The View From The End Of The World

The View From The End Of The World

by EpikMogul

A century after the Solar System Cataclysm, Cyrus Del-Shir roams the galaxy in search of Old-Earth relics. A once talented archaeologist, he now finds himself as the leader of the Oblivion Seekers, a notorious marauder gang. Determined to uncover the secrets the Hegemony obfuscates; he finds a much more interesting prize. Another human, and one with psionic powers, much like himself. 

Artaxerxes spends his days working as a guard for Yvartech Intergalactic. His simple lifestyle of guarding transport ships was a welcome break from his troubled past, at least until he was kidnapped for his psionic prowess. Dragged back into a life of danger, Art will do whatever it takes to escape it.

When the two humans find themselves adrift in a political conspiracy bigger than either of them, they are forced to look forward to their common goal. Death-defying adventures lead the two unwilling heroes to unravel the secrets of the Cataclysm, and to gaze upon the view from the end of the world.

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