The Girl I Dreamt Of

The Girl I Dreamt Of

by Toshiaki Hirata

One day, Hideo Fujiwara had a really strange dream that he never experienced before. It was a lucid dream of his getting married. With the inability to talk or control his body plus the inability to see his bride clearly Hideo wonders. At school, he meets his best friend, Asahi Himura, and one of his few girlfriends, Kaede Sasaki. Hideo and Kaede are childhood friends connected by a promise. Before their homeroom teacher starts class, she introduced a new student, Fuyumi Miyazaki. From that day, Hideo is bound to learn about this thing called "love".

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Toshiaki Hirata

Toshiaki Hirata

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The plot is very interesting, although the dialogue makes it a bit hard to follow along. I can't really visualise the scenery, but I can understand the characters from their dialogues. This story could really go anywhere, and I am interested to see what will come up next in your story! Nice work so far!