The Clan Head System

The Clan Head System

by Great

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

           [Mutation of interface complete!]

           System-host compatibility: 95%- Requirements to integrate complete…, initiating integration and installation.


            [Morales Clifford, Welcome to the Clan Head System!]

            “Wait…, what the hell?”

            “I…, Did I just transmigrate into Space world?”

            “What the f**k, is that even possible?”


            Morales, a retired soldier in his previous world has been reborn in a strange world due to a mad scientist experiment; a world whose foundation is built upon his favorite game- Space World.

            For him to return back to earth, he has to accumulate strength and locate his other 4 earthlings that were reborn with him in this mysterious fantastical world. The road ahead is dark and ominous.

            Will he succeed? Will he die trying?

            Find out in this action filled mind-blowing novel.



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1st Anniversary
Word Count (7)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
39 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Space World. ago
Chapter 2: Newborn Pugilist. ago
Chapter 3: Breaking Out. ago
Chapter 4: E-Class Quest: Escape. ago
Chapter 5: Shasha, The Mad Witch. ago
Chapter 6: The Clan Head System. ago
Chapter 7: Attribute Regulator. ago
Chapter 8: Advancement Mission. ago
Chapter 9: Taking Action. ago
Chapter 10: Killing The Grade-E Beastman. ago
Chapter 11: Nightwing, The Thief. ago
Chapter 12: Assassins. ago
Chapter 13: Ambushing The Assassins. ago
Chapter 14: Drawing The Plan. ago
Chapter 15: Implementing The Plan. ago
Chapter 16: Raiding The Underground Dungeon. ago
Chapter 17: A Weird Reunion. ago
Chapter 18: Fighting The Mad Witch. ago
Chapter 19: Activating The Wind Domain. ago
Chapter 20: Clues. ago
Chapter 21: The Royal Family. ago
Chapter 22: The 3 Musketeers. ago
Chapter 23: Registration For The Recruitment Tournament. ago
Chapter 24: An Ambush. ago
Chapter 25: A Worthy Opponent. ago
Chapter 26: The Moment Of Truth! ago
Chapter 27: Awakening Hidden Bloodline. ago
Chapter 28: Roommates. ago
Chapter 29: Current Power And Plans. ago
Chapter 30: A Tour Round The Dojo. ago
Chapter 31: Final Preparation. ago
Chapter 32: Level 1- Rono's Labyrinth. ago
Chapter 33: Breaking The Newbie Record. ago
Chapter 34: Earth Domain. ago
Chapter 35: Breaking Another Record And Eliminated. ago
Chapter 36: Renown- Border Town Dojo Celebrity. ago
Chapter 37: A Sharp Increase In Power. ago
Chapter 38: Power Consolidation. ago
Chapter 39: Advancement. ago

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This is just the legendary mechanic but with a pulgirist MC i mean the guy even uses the same fake name zero. Woke up captured and has to escape. Same 5 main classes - subclass to main class system. Even if you liked the system that the story took place in you should at least give your story a different start than the other and a different alias. It's like you didn't try.


Story is nice and flows good. Sometimes I miss the little details, like if you are shot you don't have to take out the bullet, game mechanic?

According to the title I would expect another story, more content to clan bulding. Perhaps that comes later on in the story. Addionnaly, if you don't like multiple people beeing reincarnated and that as NPC in the game, this story is nothing for you.