The Vengeance of a Lord of Agony

by KR043

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This is the year 2400. 150 years have gone by since humanity first reached the stars, and 120 have passed since the last time mankind was united. Now, the galaxy is divided. Now, it is the age of the warlords. 

Alexander Wolf is the son and heir of Gerard Wolf, Lord of Obsidian and Imperial Count of the Holy Phoenix Empire. He was the successor to a solar system and the 250 billion people that live there, as well as Battlefleet Obsidian, one of the mightiest warfleets in the entire galaxy. Yet across the span of one night, his proud family was engulfed in the tides of treachery. His home was set ablaze, with his family massacred to the last. 

With his last dying breath, Alexander Wolf begged for salvation, and his prayers were answered. Now, as a Lord of Agony, Alexander Wolf vows to bring torment and death to all those who wronged his family, and if that meant a thousand worlds had to burn for it...then so be it.

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Overall it is still too early to really tell but I want to give an early review and my thoughts thus far. I really love the exploration of the setting and world building through the third person perspective and the quotes at the beginning of every chapter. I do hope we get more showing rather telling in the future as that could be a problem. Hasn't really happened yet though. I wasn't really expecting a fantasy/ sci-fi hybrid of a story but it is really cool so far. The main character right now has a really well explored foundation for his main motivation. I look forward to how he develops. There are some minor spelling errors and grammer fixes that need to be done but they are in no way distracting to the overall experience. 

TLDR: The world building and setting so far are the highlights of the story thus far. I love the fusion of fantasy and sci-fi and I hope the characters stay this quality or better as the story progresses