Hana: Unmasked in Hell

by SenseiStudios

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Drama Romance
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Highschoolers in Tokyo are living normal lives all around, some have had normal lives from the start with caring families while some have dark pasts and a not so nice family legacy. There's more to Tokyo than meets the eye however. Things the public doesn't need nor want to know. Powerful families that run the corporations and control most of what goes on behind the curtains are not just normal people and have had powers and been battling in secret for centuries. The three main families or Clans so to speak have their own morales and power that comes from their clans magic. One being a very compassionate clan looking out for normal citizens . another being indifferent to the lives of ordinary people. Lastly a family that uses people for their dark magic and sees them as nothing other than tools. 

This story follows the upclose lives of some of the heirs and offsprings of these powerful families as they fight with their past, learn of their family history and awake to a world around them they were not aware of. Will they join the fight that has been going on for so long and possibly discover hidden truths of people they thought they knew? Opt for a normal life ignoring the misgivings all around them? But wait ... what are they fighting for? Only time will tell, follow the character Iowii as it all unfolds before his eyes!

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