Empyrean Ascent

by archn3m29

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Harem Martial Arts School Life Secret Identity Slice of Life Strong Lead Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Dying and resurrecting. What a cliche, right?

But then who wouldn't dream of resurrecting in a fantasy world where the boredom of our former lives can be completely forgotten?

In a world where cultivation reigns supreme, a soul from earth has been reincarnated. Watch as the soul tries to experience a fulfilling life filled with struggles and romance while plotting towards a destined place where he shall help his benefactor to achieve his goals.~ 

Mature Content: Language, gore, sexual reference~

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I really like the story and writing style in novel. Spacing of text is perfect for reading and I don't notice much typos. Only problem I have that mc's speech makes him sound bit retarded :D It's bit annoying knowing that he's real age is way more than ten.

Less "..." and "uhm's" and five stars :)


plot is OK but not the novel

Nothing wrong with the plot... but there's a lot of info-dump in some chapters

And it somehow wasn't interesting enough to constantly keep reading... beginning's probably too slow & more of an explanation than a story which put me off... 

I think u should work on that... There's no way to get immersed in your story right now

A rewrite might help

Also, the MC hasn't really left any impression on me...So I stopped reading around ch. 14-15

Personally, in a reincarnation story I feel its necessary to have a good MC with a defined personality


Anyways... it's alright as a first attempt but I don't feel that it deserves the 4-5 star ratings which ppl have given (--_--)''

A 3-3.5 max as of now according to me



I’d advise that you rewrite the first few chapters, its not that they are bad but you tend to mention xianxia novels too much….what makes xianxia novels so good, at least for me, is that you can immerse yourself in the story…and with this story I can’t seem to immerse myself when you point out the fact that it is a xianxia novel every few paragraphs xD after the third time I read it, I was forcing myself to read the story maybe I’d just forget about it and be able to immerse myself again, I get it, this is based off the xianxias you’ve read but you don…other than that, will put on read later just in case something changes


I like. You read. It good *Caveman Grumble* :P

*Caveman Grumble* This some good stuff. Read. READ. 

So, this is a good story and I like it. I encourage my fellow readers to read it. 


Dis is some good shit sir

The story is a xianxia, and atm it's well done, pretty enjoying !


Possible spoiler*


Like most xianxia we follow the story of a young boy in a world of cultivation where the strong lead the weak.

Our mc was reincarnated and got his soul fusionned with an immortal cultivator from the world he will live in from now on.

Most of the childhood is centered on the cultivation of the child, he stay at home with his familly and train, not much fight, not much new characters.


Then as he leave to train with his grandfather we start to discover some new characters (not that much atm, chapter 16) and the boy keep training to prepare for the world.


The side characters are good and have each a personality and the author did a good job with a thing I call "like father like son" we can find 'similarities in the characters personalities if they come from the same families etc...

Even if we still don't know much about them it don't feel like a problem as we know enough 

Except for the sister that was a bit 'left out' and i would really like to know how she is (we got some hint at the start of the story that she is gratefull for joining the familly and that she will repay her 'debt' by protecting her younger brother) but I still want to know about her, i guess we will know once the mc reach the school arc.

- BTW ! ( sister : 6 years older, non-blood related .... if you know what i mean... )


Anyway "dis is some good shit sir" and there is some original feature that feel refreshing (dantianception, immortality, realms, the quest of the immortal in his soul ...) 

Thanks for the hard work and keep writing !


I really like how you have been building the world!  It makes the MC more fleshed out, and I am looking forward to more Chapters. I have read all of them so far, and I plan to read all the ones coming! Keep up the good work. 



Meng Jan

I just read some shameless advertisement by Michael tha led me here this is good. But i hate the tone of the MC it's just that.

Thumbs upsmile


failed rewrite of a good story

The author disappeared for nearly 2 years and started a rewrite of an awesome story. One chapter is 100% the same as the old but after that everything that makes a good story is missing.

As of chapter 7 we have no idea, when it is taking place, what happened in the mean time or even why this part takes place.

The character building in the beginning/introduction was completely thrown out


I really like that you are taking the time to add some depth to your story and characters.  



Excellent story with lots of potential

Not much to say since there's only 9 chapters so far. The beginning of this story is one of the best that I have read. I recommend it to anyone and hopefully you keep up the good pace.