My name is Rory, I was currently a senior high student and you could also regard me as a typical introverted outsider. I really didn’t like to interact with others as there’s always useless gossip running around the school. Why couldn’t people care their own business only? That’s why I chose to be alone. I was not shy and I just tried to avoid being bothered by something disturbing.

It was break time between class and I had heard girl chatting something in clutter. “Hey, have you heard that Ruffian is taking collide with Jason?”

“What? How could it be they two fight with each other? I wonder if Carey’s pretty face ever smashed.” continued with laughter. “I swear to god, Carey is kind of scary but…very hot ugh.”

Carey…I had heard so many times of this name, and he was called “Ruffian” in our school. It was said that he was rude, touch, aggressive but handsome. Those girls who were both afraid of his dreadful aura and addicted to his sense of mystery often made me down and I could not make comprehension on them. But I didn’t care actually. I had no interest with a guy like that at all, or should I say, why would I set connection with him? There was no reason for me to get involved with a guy who often fell into trouble.

One normal day, I arranged my backpack and went out of school after the bell rang as usual. But unfortunately I encountered a uninvited visitor.

“Hey you little boy.” I made note of an unpleasant voice and I looked around but found that here came three threatening guys towards me. Not until I could dash my legs forward that they caught me in a second and I was pushed heavily into a narrow alley.

“I have not enough money for activities and you need to support!” The one leading said to me and behaved so rudely that I was pressed heavily upon the wall. “I…I…” I got aware immediately of what I had been involved in but my brain fell in standstill and could not make a complete response at once. And obviously it irritated him.

“Be quick, buddy. I have no time to waste!” The other two to follow him got closer to me. I thought I should take out all my treasure within my pocket to avoid being forced as quickly as possible.

At the moment I stuck my hand into my pants to find money a magnificent sound banged upon my ear. “What are you doing!” All of us turned necks to the direction from which the voice came. It was a boy I didn’t know at all but had made an acquaintance from someone making a small talk about him.

It was Carey!

“Oh oh, you fucking jerk, I have so much to handle with you and you came here automatically.” He turned aside and stepped forward with his fellows. “Jason I thought we had only a bit misunderstanding and you…” Carey didn’t finish his sentence and realized that he may be in siege of those guys.

“Do you wanna be a hero?” said Jason abruptly and his fist clenched was dashed flashily towards Carey’s face and the later one dodged promptly and leaped backward.

“I…I don’t want to fight against you…”said Carey.

“You asshole even wanna stroll out with my girlfriend, how dare you!”

I couldn’t make a movement and I didn’t figure out any sense what was going on. But all happened in a sudden that three guys encircled Carey rushed and fought together. Carey could do nothing but defend. He quickly realized that only if he had beaten those three idiots or he’d never be able to leave.

Battle grew much harder and my thought fell into chaos, what should I do? A demon within my mind told that I should leave immediately but conscience didn’t permit this to occur. And shortly I noticed that both sides got already damaged and I must do something to interrupt this violent progress.

“Sir! Some fellows are fighting there.” I glided near the end of the alley and shouted loudly to remind those guys of ceasing. It was as expected that these guys of Jason shook badly and threw down a announcement: “Don’t make it an end, you bastard! I’ll never let go of you!” Then they rushed away to escape as if to avoid being caught.

There was none to catch them, actually, and I returned to meet Carey and found that he got hurt in his good-looking face. Some cut on his cheek bleed a little. He glared at me in seconds but expression changed to be softer showed he was cooling down as emotion altered.

I got close to him and said timidly: “You got hurt…”

“I know.” He said. “You better go.” He turned and wanted to go but he fell on his knee abruptly and his face was changed to redden.

“Hey I should take you to see the doctor!” I may have thousands of excuse to leave him alone but I didn’t select anyone of them at last and murmured.

An embarrassing silence appeared between us and it even made me regretted what I had done. But due to veritable situation or some reason he finally accepted my advice and went with me, by the help of my support to his arm and body.

There was a clinic on this street not far away. I took him into it and chatted with the doctor. Fortunately he didn’t get badly hurt but just a mild wound. I bought some medical supplies like woundplast and aerosol to deal with his hurt. Not long later he became as vigorous again.

“You look better.” I said. “And it’s a little late, bro. I should go home as quickly as I can! Here you are these items.” I put all these supplies into his hands and ran away. “Thanks for saving me! BYE!”

“Eh…wait, who are…”Not until he finished his words that I left and sprinted rapidly home and kept him alone speechless on bench outside the clinic.

By the time I reached home I reflected that I had experience with that “Ruffian” Carey! He must have been so vexed and annoyed to be seen such a humiliating scene by some students in the same school as him. I could not image what I would meet the next day when I went to school! But one lucky thing was that he did not know my real name. I guessed I should’ve been good tomorrow…I was worrying all night long.

The next day when I arrived at school the top task of my schedule was to avoid meeting with Carey unexpectedly. Courage yourself Rory everything shall be ok! Thinking upon this, I stepped into teaching building.

It was great that Carey didn’t appear at any moment and it was nearly midday. I bounced joyfully to the gate but someone that I didn’t want to see appeared in my way, and what’s worse he turned his head to me by some mysterious power.

Oh my goodness he came closer!

Carey nodded at me and said: “Hi…Nice to meet you. I should thank you for curing my pain.”

“You are so kind to say so.” Said myself and all I wanted to do is to leave. “My friends are still waiting for me to have lunch. Good bye.” I slipped away quickly and neglected him as a stranger. He didn’t call me and I victoriously escaped to dining hall.

But only in a while I realized that Carey may not be a bad guy like I thought. And in fact I was having no friends at all to have lunch together. Should it be kind of rude to leave him alone like that? I received the service plate with food and returned to my seat while thinking.

How should I describe the fantastic coincidence between me and Carey! I rose up my head after some swallows and noticed that special boy walking besides not far from me. I could not tell from where my courage came and I called aloud: “Carey! Are you with friends?”

By the time I got the answer by his shaking head, I told: “Why not come with me if not with friends!”

Here he came to me, and I’d never know a friendship would be established from this moment on.


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