Cheated on by the woman he loves, screwed over by a friend, and hating the idea of going into a corporate career just for the money, Arwin goes for a drive to clear his head. He gets the shock of his life as he almost runs into a dragon! Swerving out of the way, he crashes through a portal and ends up in a fantasy world. 

His first attempt at adventure lands him in chains, and he dies. His second adventure involves some very sexy nymphs, but he gets captured by goblins and put on the menu. 

Lucky for him, Arwin befriends an ancient undead knight and together, they make a pretty good team. 

Updates M-W-F.

Read ahead 6 chapters (2 weeks) and get mature content on Patreon.

After extensive editing, I'm re-releasing Book 1. Books 2-4 are written and currently being edited. Enjoy! 

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Timothy Baril

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Vivian M.K.

Both hilarious and depressing in the best ways.

Reviewed at: 8 - Corporate Job Interview

Read up to chapter 8 so far:

I don't think I've laughed as hard and as consistantly while reading this story than I have in a long time. It's filled to the brim with puns and the delivery is spot on. What's more is that we're big fans of 'corrupted innoncene' IE: everything looks happy and cheerful, but it's really dark and depressing underneath. Going to be finishing this story and reading through the authors other work. Very well done. Now onto the more detailed parts.

Style: If you enjoyed the narration in a game called Stanley's Parable, then you'll love this style. The narrator isn't only narrating the story, but feels like their own character that's experiencing the story at the same time as Arwin. This might just be the perfect style to go along with this story because it compliments the story and charaters perfectly.

Grammar: Didn't see any mistakes, so 5 stars.

Story: Going to include the puns in this section. The story's absolutely wonderful with incredibly clever puns and exceptional delivery that got me full on laughing multiples times so far. And the mix of light and dark in terms of content is one of the stronger points to this already strong story. All the way from silly puns, to depressing, if not out right scary aspects of life. Currently it's tied with Mother of Learning in terms of story quality.

Characters: We don't see a whole lot of many characters, and we'll try and avoid spoilers, but Kelli is written well even if she is really not likable (That's a plus for the author) Arwin though is a hell of a lot more deep than you might expect from a story that focuses a lot on different puns. Seeing his journey and figuring out why he's in the spot he's in in chapter 1 just makes us feel so damn terrible for him that we wanna give him a hug.


A V Dalcourt

A fantastic satire comparable to Discworld

Reviewed at: 7 - Do You Have My Stapler?

This hidden gem is well worth the read. 

Grammar: The author is a professional editor. I have nothing over this guy. The writing is clean and clear, affecting the writing in such a way that it instantly stands out as a cut above the rest here on RR.

Style: We thrown in a world of obscurity shaped around the literal uses of puns. In some areas the author sacrifices pacing for the joke, but no matter how lame (a puns tend to be) I was left smiling through out.

Story score: I'm only at chapter 3, so my perception of this element may be a little off as we dive deeper into the story. So far, our MC has had more than a few set backs, after returning home with the help and support of his parents, he's slowly getting back on his feet, at least until he has a near car accident with a dragon and her cub. These things tend to happen some times. He's thrust into a new world, get his bearings, and rapidly asserts a new role for himself. Only so far, his help has lead to death and mayhem. I'm looking forward to reading more as this is one of those stories I don't want to miss out on while it's available here on RR.

Characters: Sign of a good character, I remember who they are when I move into the next chapter. It's even better when I remember who they are the following day when I get back to the work. So far, the MC (I'm terrible with names sorry this isn't an author thing) and all of the side characters have really stood out in their own way, holding up their puns with pride while each feeling like a unique and memorable person.

Final note: I've added this story to my favourites and will be coming back to this one to enjoy it properly.


The novel is amazing, almost everything in it is perfect, grammar, characters, style and story. I even laughed several times. But, I don't know why, but I can't say that it is 5 star work for me, I don't know why, and this feeling weird, I know. That's why I decreased overall rating because I think this story needs specific readers.