“Aren’t you also interested in something—” Amelia was about to finish when suddenly her face changed. “Quick, go out. Your father went into the room!”

“How do I do that?” Jed was sharing in the panic.

“Just think about exiting, and you will!”

So he did, and in a flash of light, the secondary world became a little quieter. Amelia was left standing there, mumbling, “I finally have someone to talk to. . . .”

“Hey, son, are you okay? You didn’t answer when I knocked on the door?” Noah said.

“I’m alright—”

Jed was interrupted by the way everything looked. His father, who was so familiar to him, looked like a network of lines that were bright blue, like the colour of the ocean. These lines were moving up and down in the grid—like Spirit essence, he somehow thought, not knowing what to make of it. It was not that he knew what colour Spirit energy was. The thought itself occurred to him, as if his mind were trying to tell him something.

“What’s wrong?” Noah was waving his hands in front of Jed.

“Not—nothing.” Jed replied. [What’s this?], he asked in his mind (to Amelia).

[Your [Eyes of the Seer], duh.]

[Eyes of the Seer]?

Right, that was his talent, or that was what the barrier of the secondary world said. It was a freakish ability, and he seemed to somehow know just where the weak points in that network were. He could see what was missing, too: his father’s left side had lower Spirit, while there was something clogged, a point where Spirit energy congregated and bulged out, on his father’s right thigh.

“Father, is there something wrong with your thigh?” Jed asked, a little eager to confirm his own eyesight.

“Huh?” Noah seemed surprised. . . .? What was this? “Yes, son. I’ve been feeling like that for a while, but I never had the time to go to the hospital.”

“Can I, Father?” Jed pointed.

“Huh? S—sure?”

Jed went to touch his father’s thigh, pressed on the point of the clog, and then asked, “Can you poke this with a little needle, Father?”

They were that close.

Okay? Noah thought to himself. Why was his son acting so weirdly? And how did he know all that? Should I . . .?

So he did. Went to the kitchen. Got a needle. Came back to Jed’s room.


What came out was a little tinge of blood, but what happened after amazed Noah.

From that point on his thigh, blood began to evaporate, turned whitish-red, and then wholly white. The same colour as the light that Noah saw when Jed Manifested.

The smell, though, was very different. There was something nauseating about it, but not quite. It was very sweet, but only half-sickly. Invigorating, but also enervating. Almost like . . . almost like some sulphur mixed in with some perfume, yes.

“What was that?” Jed sniffed.

Noah’s face blanched. That was a close call. What Jed didn’t understand was that sometimes, when going through a Revolution, if something went wrong in terms of concentration or because of some contaminants in the air, Spirit energy could be accumulated in the body to the point that it turned into poison. Once it was released back into the air, that was what it would smell like: something that made one feel both energetic and sick.

The question was, how did Jed know?

“What happened, son?”

“Father—” Jed hesitated.

“It’s okay if you want to keep it a secret. But let me know if there’s anything wrong, alright?” Noah smiled.

“I have special eyes now.” Jed decided to say.

“Eyes?” Noah was startled. Then he looked at Jed’s eyes. Jed’s irises were coloured a little differently than how they usually were. Something Noah couldn’t quite put his hand on. His right pupil, though, was no longer just the pure black that it should have been. Instead, there were blue running all over it. He looked at the other eye as well, but nothing was different there. Jed’s right pupil was the blue that could only be seen from diluted Spirit energy, Noah was sure. He worked with Cards and Spirit energy all year round, so it was something familiar. Strange, though, was how it seemed when appearing in his child’s pupils.

“Then how did you do that? Do you see differently now?” Noah asked after a while.

“I don’t know, Father. It was like this when you came in. I can see blue lines in your body—”

“Where on my body?”

“All of it . . .,” Jed said.

Well, this got awkward really quickly. Don’t tell me my child is a laser-eyed voyeur? Noah thought to himself, cold sweat running down his back.

Now that Jed said it out loud, he, too, realised something was wrong. All. . . . Arghh! He almost screamed.

“Can you . . . control it?” Noah stuttered.

[Amelia, HELP!] Jed shouted out in his mind, almost losing it. It wasn’t that he thought it inappropriate (it was, after all, the 12,400s), but rather that, eh, how should one put this?—his puberty, which he dreaded because of how hormonal some of his classmates already were, couldn’t be coming soon, right?

[Calm down], Amelia said, [and no, your puberty isn’t coming early, hahahaha]. She almost couldn’t talk. [Just try to imagine people instead of Spirit energy. I think you were in here for too long, so you couldn’t control it.]

He closed his eyes for a little bit, and imagined seeing people instead of that golden barrier. The problem was that this proved to be somewhat difficult, the reasoning being that, well, he was thinking about [not golden barrier, not golden barrier], instead of thinking about actually seeing people. It took a while for his mind’s eyes—his imagination, so to speak—to think of the latter.

After half a minute, he opened his eyes again. And voila! No more see-through!


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