Amauga: Far From Any Semblance of Modern Civilization

Amauga: Far From Any Semblance of Modern Civilization

by 0xReki

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the shuttle Speeding Kitten. Well, it would be more space voyages if its Hyperdrive didn't malfunction. Its pilot, Aster Kayden, is now stranded on an underdeveloped planet. So much about him enjoying his first real vacation. Luckily, Aster has his AI companion in his shuttle to help him out. The planet seems like any other underdeveloped planet, but something is different: the inhabitants seem to able to some magic-like power. Plus, it seems Aster can use it too!  And the locals have different customs, too! Just within days, he ends up accidentally proposing to a boy called Rowan. And the latter is so surprised about it, he ends up accepting it.

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2nd Anniversary
Group Leader (IV)
Word Count (7)
Table of Contents
43 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Quick Starting my Summer Break ago
002: Landing on an Unknown Planet ago
003: The Quest to Seek the Greater Truth ago
004: Rowan from Dewick Village ago
005: Arriving in Dewick Village ago
006: Lots of Preparation For the Future ago
007: Metals, Money, and its Math ago
008: A Whole New World — The Wonders of Progress ago
009: Dewick Construction Plans ago
010: Home Improvements — Our Very Own Place! ago
011: Hunting and Winter Vision ago
012: Moving into our New Home — Housewarming ago
013: Compound C-24F-51 and Cooking ago
014: What is it? It is… Green. ago
015: Mett, Meatballs and Hamburger ago
016: Vision and Colour Blindness ago
017: Prediction and Politics (Meanwhile on Terra) ago
018: Meditation is Important ago
019: From Among the Stars ago
020: Banter and Fried Boar Meat ago
021: Planning for the Future ago
022: From Beyond the Sky ago
023: Rabbit Soup – A Treat for the Sick ago
024: Recovery — I made it through the Blessing of Life ago
025: The Trip to Statinal ago
026: Private Meeting in Castle Statinal ago
027: Clothes Make the Man ago
028: If It Fits Like Wax, Just Wear It! ago
029: Family Matters, Because Family Matters ago
030: Symptoms of Medication Overdose ago
031: Etiquette Lesson at Dinner ago
032: More Dishes at Dinner ago
033: Missing Home ago
034: About Cyril and other Woosel ago
035: Amaugan High Society for Dummies ago
036: The Circumstances of Colourful Threads ago
037: Business in the Ruby Mint ago
038: Just a Formality ago
039: Things to Do While on the Pilgrimage ago
040: Getting to Know the Twins ago
041: Back in Dewick ago
042: The Escort Mission ago
043: Changes to Come to Dewick ago

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