“Your wound looks get much better now.” I said while eating, gazing towards Carey when put a spoonful into my mouth.

“Eh…um…yeah, thanks.”

‘He was totally different with that he was figured as.’ I thought and said: “Don’t keep thanking me like that, man. That’s you who saved me actually. You are making me embarrassed.”

“Ok, fine.” He grinned and sipped soup once.

I tried to break these icy obstacles between us for I realized that he was nervous for some reason. Nevertheless I made some small talk according to my ceaseless effort and found that both of us were crazy stickers of a video game named Sinful City. This same preference involved us in the swirl of animated discussion. His chatterbox was once opened and we shared lots of details of game. I was really agitated to have a partner to talk about such a topic since I had found it surely hard to handle expertly and Carey, abundant enthusiasm burst out in statements, was such a cool guy with whom I had enjoyed discussion of video games that much for the first time.

Carey may in fact be the same kind as me. We were both “normal” and we just weren’t related with others. It was not weird, or at least to me. We became close friends since then and often went around together. He would always share the same interest as mine, and in later time I even knew that our home were not far away but a street’s distance which made me feel it too late to recognize him. I noticed some classmates eyed on us and mumbled something nonsense but I didn’t care at all. I began going to school and returning home along with Carey.

One day when we got through the gate of cafeteria which I liked most a question struck on my mind and I said: “Why did you get a nickname like that and why did you often get fight with others, like Jason?”

Suddenly he stopped his step and lowered his head which made me shocked and in order to make sure that I did not ask something unnecessary I murmured timidly: “What the matter? Have I asked something hurt you? I shall apologize if it did so.”

Due to my sharp question he hesitated and stared at me directly, and then he exceeded me when I didn’t know what to do and said: “Do you believe me, Rory?”

“Of course dude. I just wonder…”

He interrupted my sentence and continued his explanation. “Jason’s girlfriend asked me out for a date, and I let her down straightforwardly but Jason still wanted to hit me.”

“Ha. What a slut. You mean there is none of your business of this mess? Actually you did nothing wrong.”

“Yeah, and I don’t know what I do fault, this kind of thing happened to me so often.”

“What do you mean by ‘this kind of thing’?”

“Girls asked me for a date even if she has her own boyfriend.”

“Haha, that’s definitely because of your pretty face and gorgeous body. It’s acknowledged believed that girls always seek for drop-dead attractive guy. I mean, someone like you!”

“Stop joking on me!” He seemed mad at my words.

“Fine dude, I totally believe what you said and I also have faith on you that you are not such a guy to take away girls from others. I know you have soft temperament and a kind heart.”

He regained his smile and rejected: “You are really good at compliment!” And his fist bumped lightly on my arm.

“I must admit I am jealous of you!”


“Good personality, beautiful looking, and a healthy body. Dream lover of thousands of girls…”

“STOP!” He yelled and tried to catch me and I ran away as quickly as I could. But I must reemphasize what I said that it was absolutely true!

Some moments later I was caught finally and he grabbed my neck and swayed. “Come to take exercise with me this weekend?”


“Haven’t you told that you are jealous of my fitness?”

“Yes I have but…”

“I advise you to improve your muscle and learn some skills to defend yourself. I may provide you with some help if you really want it anyway.”

“O…K…sounds not a bad idea.”

So I arrived by promise several days later on the morning at the park of the area. Carey was already there taking exercise. As a man with trait full of laziness each cell of my body was refusing this invitation but a supernatural force controlled my locomotion slowly and I was pulled out of the main gate when the sun rose highly and sparked brightness.

“Hey, man.” I saluted that guy who was wiping his sweat upon his forehead. He turned to me and grinned. “I thought you’d not appear today.”

“Never would it be.” I walked close to him and said. “You are always taking exercise here?”

“That’s right. Mostly I’ll play basketball over there in my spare time and sometimes I also take some aged activity like just now.”

“You called it ‘aged activity’?” I was stunned perfectly. “Such a sarcastic comment with which you mean I am an old one.”

Carey grimaced and told with pacified tone. “Come alone, dude, let me teach you some easy gestures to fire your calorie! Watch your flabby arm and belly!” He patted on my stomach and murmured. “One piece of muscle in total.”

I grew blush promptly and really wanted to retort but I gave up later.

Warm up exercise, squats, push-up and fold back run. Only god knew what I had suffered during this short time of hours. I even asked myself within ‘Why I came here to struggle. I should’ve been on bed for fixed dreamy sleepiness.’

The sun was suspending in the sky, some thin clouds still near it could not bury its hotness at all! I glanced at Carey and I could even obviously locate his bead of sweat flowing down his cheek. His skin was shining in wheat color and there existed a large proportion drenched on his back. He asked me to imitate what he did, however, I underestimated his formidable durability. Not until I was nearly out of breath under his demonical training that I roared: “Free me!”

I fell down on the ground with face upward, panting deeply and heart bumping violently. I felt that muscles all around my body were crying for burning. “He must be a devil, but why I keep pursuing him so obediently!” this thought was spinning in my mind for a long time.

Moments later a sculptural face glided in my vision upside down. It was unquestionable him who did just breathe a little more quickly as usual.

“I’m down…you freaking monster…why abuse me like this…”

“You did a good job dude. I cannot image you even held on for such a long time. I guessed you’d be out many minutes ago.” He bowed down and made his face close to me. I could see his profound eyes with bluish pupils. I began to feel uncomfortable and altered my gesture to lay side. I could hear nothing but heart bumping within which made even my temple was shaking slightly with its beat.

I didn’t know how this situation lasted and Carey finally said: “Come on, dude, this is all for today!”

“Yep!” I put up my hand to gesticulate a scissor, “Victory!” which almost stroke on his face and he dodged swiftly aside. “Sneak raid on me? Say your prayer!” He rose and pounced forward to me. I bounced fleetly and speeded up to avoid him. Joyous having fun made both of us forget the temperature and tiredness. Two young figures were rushing among the park like two dragonflies.


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