PANDORA. Hope Dies Last (ToG)

PANDORA. Hope Dies Last (ToG)

by Randomauthor855

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The first female was the last to die.
Creation of the gods themselves, she was blessed with all the blessings...but little did she know that her existence was a curse. Within her, she held all evil, malevolence, and suffering waiting to be released at the sign of her weakening will.
Sent force to the world of man with 'Curiosity', she caused the death of a world.

Innocence is replaced by malice. Laughter with cries. Eternal life with mortality.
Cursed for her very existence, she was the first to agree. Yet death doesn't come easily for one blessed by the deathless ones.

Reborn through a greater will than the gods themselves, she is offered a chance to strike against greater powers.
Reborn in a Tower of greater scale than worlds, what does she climb for?

Fueled with vengeance, anger, and hatred she picks up her blade.
All her blessings and curses armed against her enemies...she will see the gods fall no matter what.

Her name? Pandora

Despite the heavy beginning, this is a story about learning and development. The story's tone will gradually begin to lighten as her world grows brighter once more. Comedy elements included.

AN: Due to the different setting, time, and plot of this fanfic from canon ToG, it can be considered more of an Original Story borrowing the world of ToG. Non-fans of ToG can read because all elements will be clearly explained and taken slowly. Enjoy!

Fandom: Greek Mythology, Tower of God

Disclaimer: I do not own Tower of God. That belongs to SIU and Webtoon. Image belongs to Crafterm, found on Creative Commons

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Tower of God fanfictions are already rare, so upon finally seeing a decent one - why are you waiting? I'm not some analytical type that'll go into the details of a fic, but the grammers nice, the character is believable, and the story seems really interesting so far.

So read it!


This novel has become one of my new favorites so I really hope you continue this :)


I'm not sure what else to put for the 50-word requirement so this is me just putting down random stuff to fill in the 50 words that are needed for this thing to actually be posted


Don't get fooled by the title, its really good

Reviewed at: Games in Hell

This is a very unique and highly underrated novel. It's my first time reading a Tower of God fanfic and this fanfic seems like an original, with good grammar and good character immersion. I have read till chapter 19 and I find this novel very appetizing & exciting for the reader who likes strong main characters. 

Readers don't get disillusioned by the crappy poster and title, it's a really good story with lot of potential. Also, officially, this is my first review, and I hope this lifts the author's day when he gets a chance to see this first advance review for this story.

Style: The style of the novel is mix of narrative, 3rd person and MC centric 1st person, and unlike the author previous work this feels like an original novel with a tint of mystery. Also, there are few interesting POV change of side characters to get an exposure of MC character from a third party perspective.

Story: In this story, we have a female protagonist who was used as a tool by the Olympians and got a chance to get reborn in the Tower Of God world (by an unknown entity) with the drive to get stronger and get revenge on Olympians she starts climbing the tower as the daughter of Aria.

Grammar: No issues so far and you wouldn't find any grammar mistakes which would break your reading immersion.

Character: MC got a tragic backstory with a slightly broken personality and the supporting cast have got there own unique charms & personalities. Since the story is in the early stages, I can't further comment on it, but for fanfic genre this mighty good.

PS: Author-san please don't drop the novel half way, I would very much like to read it till its end. Also, please change the poster (if possible also the title) to something more appealing (PSS: I mean really, who would find it attractive to read a novel with poster of a monochrome bearded half-naked old man statue).