Master of Cards. *Reborn*

Master of Cards. *Reborn*

by ConfusedBiscuit

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Set in a world where magic and the modern world exist.

Kael Webster was a loser in his first life. He lost everything all because he refused a deal. His girlfriend left him, his family murdered. The businesses that he had inherited from his family dried up because of sabotage from his other family members. 

Kael lived a total of 52 lives ever since then. By the end of the 52nd life, he slayed the Malevolent Gods that ruined his family when he was Kael. He was given the chance to return.

So he did. Now returning as the 18 year old Kael Webster, fresh in college and about to start his life once again. Only difference? Kael remembers all 52 lives he had. 

Now what is he going to do? 

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Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
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Table of Contents
57 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue. ago
Chapter 1 : Home coming. ago
Chapter 2 : Intervention ago
Chapter 3 : Annoyance. ago
chapter 4 : Oh, you're one of those. ago
Chapter 5: A visit. ago
Chapter 6 : Oh ho, threatening me? ago
Chapter 7: Shh. ago
Chapter 8 : Make sure you sleep with an eye open. ago
Chapter 9 : Weapon spirit vs Living Weapons. ago
Chapter 10 : More than nothing. ago
Chapter 11: Allensphere Metropolis. ago
Chapter 12 : I told you so. ago
Chapter 13: You're not expendable. ago
Chapter 14: Return to Matello ago
Chapter 15: Marchen. ago
Chapter 16: The situation of Marchen. ago
CHapter 17: First Day of the Fight. ago
Chapter 18 : To be the Avatar of Destruction. ago
Chapter 19 : The Destruction. ago
Chapter 20 : End of Marchen. ago
Chapter 21 : He was right. ago
Chapter 22 : Theme Park ago
Chapter 23 : Reaping Heads. ago
Chapter 24 : New Pets? ago
Chapter 24.5 : Don't mess with the kid. ago
Chapter 25: new housemates. ago
Chapter 26 : The Summons. ago
Chapter 27 : The blade. ago
Chapter 28: A lot of work. ago
Chapter 29: Morning. ago
Chapter 30 : A conversation. ago
Chapter 31 : Training. ago
Chapter 31. 5 : Luca. ago
Chapter 32 : Second day at work. ago
Chapter 33 : Abazmantisk ago
Chapter 33.5 : Windgates. ago
Chapter 34 : Avatars against an army ago
Chapter 35 : Reals vs Fakes. ago
CHapter 36 : Fakes and Reals. ago
Chapter 37: Back to work. ago
Chapter 38 : Attacking Ren. ago
CHapter 38.5 ago
Chapter 39 : A question. ago
Chapter 40 : Upstairs at Olympus. ago
Chapter 41 : Giving an old friend new life. ago
Chapter 42 : Lee vs Kael. ago
Chapter 43 : Taking a break.... Or not. ago
Chapter 44 : Webster family reunion. ago
Chapter 45: Helping out the Lord of Thorns. ago
Chapter 46: Well now we need to fix more shit. ago
Chapter 47 : Going somewhere. ago
Chapter 48 : Mistral. ago
Chapter 49 : The Test for the Lord of Thorns. ago
Chapter 50 : Chillout. ago
Chapter 51 : The Talk ago
Chapter 52 : The Battle. ago

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This is my first review, so please bear with any mistakes I make.

Style: The story is filled with action, and the fight scenes are written very well,  painting a picture of rapid motion and bloodshed. This is not for anyone with a weak stomach. Honestly, it took me a few chapters before I could really get into the story, but I grew to really enjoy it the more I read.

Story: This tells the story of Kael who has lived 52 lives and gets to be reborn back to his first life, which he failed to live well the first time. He goes about setting aright what he did wrong the first time. The pacing is fast and furious, filled with adrenaline pumping action. The card on the cover intrigued me the first time I saw it, and I wasn't disappointed. The magic is fun and there a whole lot of possibilities waiting to be explored.

Grammar: There are a few typos and tense issues. Considering that this is a rough draft, it is normal for such errors to happen. The grammatical errors didn't affect me much, and I was able to understand everything quite easily.

Character: So far, only two major characters have been introduced, Kael and Lucius. Kael, the MC, is short tempered and overpowered. This combination means it doesn't go well for anyone who irritates him. Since he's lived through this life once before, he knows the deviousness of the people around him. The dynamic between him and Lucius is fun to read, especially during the later chapters. His living weapons all have their own personalities, and they're just beginning to come out.


The MC feels like a teenager

Reviewed at: Chapter 1 : Home coming.

Like the title says, the MC, Kael feels like a teenager. In any other book that would be fine, he is one after all, but the main premise of this story is that he has lived 52 other lives. If you live 52 other lives that is 2600 years assuming you only live 50 years per life, that is enough time to see Moses part the Red sea, Jesus being born, and Muhammed being visited by Gabriel, and see crusades 1-4. Even if you only live 25 years per life that is enough time to see the rise and fall of the roman empire and still have 2 lifetimes to spare.

It is just too much to put behind me that a character who was supposed to have lived so many years, accumulated so much knowledge, and would 100% be incredibly patient, acting like someone who has lived less than 20.