Allegiance Back to the Eternal Black Knight

Allegiance Back to the Eternal Black Knight

by KYRobin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Florence Godfrey ventures in the city of adventurers and dungeons. She is a temple knight who runs an adventurer business in the imperial city of Denanma.

Defeat the demons who live in the dungeon and bring back the money. Florence spends her template days as such an adventurer, but it changes completely when the arc demon encountered at the bottom layer curses the level drain.

Due to this curse, the fighting ability of Florence, who was called the strongest temple knight of the time, was reduced to less than a normal warrior.

According to him, dispelling requires a high-level priestly ritual.

In order to regain the power lost in the level drain and to resurrect as an adventurer, Florence set out on a journey to the church city of Rourrow, where priests gather.

And so she pledges allegience.

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below the minimum standard for grammar.

Reviewed at: An End To The Beginning

The author of this story appears not to speak English. The writing is like something a child might produce, grammatically speaking. You've got repetition, poor verb-tense agreement, subject-object problems. You have names of things changing (Ark demon? Arc demon?) It's not acceptable. By all means keep writing, but please please please focus on improving your grammar, author.

Look at the first page, and it's a mess. Look at the description of the novel, and that's the standard of writing across the board. The latest page opens with the following paragraph:

"The greater demon seemed to think that I, standing in front of me, was trying to destroy me. A piercing hostility and swallowing pressure struck."

I dont want to be mean about this but it is indecipherable. You can't make this sentence in English, it means nothing. I am trying to destroy me? I am standing in front of myself? I can guess at what the author meant but frankly I dont want to. Unfortunately, this isnt me cherry-picking a bad example. It's the whole book.