by newdiesteadslaw

NEWDIE STEADSLAW is a randomized array of Chekhov's red herrings, non sequitors ex machina, run-on sentences, and em dashes—so many em dashes.  It's like if the Bible and Shakespeare had a baby that they surrendered to foster care, then it got adopted by Alice in Wonderland and Dr. Seuss—the books, not the people—and then the baby fell down the stairs.  In this metaphor, the stairs wrote the story.

Part I is the tale of the adventures of Traycup and Roby as they try to hold down a job inside the hollow Earth—a place made possible thanks to the secret science of embargoed relativity—and they get distracted by dancing foxes, a giant's record collection, and something with a train, I think.  It's a work of fiction—although to call it work seems insulting to, y'know, actual work—but the fiction label is apt, so, y'know, that's a win.  Half the words are made up, and the other half are embarrassed to be seen with them.

Part I is complete.

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1st Anniversary
Word Count (10)
I Am Taking Off (V)
Table of Contents
46 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: A Diverse and Open-mindless Place ago
Chapter 2: It's Just the Worst ago
Chapter 3: It Seems Like Rather a Lot ago
Chapter 4: It's Impossible, and They've Already Lied ago
Chapter 5: You Can't Be on Your Own Side ago
Chapter 6: Dancing, as One Must ago
Chapter 7: An Odd One Indeed ago
Chapter 8: I Guess We'll Put a House Here ago
Chapter 9: It's Not Your Life on the Line ago
Chapter 10: An Emergency Had Been Declared ago
Chapter 11: Onward to the Extremities ago
Chapter 12: What Few They Had ago
Chapter 13: When They Needed It the Most ago
Chapter 14: It's Part of the Job ago
Chapter 15: A Standard and Measured Response ago
Chapter 16: Everything Caught on Fire ago
Chapter 17: Tall White Walls ago
Chapter 18: Pain is Inevitable in Life ago
Chapter 19: Open for a Pounder ago
Chapter 20: Thanks For Waiting ago
Chapter 21: I Didn't Expect That ago
Chapter 22: Now We're Getting Somewhere ago
Chapter 23: A Pair if you Cease ago
Chapter 24: The Chase is Done ago
Chapter 25: Out for Attention ago
Chapter 26: The Penalty for Innocence ago
Chapter 27: Skip This Chapter ago
Chapter 28: No Cruelty Was Too Much ago
Chapter 29: The Imp's Impetus ago
Chapter 30: Do Not Speak ago
Chapter 31: Where the Monkeys were Playing Cards ago
Chapter 32: Part of My Keto Plan ago
Chapter 33: I Don't Have to Put Up with This ago
Chapter 34: Cheaters Win ago
Chapter 35: Don't Pray, but Judge ago
Chapter 36: I Can Explain ago
Chapter 37: The Time He's Given Up ago
Chapter 38: It's All Done Now ago
Chapter 39: You Could Have Been Like Them ago
Chapter 40: Burning to Dust ago
Chapter 41: The Last Name You'll Ever Have ago
Chapter 42: I Shall Do My Best ago
Chapter 43: I'm Not Concerned About Rules ago
Chapter 44: Keep a Big Secret ago
Chapter 45A: The Last Order & Chapter 45B: We Can Go Back ago
Chapter 46: The Day when Days Stopped ago

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