Carey and I got alone with each other for a period of time. We often teamed to play Sinful City online after school. We chatted by live voice system and shouted during match like any other game stickers.

“Shit! I’ve got ganked!”

“Just hold on dude, I’ve come to save you!”

“The bastard is in stealth, careful!”

“I’ll cover you. Blink, yeah, fuck!”

“Nice shoot bro! Hey, they group to push on, we’ve got to retreat!”

“Retreat, retreat!”

I could not count clearly how many exciting battles we had had together. The wining I had gotten with him made me intoxicated significantly, much more overjoyed than that when I played and won alone. From school to home I could not image that I had never felt awkward or bothered to be with him so closely. Sometimes in the morning, when he waited at the gate of my house, I leaped so far as to his back and entwined him like a koala while yelling: “Go! Big bro. As a return for I carried you strongly yesterday!” He retorted loudly, gurgling though, holding me firmly on thigh to avoid me falling. We walked on the path towards school in this position while sunshine was twinkling on us, from face to uniform, and soft wind with handful fallen leaves left behind tracked our laughter and his footstep along the road quietly.

Assignment of school grew tougher lately and I often need to stay at library to finish it—for I had really awful efficiency at home doing this kind of work. Carey was requested to go home alone. But only after several days he came with me to library to do homework together. I had no excuse to refuse.

Time would run fast if someone was doing his tiresome homework, as known for all humankind. When I nearly completed my task I had got a terrible headache so I could do nothing but fell my head on the table top to have a rest looking aside oppositely of Carey’s face, without knowing on which status was that Carey possessed about dealing with disgusting calculus arithmetic.

“Oh my gosh. I missed the exercise that I had with you on that weekend, that’s much more relaxed than this savage mathematics.”

“Huh, you dislike it, I know.”

“Dislike?! Hatred only, actually!”

I turned my neck to him while saying but to my astonishment that he was at the same gesture as mine. I meant that his face was really approaching me and the space between our nosetips was no more than about 6 inches. I could even feel his breath upon my cheek. Instantly a heat roaming on my face was noticed but I was enchanted seemingly that I could not motion at all!

By the moment my lost mind arrived back on earth I drew back my head as far away as I could. It was evident that his behavior was stimulated by my action that he did the same as me and we were both too embarrassed to talk to each other again. His face reddened deeply and so did I, I guessed.

Nothing could tell what happened in only 3 or 5 seconds lately. Would this almost simultaneous movement occurred by the same motivation, or something else? I could not keep going my thought.

“Would you like to have something to eat? I’ve got a little hungry.” at last I said to break this awkward silence.

After a while we were sitting beside a table in KFC and conversed brokenly. Things happened just now seemed not to have cause influence.

“Hey, do you know the game came out lately named ‘Ghost Score’? Man you’re impossible to know how eager I am to play it! It looks so good and is my taste. But I can’t afford to it right now……”I sucked straw once and said pitifully.

But I immediately observed a mysterious smile at the corner of Carey’s mouth. What he said next excited me much as hell.

“I’ve bought one.” He said quietly with his hand up near his lip. I could promise that my eyes sparked out with light of flame. “WHAT?”

“If you really want to have a try just come to my home in your spare time.” He looked frightened as he realized how thirst I was to join in battle in that wizardry world when I replied to him sharply. “Maybe tonight, dude?”

He giggled and answered: “Good, dude, we’ll play it together tonight after eating.”


I got stunned when I entered in Carey’s house. It was decorated simply but freshly. Everything was put in order just as having known that guest would be coming. “Wow, your home looks pretty. But where are your parents?”

“Oh, my father is in a business trip and my mother, always busy doing her work, often comes home very late. Things may not be different tonight.”

“Your house is big, you don’t feel scared in night?”

“Haha, not a little boy already how could I feel scared for darkness, but regarded it a little empty.”

I followed him into his bedroom and scene in it surprised me much. It was absolutely not a private room of a big guy like him. Everything has been arranged perfectly in order and the floor is sanitary beyond my prediction.

“You let your mom do the cleaning of your room?”

“What? why.”

“For it is incredible to be so trim in a guy’s own room.”

“Never did my mom do the cleaning for me. I always do myself. Hey, dude you’ve revealed that your room is a big mass.”

“How can it be!” I retorted and thanked god for mercy that Carey had never come to my home.

We’ve passed wonderful time playing Ghost Score later. The game I was hunting for never let me down. But when I realized that I should leave it already rained heavily, with thunder lighting occurred, that I could not go unless I got drenched to the skin.

“I’m sorry to keep you so long, is there anyone that can pick you up?”

“No need to apologize, bro, that’s not your fault. But my father is in factory and may not be able to take me.” I was kind of anxious and turned my way forth and backward in the main hall.

“You can stay here until the raining ends up, dude.”

I turned to him and said. “What if the raining continues till tomorrow morning……”

“It doesn’t matter. You can stay here and sleep. I enjoy company. You don’t have to feel nervous.” He showed his symbolic smile and tried to relax me.

“I appreciate it, dude. I’m sorry to bother.”

“Don’t talk words so polite, we are friends, aren’t we? It was not something serious between friends.”

After notifying family members of us, I got permission to stay at his home tonight. There were not much objection on such case.

Crackling sound ran from bathroom as he was taking shower. But why was I more anxious somehow. May it be because of my first time to take accommodation in other’s home?

“Hey, it’s your turn. You can take my cloth after shower. Its size suits you as well. Just go ahead.” He appeared in my sight with only washcloth upon his lower body. I felt weird and said while putting aside my neck: “Could you put on your cloth first?” That was my first opportunity to observe his well-trained muscle but I let it fled that easily.

“Oh, sorry, I’ve got used to it.” He went away and got dressed as I wished. And I went to bathroom taking cloth in hand. I turned the shower head on to cool down myself first. I looked around. Items prepared for freshen up were lining neatly partly on tray and partly on wash stand.

Instantly I watched his towel which was still humid, I handed on it, trying to take it down, but by the time I touched the towel I drew back my fingers flatly and put my own towel on to shield all my face, letting fall of hurried current from forehead to jaw. I guessed I was enchanted for some evil sorcery and I would never tell you what thought I was keeping just now.

Finally I was out of the bath and was suddenly caught by his voice. “Shall we watch a movie?”

I looked at him, full of puzzled.


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