Hero's Song - A Novel in Verse [complete]

Hero's Song - A Novel in Verse [complete]

by eric_river

Every child in every town has heard adventure’s call
songs and stories of the hero, known and loved by all
but every now and then a stubborn child will come along
who will not rest until they’ve been the hero in a song
And what awaits the child who chases dreams until their end
those who challenge fate with every day they have to spend
would they know the questions to the answers which they find
what of all the family and friends they left behind
Should this be a tale of good and evil, or of fate
choices made in moments lost and battles won too late
somewhere on the hero’s path he might just go astray
maybe it’s a simple song to those who know the way

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Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 01 - The Boy ago
Chapter 02 - The Pilgrim ago
Chapter 03 - The Fool ago
Chapter 04 - The Slave ago
Chapter 05 - The Sailor ago
Chapter 06 - The Pirate ago
Chapter 07 - The Guardian ago
Chapter 08 - The Condemned ago
Chapter 09 - The Conscript ago
Chapter 10 - The Lost Soul ago
Chapter 11 - The Adventurer ago
Chapter 12 - The Champion ago
Chapter 13 - The Mercenary ago
Chapter 14 - The Friend ago
Chapter 15 - The Royal Guard ago
Chapter 16 - The Dreamer ago
Chapter 17 - The Lover ago
Chapter 18 - The Prince ago
Chapter 19 - The Merchant ago
Chapter 20 - The King of Death ago
Chapter 21 - The Survivor ago
Chapter 22 - The Companion ago
Chapter 23 - The Partner ago
Chapter 24 - The Chosen ago
Chapter 25 - The Guest ago
Chapter 26 - The Apprentice ago
Chapter 27 - The Strongest ago
Chapter 28 - The Noble ago
Chapter 29 - The Knight ago
Chapter 30 - The Legend ago
Chapter 31 - The Conqueror ago
Chapter 32 - The Father ago
Chapter 33 - The Feared ago
Chapter 34 - The Poison ago
Chapter 35 - The Gifted ago
Chapter 36 - The Restless ago
Chapter 37 - The Enemy ago
Chapter 38 - The Hunter ago
Chapter 39 - The Fearless ago
Chapter 40 - The Dragon Slayer ago
Chapter 41 - The Protector ago
Chapter 42 - The Faithful ago
Chapter 43 - The Messenger ago
Chapter 44 - The Righteous ago
Chapter 45 - The Demon Lord ago
Chapter 46 - The Selfless ago
Chapter 47 - The Storm ago
Chapter 48 - The Cold ago
Chapter 49 - The Visitor ago
Chapter 50 - The Greater Evil ago
Chapter 51 - The Ally ago
Chapter 52 - The Trusted ago
Chapter 53 - The Absolute ago
Chapter 54 - The Monster ago
Chapter 55 - The Abandoned ago
Chapter 56 - The Weak ago
Chapter 57 - The Hopeful ago
Chapter 58 - The Indebted ago
Chapter 59 - The Symbol ago
Chapter 60 - The Soldier ago
Chapter 61 - The Burdened ago
Chapter 62 - The Drunk ago
Chapter 63 - The Broken ago
Chapter 64 - The Loyal ago
Chapter 65 - The Bewildered ago
Chapter 66 - The Burned ago
Chapter 67 - The Returned ago
Chapter 68 - The Grey ago
Chapter 69 - The Exposed ago
Chapter 70 - The Free ago
Chapter 71 - The Memory ago
Chapter 72 - The Outcast ago
Chapter 73 - The Stowaway ago
Chapter 74 - The Benefactor ago
Chapter 75 - The Faraway ago
Chapter 76 - The Hermit ago
Chapter 77 - The Healer ago
Chapter 78 - The Elder ago
Chapter 79 - The Legend ago
Chapter 80 - The Hypocrite ago
Chapter 81 - The Lucky ago
Chapter 82 - The Outsider ago
Chapter 83 - The Son ago
Chapter 84 - The Wanderer ago
Chapter 85 - The Unfulfilled ago
Chapter 86 - The Unfamiliar ago
Chapter 87 - The Beloved ago
Chapter 88 - The Nameless ago
Chapter 89 - The Fated ago
Chapter 90 - The Burdened ago
Chapter 91 - The Honoured ago
Chapter 92 - The Powerful ago
Chapter 93 - The Understanding ago
Chapter 94 - The Hero ago

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This is a song of a hero, sung bold and true

The review herein contains my own view

If you enjoy stories told in rhyme and verse

Then come within and quench your thirst


The adventure of the hero is filled with twists and turns

As he navigates through life and constantly learns

The chapters end with a climax leaving you reeling

Waiting impatiently for the next revealing


The song is interesting , style: concise and tight

No complaints about the grammar, everything's alright

The character of the hero is one we can all relate to

And the story is one big interesting stew


TLDR: If you like rhymes you are going to enjoy this work. It starts off as the typical hero's journey, but the author's style and humor keep it fresh. Don't come here expecting Faerie Queene or the Poetic Edda. This is a light hearted adventure, and a lot of fun to read.



I won't write this in rhyme, since the 'Mysterious Acorn' above has already done so.

This song is about a boy, who decides he wants to be a hero, unsatisfied with his ordinary life (He and me both!) He goes on an epic journey and has many a rendezvous with Old Man Trouble. His journey to heroic awesomeness is filled with both ups and downs.

What I found amusing was that the princesses he meets in this song are all real pieces of work. The first time he almost gets killed, and the second time  he almost gets married (which in some cases is a much worse fate.)

Writing a story entirely in rhyme is really hard to do. Keeping the plot coherent is tough. One has to choose their words carefully, and the author manages to do so. He gets a five stars from me, since I enjoy poetry, but I can understand that this isn't everyone's cup of tea.

(Rhyming can also be infectious, so necessary precautions must be taken beforehand. You have been warned.)


Which must have taken some time.

Everything is made well.

I can understand the story that the author is trying to tell.

It has its errors,

And some parts may bring forth the bearers(of salt)

But I believe this is a work from the great arts

Makes me sad that I could only read a few parts.

And... I can't honestly figure out how the author could make a whole book where it constantly rhymes. Blows my mind, dude. Great idea. 5/5

Captain Peanut Butter

An epic tale told in rhyme made me think of Dr. Suess as a bard.

It is one thing to write a short children’s story in rhyme. It is quite another to write an epic tale. I have to admire the tenacity and the accomplishment of the author, for he has managed to do it. The rhymes work, and a story slowly unfolds.

It is a tale/song of a naive and somewhat arrogant boy who wants to be a hero. Despite his family's wishes, he ventures out to find fame. Of course, he is ill-equipped to be an adventurer, and trouble soon finds him. But so does luck. I can’t comment too much on the story as it is just getting started in chapter three. But it appears to be on the light-hearted side. Which suits the rhyming medium.

There is no point in commenting on grammar as this is poetry/song and the usual grammar rules don't apply. 

The chosen medium of rhyme does have its drawbacks. It forces the use of more words than would usually be necessary in order to complete the verses with the proper syllable count. This leads to repetition of some themes and the inclusion of things that probably wouldn’t be included if they weren’t necessary to complete a rhyme. And I found the rhyming somewhat distracted me from the story if the cadence of a rhyme wasn’t what I expected. But there is no way around it in this story/song. It is part of the package and what makes it unique. 

Hero’s Song is a remarkable feat. I am an occasional songwriter and writer of silly rhyming poems. But I would never attempt such a long story using rhyme. I give the author credit for even trying it. To keep it going for over 50 chapters is mind-blowing. 

If you enjoy rhyming and a light-hearted tale of adventure, this could be the perfect story for you. 

Mabel Baker

The story is entirely written in song. It lyrical and rhyme a lot while still able to maintain the plot. I like it. Although it boggles me why the view is so small compare to other fiction.

Edit: I just realize everyone write the review in song! Sorry author, I can't rhyme like the other :(


I thought i was good at rhyming until I read this and then (MIND BLOWN) ....the ballads arent rushed or overdone.....plus beautifully and understandably written...rlly i mean how do u find the patience to rhyme for a bajillion verses?... please continue writing this in the future no matter what.....obviously your other fans agree


just read the first chapter but i can already tell. this book is genius guided by rhyme. i assume it continues this way throughout the story and i can't wait to see where the rhyme will lead. in all honesty, i feel like this boy leaving his home without fear is how we all should be living our lives. respect and well wishes. hope the story finds a fitting end to this rhyme, so that we may all enjoy the completion in time. may the boy find the answers he seeks, so that we all grow together, reading from our seats. lol i tried.


Engaging, thought provoking and an incredible ride

Reviewed at: Chapter 58 - The Indebted

*Before anything is said, this is a no spoiler review.*


Firstly I would like to say that Hero’s Song is an epic tale for multiple reasons. 58 chapters and growing, of song! That concept alone is hard to understand, and frankly most would consider such an undertaking absurd and insurmountable. But here it is, a tale that hearkens back to the time of bards singing of heroic wonders in inns and before lords. It has to be read to be believed. The author’s passionate dedication to his craft is to be applauded. In the Hero’s Song the author has carved a path that I can only give full marks for.

The author’s style is unique and fresh, while some may consider it only a rhyme. It is in fact far more, this is a song, with a very particular set of rules and limitations. Once I was made aware of this, my appreciation of the story and craft grew even further. If you have had any form of musical instruction, do check out the new author notes on Chapter 1, it will heighten your appreciation of what the author is aiming for.

Grammar directly ties into style in this case. Considering that it is rhyme and a song, there are obvious stylistic choices in the delivery of the verses. I have no complaints. Grammar is tight and clean.

The story is well thought out and moves at a satisfying pace that works well with the song. There are many themes and few moral lessons that remind me of more traditional European folk law that are woven into the tale. It is delivered in a light-hearted fashion as it explores both light and dark themes, and at the end of each chapter there is a satisfying hook that makes you want for more. The aspect that surprised me the most was the depth that grows throughout the tale, as you learn more of the world in which the Hero walks, your understanding grows with it. There are many points that will put a big smile on your face, and at the same time will make you question the motivations of the characters.

Characters are in my mind the best part, part whimsical, part dark. The characters really flavour this song. Development is good, with plenty of joviality and introspective elements that demonstrate the Hero is not just a boy with a sword, despite his singular nature. His path to greatness has an undercurrent that will make you laugh, but at the same time make you question his path on the quest. Supportive cast is a well thought out blend of villains and those of noble intent, with quite a few shades in between.

While I do admit there will be those that will not find the concept pleasing. I find that it is a breath of fresh air, with flair and it is a worthwhile tale to be read and experienced. Frankly I have been blown away by the sheer scope and how it has been delivered. Every element is well thought out and placed with care. Today I reached Chapter 40, and I sit here shaking my head in wonder. I eagerly await more and I highly recommend it!!!


Edit: Just finished Chapter 58, and this song is moving from strength to strength!


A song of epic proportions

Reviewed at: Chapter 58 - The Indebted

This story is about a boy who ventures into the world in the hope to become a hero, like the ones they sing of in songs.

But someone lurks in the shadows, pulling on strings like a puppet master, and the fate the hero seeks turns into something else.
As the hero ventures through the world, knots of friendship and rules become tied and untied, and will forever change the lives of all. In the middle of it all, we find the hero--the catalyst who will bring the world into a new and unexplored future. 

The story starts out a little rushed, but if you continue reading it will slow and pull you into a very vivid world with deep characters and plot, all told in rhyme. I look forward to reading more! 


A splendid tale of magic, men and more,

A world which an errant hero explores.

See the places he found, the beasts he slew!

I hope that the books next reader is you.

I don't know what else to say,

Just know that at the end of the day,

This is a story of magic and dreams.

And not everything appears as it seems.