldn't want to go back either.

Character: We get a strong indepth look into three of the lead characters, which is to be expected. Each character has their own interconnected backstory which will eventually serve the greater context of the overall story. We have out disillusioned hero who is committed to the sameness of the daily struggle because he feels there's really nothing to really pursue. His GF who during a side gig is asked to wish for a better future for herself, suddenly decides to take the life altering steps of climbing the tower. And mob boss and savage murderer but also our hero's BFF decides to abandon his life of power struggles to venture into the great unknown.
The characters themselves have compelling backstories even if they're a little underdevelopped at times, and whose decisions feel like they come out of the blue. This is a side effect of the writer's narrative style.

Style: The world building and general build up the setting has strong footing. I can tell that the writer has spent a lot of time thinking about this world. What this story suffers from a lot of over explaining. I'm not talking info dumps - which for me is the dumping of a lot information that doesn't serve the story, characters, or setting. The over explaining has a side effect of negating the tension that should be building through the escalation of events, which has the other negative side effect of limiting the readers emotional investment in the characters themselves. 
In other cases, the writer spends so much time making sure we understand where the character is coming from, that when one of the leads makes a pivotal decision to leave the first floor, it feels out of character and almost random.
We spend a lot of time in 'other' people's heads, where their backstory is shared and their rationale is explained instead of demonstrated through actions. 

Overall, the writer has a fair grasp of character, and excellent story idea, but needs to work on execution just a little more. I'm sure they'll get there - cause this will be one hell of a great read in the future. 

Grammar - There are some grammar issues, but the writer is aware and is making an effort to clean things ups a bit.


Potential but needs little polishing

Reviewed at: Chapter 8 - Rush Forward

The story has parts that do well and some which need improvement to just push it into the top percentage. 

Here are my thoughts and notes i made as i read the story.

The first chapter is a nice start to the series but needs a little rewording here and there to help its flow e.g these theories were wrong but no one knew which one were right’. Here is a quick example of where the flow struggles, something like 'these theories were wrong, and the truth of the tower remained a secret'. There are a few sentences here and there that could do with a little reword. 

The grammar is likely the weakest point, there are a few instances of poor word choices, grammar and spelling mistakes that hurt the story. If you were to turn on edit suggestions so people may offer suggestions to help fix the story or just proofread the start as that's what people see first and that may choose to push through the grammar later on if they are hooked on the story.

The style is generally consistent in its pov and tense. In most cases, its nice enough to read but would be much better if the flow, grammar changes were introduced.  Still there are a lot of interesting terms and world building 'ower neckers' included in the style that help it.

It might also be beneficial to switch up the names abit for less repetition, instead of kauss, say he, him, or a description. Just to ease on the repetition a little. 

Kauss and Helena are interesting enough characters it is hard to route for them given they do kill people 'threaten to only cripple them- asked in a playful tone'  There not exactly good people but this doesn’t really matter as the novel is a grey-dark story. The characters fit the persona/ story well.

Interesting enough story premise. We have the tower, living in the city, revolution etc, I don’t really read tower stories but it was enjoyable enough. Although I wish you'd spend more time on the revolution, I see ‘ the revolution has begun', next chapter, the revolution is over- would have liked a little more here, seemed a bit of a plot rush given the set up we saw earlier. There is more fighting after this so that might make this pout moot.