Carey looked back at me with a perplexed expression, as if in anticipation of my coming words. And I said indubitably: “Don’t go, Carey, actually I felt as you did.” I pulled him aback and made him fall in my brace. I could even hear the beating of two vigorous organs within one’s chest.

“What…did you say?” He asked indecisively.

“I have been having some weird feeling when I was with you just as you did. I always thought of you. I often enjoyed the moment when we had been together. Your behavior drove my heart race fast. I was flattered to have heard you feeling the same. I…I don’t know how to show you my…torment.”

“You don’t need to lie to make me feel better.”

“No! I am not lying!” I screamed aloud and shook him even violently by his shoulder. “I want to tell you, dude.” I tried to calm down and pick up my consciousness. “I like you too.”

“Re..Really?” A quivering voice came to my ear and I replied to him with an unchangeable “Yes”. I believed that the life of us would turn to another new page. I didn’t know if there were some eyewitnesses but I could pay them no attention at all!

We sat on the same bench in the park some moments later. The atmosphere around us had already been altered.

“So we are now…dating out?”

“I don’t know, I have never done this before.”

“Hahaha, so did I…” Come on, what an awkward conversation.

“I don’t know if we really like each other.” He said and stared at his hand. “May it be some impulse of teenager?”

“I have no idea…” I have scarcely finished my words than that a palm touched my face swiftly.

“Rory, I want to try a thing.” He spoke in a gently sound.

He would never know how much tenderness was filling in his eyes that I could not focus on his sight at all.

Getting up and turning around, he put his face forward to me and took away my breath abruptly that my mind was overtaken by a thorough blankness.

What a hot kiss!

Just after seconds he let go of me and some flush on his face revealed his shyness but my condition was not much different from that of him. That was my first kiss. I found it sweet to gift it to someone I liked.

“Can I…try again?”

Once again? There were piles of people hanging around!

That was how Carey and I, Rory became lovers. But our story didn’t end up with that.

We went out like normal lovers. We lay under trees to look at falling leaves and petals fluttering among the soft wind and finally landed lightly. We had experienced much romance. We passed a period of time in private relationship.

Once when we were together at the top floor of teaching building, I leaned upon him as I often did and he noticed me after having a look at wristwatch: “It was nearly class time, we better go.” By the time we had leapt up an unwelcomed one approached with his fellows.

Obviously it was Jason and his fellows.

“Haha you and your little buddy were having a tryst?” He giggled like a sneaker. No, he was already a sneaker. His two fellows were also sneer at us.

Carey stepped forward as if ready to have another battle but I held his wrist to try to calm him down.

“Oh-oh, look at them, what a romantic action.” He overdid extraordinarily.

I really hoped that Carey could have beaten him ruthlessly but I should not. I murmured to him: “Don’t have a fight with him, you are not deserved to it!”

“Hey I’m not here to fighting you.” Said Jason, “I just wonder what’s relationship is between you two?” His eyeballs rotated slyly as if waiting for some answers exploding.

Carey looked at him for a while and turned to me. “Let’s go. I shall protect you if there are some problems.” He motioned to me and we left quickly through these guys.

But out of the way I was thinking Carey stopped brusquely at the gate of the top terrace. He straightened his hand to hold my palm tightly which seemed to show his sovereignty. I glanced aback for a second and noted these astonished faces of these guys. I also got sufficient dependence from him. My sight contacted with him for once and all I could see was a steady faith burning in his eyes.

“They may make this news known to all the school.” I said on the way to my classroom and we would detach soon.

“I don’t regret, Rory. Will you be with me? If you don’t…”

I interrupted him immediately. “Not at all, Carey. We shall face all the hardship together.”

“Good, we face together!”



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This is my maiden work on Royal Road. I have not much experience on internet novel so it’s just my first try. I am not an English native speaker so I must apologize for the typo and grammar mistakes that may be hidden between the passages. I’d like to say thanks to the ones who have read my articles.

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