Milia slowly opened the door before entering with a grace born from years of training.


"What brings you here?"


Milia let out a beautiful smile as she tilted her head, "You mean aside from wanting to meet you?"


Sol blushed a little at those words. Milia could be incredibly forward sometimes,


"Fufufu. It makes me happy to still see you blushing like that. I was worried-"




"-No, it's nothing. As for your answers, while I indeed wished to see you. My purpose in coming here was to remind you that lady Edea except you at her library for your lesson."


Sol gasped a little, with the revelation from his aunt, he had totally forgotten that he had to meet his teacher in magic every two days. He gave a graceful smile at Milia. Befitting her title of the witch of time, Edea Ouroboros was incredibly strict with time and hated when her schedule was disturbed.


Sol was about to get up and prepare his book when a dainty finger touched his chest and stopped him in his track. He looked up to see Milia with a rather enchanting smile on her face as she said,


“You don’t have to go before a few hours. Why don’t we use this time to make you more relaxed?”


Sol hesitated a little, “I-”


“Shhh, listen to me.” A finger on his lips stopped him from finishing his rebuttal. Using the palm of her hand, she pushed him on the bed and said with a bewitching smile as she mounted him while still clad in her maid attire.


“You don’t have to do anything. Just lay down, relax, and let me do the work.”


Saying so, her hand entered his pants as she fished out his now erect dick and adjusted herself over him before slowly lowering herself.


Since she was still wearing her attire, it was impossible to see what was happening under her skirt, but somehow, this made the situation far more arousing than it should have been. Once she finally reached his dick, he was surprised to feel no obstruction.


“Fufufu~! I was so in a hurry that I forgot to put on my panties.”


The head of his penis slowly parted the lips of her...


As their climax calmed down, Milia, still connected to Sol, lowered her head as she looked at him with a boundless expression of love in her eyes before wrapping him in her arms.


"Sol, those two days must have seemed quite sudden for you. It’s normal to feel a little lost and tired. So, if you are satisfied with me, I am always willing to provide care like this for you. "


Those words of her brought a smile to his face as he felt his heart being soothed by her words.


“Thank you, Milia. I’m always helped by your timely support.”


When he patted her headdress and her soft hair gently, Milia laughed with an “Ehehe” and she was acting all shy and happy as she stuck her cheeks against his chest. “If you say it like that, it makes me feel a little embarrassed... But it also makes me really happy.”


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Not easy for smut writers. Thankfully, there's no smut for the next few chapters.


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