Hive Minds Give Good Hugs

by Thundamoo

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A modern-day young woman somehow gets trapped on an alien planet, transformed into an amalgam of human and something more.  With no way home and all the survival skills of an average upper-middle-class shut-in, how will she possibly survive let alone find a way home?  Turns out, she needs to learn how to help herself... figuratively and very, very literally.  

Evelyn, meet Evelyn.  You're going to do great things together.

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I have boob armor, and I’m not happy about it.

Reviewed at: 1. Far Away From Home

Hive Minds give good hugs is the story of Evelyn, who finds herself YOINKED to a distant planet, and modified. 

Sadly, when being asked "What do you wish to have?", she still thought everything was mostly normal, and made an entirely earth-appropriate, new-planet inappropriate wish.



Character score: The characters are rich and vibrant, written in thundamoo's excellent style. The characters and personalization carry this story hard, and everyone is a delightful treat to interact with.

Grammar: A team of beta readers bonks thundamoo whenever she makes mistakes, which results in virtually no grammatical errors slipping though. I'm not going to say no errors slip through, because I just KNOW someone will find one and point it out, but - I haven't seen one.

Style: A+. Thundamoo's one of the best writers, and her voice and style carry through in a strong, entertaining way.

Story: Fairly standard so far. There's nothing super special, nor is there any weirdness going on. Just a solid, strong story of a woman who's become half-bug, in a world where everything's trying to grab a fast snack. You know, fairly standard stuff.

All in all, HMGGH is an excellent novel, with the biggest problem being the abbreviation. It sounds like someone's consipated or something.

Mango front: 0/10. Unless she's deliberately left them all for Elaine. Then 1/10


(I write this review having read up to the Patreon chapter 10)

Overall: Close you eyes and imagine... Cinnamon Bun meets Vigor Mortis. A simulataneously adorable and slightly horrifying story about a very nice girl who has no plans to use her hivemind powers for evil. Bonus points, the abbreviation, HMGGH, is even the sound made by people who are hugged too hard!

Style: The style is great—It's written in first person and present tense and the prose consistently reflects the MC's personality and state of mind. Thundamoo's prose is consistently top tier both here and in Vigor Mortis, easily contending for best on RR.

Character: Where this story truly shines, even if there's literally one sapient character so far. Evelyn just oozes adorkablility. She loves bugs and plays the zerg in Starcraft because they're cute. She invents voices and personalities for her pets. She's precious and deserves all the hugs.

Grammar: A few occasional typos missed by the beta readers aside, perfectly good. I haven't seen any typos that weren't caught my beta readers (by definition :P) and while I'm sure they exist, there aren't many.

Story: This was originally a quest so the story is very exploratory and character driven. It's a survive-and-hopefully-thrive type story of a girl discovering that she's a bug hivemind and trying to survive while avoiding becoming one of the many evil bug hiveminds in science fiction.

Vitaly S Alexius

Help I've been Isekaid into a xenomorph!

Reviewed at: 1. Far Away From Home

To the front page with you! We'll take trending tomorrow with our combined powers!

We'll see who wins this review battle! [ Squints in the direction of Selkie].

As with Thundamoo's previous book, this one is written in a similar style of interest - first person observation and present tense, allowing the readers to dive into the mind of the main character and hero. Hive Minds Give Good Hugs starts with the main character Evelyn petting her spider pet and heading to sleep, only to wake up to a mysterious voice asking her questions and then to wake up yet again as a hive queen.

It's a good idea to start a book with a character who was just born - budding authors take notes, this is how it's done.

As with Vigor Mortis, the thematic catch is: an adorable cute girl who loves bugs mixed with horror sprinkled with a whimsical adventure.

Grammar and spelling are quite nice, no issues there.

Also, you can find more chapters on Thundamoo's patreon. Support our budding RR indie author and throw money at her now so that she can live long and prosper and give her more reviews!

Overall: Many hugs for Thundamoo for starting yet another masterpiece!


Bug Catcher Doug wants to battle!

Reviewed at: 2. Overreacting

You don't choose the bug life. The bug life chooses you.

Memes aside this is a strong start from an already accomplished author. So far the grammar is flawless and the story moves forwards at a nice pace without forgetting to stop and smell the roses. So far the author has already cleared the first and biggest hurdle for an isekai which is "make the reader give a single fuck about your MC before you send them to fantasy/the future/the past world".

I'll be updating this review after there's more chapters released but its a yes from me dawg.


Yeeeee! Vigor Mortis Author with a new fic!

Reviewed at: 1. Far Away From Home

Just read the first chapter. It's off to a quick and fun start. It's Thundamoo, the messed-up creator of Vigor Mortis. I'm here for a twisted, insane, morally bankrupt ride that'll have a splash of cuteness mixed with horror. We already see that our MC is going to be dealing with some danger in the first meeting.

I'm excited for the absolute horror to come that'll make me question my reading practices.

Let's go!

Frickin Fedora

Yes, this a good story. Yes, you should read it.

I started reading this because I am also reading the other web serial the author has (Vigor Mortis). I was not disapointed. I love the entomologist character and I love the world she found herself in. Hive minds definately give good hugs.

Mark Michael Lewis

Fun Frantic Educational and a great premise

Reviewed at: 6. Hunting for Two

I enjoy the quirky, sometimes vulgar way that the character thinks - especially when dealing with the surreal strange world that they find themselves in.

I am curious where the author will take the story. I have a wide range of questions and ideas around this - all of them are intriguing. I can imagine it is going to be thought-provoking and entertaining - with novel and creative twists and turns like VM.


Cute as heck for a world eating abomination.

Reviewed at: 7. Not Going Crazy

Say hi to Evelynn ! Bug lover and future entomologyst, she just got herself isekai'd as a Hive Mind queen bug personn, and that kind of cool ! if slightly horrifying.

No need to fear for her tho, as Mooshy is sure to keep this show running, even while she hugs herself to sleep.

Overall very cute and funny, and it looks like we can expect some high quality Hivemind Hijinks with this story, all told with the usual quality of writing Thundamoo has gotten us used to.

Damian Black

Good premise, poor character execution

Reviewed at: 6. Hunting for Two

The story has promise but the main character is starting to get a bit annoying. Everything from the wild Panic, to the ADD and Anxiety is not endearing, like at all. 

Style: 9/10. The author has a really interesting writing style and comes at an angle rarely seen. The dark humor cuddle angle! I got hooked on Vigor Mortis (which is an awesome read, go check it out!), Which brought me here. 

Story: 6/10. Not much to say so far (I'm only on chapter 6) but it looks like it "might?" Be setting up for a decent story? We will have to wait and see. 

Grammar: 9/10. Very few, if any mistakes. 

Character: 4/10. Alright this is where we get down and dirty. Apologies for how harsh this is going to come out. As stated before, the wildly panicking, screaming and running around for an HOUR is not endearing. I understand, new world, new body, wtf scary shit but dude. That reaction is not likeable at all. It's something the audience HATES to see in every movie and something we all groan about until their done with their little fit. A bit of panic is fine, but who the fuck runs off into the unknown screaming and freaking out like a child? Moving on. The emphasis on her anxiety isn't really a great trait, in fact the over emphasis on all of her mental illnesses reminds me of the Tumblr days when it was cool, hip and trendy. A bit of anxiety is fine, but saying she has it all the time is overkill. Her worst character trait by far is her ADD or ADHD, whichever you want to call it. The author is great at writing a character that has it. I will give them that. But it does not make for a good read. It's like watching a tense scene in a movie, everyone is on high alert, the big scene is coming....all of a sudden some dumbass shouts "oh look a butterfly!" And completely kills their entire team. The crowd boos, movie ends, fade to black. Everyone goes home pissed off. That's what the main character feels like to me. Dial down the mental illnesses and the crazy talk, dial up the game face and getting the plot moving. Oh now that I think about it another thing to work on with both of your stories is character dialogue with each other, it's a bit of a fatal flaw I've noticed and something which could definitely use improving. 

So, apologies again for tearing this apart, I look forward to seeing where it goes and hope to change my review at a later date. 




A great novelisation of a good quest

Reviewed at: 7. Not Going Crazy

This is a novelisation of the quest "Conquering the Horizon" on It was a fun quest with an amazing main character whose personality and general scatterbrain meant that the illogical decisions made by vote actually didn't come off as out of character. The novelisation seems Amazing so far and I can't wait to see how the alter parts of the quest get adapted.