Solitude of Spring's Starlight

by Pekking

Everything started and ended with the rain.

The persistent rain in the country of Yamato definitely wasn't natural. People in the countryside and city alike are suffering from the constant storms, and several towns have already been flooded because of the weather. 

However, Maribel, the self-taught and self-proclaimed magician, was less concerned about the floods than she was about her experiment. Despite her plans, the night would take a much different turn than she had anticipated, with the trip to the local bookstore leading to a near-death experience, a meeting with her first real friend, and a journey that would change her life forever.

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Though few chapters have been released as of yet, there is a lot of promise in the chapters currently out. The characters are compelling, the plot is starting strong, and the writing style is both evocative and shows mastery of dialogue. With no errors in grammar that I've noticed as of yet, Solitude of Spring's Starlight is a read that I will be following closely.

Stylistically, the writing is full of description that allows you to connect with the details of scenes and follow dialogue closely, yet it doesn't bog down the chapters with too much description. Setting up the characters and setting masterfully, Pekking's writing is definitely having a good showing.

In the story, though not too much has been shown as of yet, there is a compelling narrative that is beginning to be woven, and the setting shows interesting influences that will inform the story, shaping the world with both the narrative and the environments.

Character-wise, there are compelling relationships being developed with motivated and fleshed out characters, and as with many other aspects of the story, the characters show a lot of promise.

Overall, a great new story that is a must follow for anyone looking for a compelling narrative.