"Setsuna, did you say that you would do anything?"


She seemed a little taken aback, but still nodded with a serious expression. "Of course. What do you want me to do?"


"Then...could you do it with your breasts?"


Sol hesitated before saying this. After the night with Milia, he had to confess that having his dick sandwiched between two large breasts was an incredible feeling.


Setsuna shows a surprised look before tilting her head before blushing like a ripe tomato.


"S-so there is such an act...I have studied a bit about the subject but I have never heard about it…I see."




"Did Milia do it for you?"


Sol hesitated a little before finally answering with a smile,


"What I did with Milia is something private that I can't share without her permission. What more I don't want you to accept just for competing with her. If you don't like it. I won't force you."


He knew her competitive nature and knew that he could have easily coerced into giving him what she wanted but what would be the use of such meaningless action? Any sexual action should be something enjoyable for the participants.


Setsuna could more or less understand his thoughts and decided to let go. Somewhere deep in her heart, she was also happy Sol answered honestly and rebuffed her.


"I may be inexperienced but I will give a try."


Saying that, Setsuna grabbed her clothes…


"I'm ashamed, but …"

Initially wearing clothes that showed cleavage, they slipped out at ease. Still, it was a blessing to be able to see her chest. He couldn't help but voice his admiration.


"It is beautiful."


"That's… what you must have said to Milia."


"Though I am guilty to say, it is not a lie. Your skin is also white and it has a beautiful pink color. It's truly beautiful."


"It is shameful to be able to hear praises about your own body."


"You should get used to it right away. Because I will always praise you. There's nothing shameful about the truth."


Setsuna blushed. Since she didn't have her top, it was easy to see her blush cover her cheek and even a part of her breast. Her breasts weren't as big as Milia's but they were still relatively large and had a nice shape.




Shyly advancing towards Sol, she kneeled in front of him before putting her hand on his belt and removing it.


When she took off the hook, she pulled it down along with his underwear and exclaimed in awe.


"It's much bigger than I remember… "


Sol chuckled. The last time they saw each other naked was when they were respectively five and eight. Setsuna being three years older than him.


"Are you scared?"


"A little bit. Do you remember when we used to take a bath together when we were small? At that time it was only the size of a thumb."


"Hey, don't compare it with me when we were still small."


"I, I'm sorry … but there was nothing else to compare for me."


He of course already knew, but hearing her say this still made him feel rather prideful. Anyone would be after hearing those words. He of course had nothing against non-virgins.


As long as they were loyal during each of their relationships, girls who fucked a lot of guys weren't sluts. Still he had to admit that being the first and sole man for a girl gave a special feeling.


"Will you sandwich it?"


"Yeah… Because it is my role to take care of you. I will not let that thieving cow take you from me."


Saying so, she lifted her large breasts and sandwiched his penis between them.




Seeing her throat bob up and down as she swallowed his cum before opening her mouth and showing it to him was truly a erotic sigh.


"Good job. You are really a good girl."


He patted her head and enjoyed the vision of her tail wagging in happiness while she closed her eyes. The trickle of cum on the side of her face making a incredible mix between cuteness and eroticism.


After a while though, Setsuna expression slowly went from calm to aroused. Her breath short as she leaked hot sigh,




"Hmm? What's up, Setsuna?"


"I... I too... I cannot stand it anymore..."


Setsuna stood up, before giving her back to him as she used a nearby three as a crutch and sticked out her butt to him before looking over her shoulder. Her face was rosy and her eyes vacant, as if she couldn't control herself anymore.


Even though he had just ejaculated, he couldn't help but become hard again.


Rather than her breasts, the most attractive part about her body was without a doubt her beautiful toned butt. He slowly walked toward her, before gently pulling her into a hug.


He wanted to make love to her. He really wanted to. Still, It was too soon. He couldn't waste everything for just for a few hours of happiness.


"I am sorry. You know that we can't do any form of penetration before the bonding ritual."


The hazy look in her eyes faded as she was brought back to reality. Still, seeing her downcast look, Sol couldn't help but feel a little guilty. As such, he asked,


"Do you know about cunnilingus?"


He let out a naughty smile at her look of wonder.


Ten minutes later. Setsuna was reduced to a quivering mess as she twitched like crazy while her thighs were completely soaked.


'Hehe, seems like all those studies back then helped.'


In his past life, he wasn't as good looking as he was now nor was he as well endowed. He wasn't particularly rich either. The best way for him to make a woman happy was to use his tongue and his fingers.


'Hum...Next time I will give a payback to Milia.'


He thought so as he took Setsuna into a princess carry.



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