Boss Slayer

Boss Slayer

by Nutsy

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Bon Taraka was just your average, everyday college student, until the day known as the Event, when Tutorial Towers appeared all across the world. Bon was transported into a tower, but encounterd an error in the Tutorial System. He got trapped in a Boss room and died, over and over again. With each death came new revelations, until one day he killed the Boss and entered the exit portal. On the other side of the portal he found yet another Boss.

After killing hundreds of thousands of Bosses, he finally entered the proper tutorial with extremely high stats and a huge number of skill points. He was now ready to crush any new challenge that came his way.

(Updates Tuesdays and Fridays

Not a progression novel

New writer here. Please let me know if you spot any glaring mistakes. There will probably be quite a few.)

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I only got a few chapter in, and have to say this isn't my cup of tea.

While the character says that so many hours have passed, the reader never gets any real sense of time or flow for the story.

The character spends a lot of time on some things, even to the point of starving to death, and yet we get to experience nothing of that. He spent 15 years playing the guitar in the safe zone, apparently without stopping to rest, eat, talk, or shit. Which means that he probably died every three days or so since he never stopped for water.

With so much time dilation I understand not having us slog through all of that, but it comes to quickly and easily for the character. 

As far as the idea behind the story, it is a good one that has been done before, but not over done. In this case, I think it was just executed with poor pacing and character development. We have very little world building, and at this point I would have welcomed an info dump over having so little of an intro.

Bon seems like a very flat character so far. We know he likes a girl and can do programming of some sort. He seems to have very few emotions except in a couple places. He doesn't feel strongly enough to really stand out so far, even though he has spent years in this tower already. No character development so far. And don't get me started on the ghost. 

This ghost basically hands everything over to Bon with a little trial and error. It just feels like the author couldn't figure out how to let Bon develop cultivation without being spoon fed like a kid. The ghost is being used as a very weak plot device at this point and we know very little about him despite having spent 15+ years in his company.

The only thing Bon has emotions about is not calling the ghost master. Bon has no moments of missing his friends or family, of reminiscing on better days, or even thinking about food while starving to death.


As far as grammar goes, there seems to be few spelling errors even if the prose could use some work. I didn't get jarred out of the story because too many wrong words or odd phrases were there, which was nice.

It was the characters and development that killed this one for me.


Style: The more I read the more I disliked the story. The story felt poorly written, the pacing was off and overall felt like the author was trying to get through the tower as quickly as possible even if in the process the story as a whole suffered.

Story: The early timeskip seemed to happen too abruptly and skipped over too much at once. For how long the timeskip supposedly lasted the main character seemed fairly unaffected. This story focuses on a main character with a power level high enough that the story needed to be carried by other aspects (which is not a problem in and of itself, I have seen it done well) and they fail to do so. There is no real sense that the main character actually had to work hard to achieve his current power, even if the story occassionally says so. The setting of the story doesn't really make much sense.

Grammar: Grammar wise I didn't notice any issues so at least it has that going for it

Characters: The final nail in the coffin and the reason I am writing my first review on this site despite having used it for years. The characters are downright unlikeable. Their interactions are odd, with a weird hostile undertone to most of them. The main character is dull, weird and wishy washy. At times he is very childish and is frankly dumb. The other key characters in the stoy up until this point are just as if not more unlikeable.

Steve's character overall is just bad. While it is obvious that it is in part intentional to make him out as the antagonist, the author also doesn't do a very good job writing him. His decent into 'evil' came out of nowhere and happened way too quickly. If it was due to some sort of trauma that caused it then maybe I could suspend my disbelief, but it wasn't he just turned bad immediately after getting some power. Other peoples strangely positive attitude toward him, even when he is being overtly tyranical/unlikable. The reasoning the author seemly gives for this is that he is good looking so everyone just somehow is fine with it. His 'harem' members are dull and makes them either not seem like people or portrays negative stereotypes people have about women like portraying them as dumb or whiney.



This feels, very, very similar to a comic called the Latna Saga where the mc was trapped in the tutorial and couldn't level past level 5 and every time he cleared the tutorial it would reset, eventually the "administrators" fixed his tutorial and he was let out into the world proper to start his adventure for real


A little rushed, but draws you in

Reviewed at: Chapter 25: Training

I just binge-read this story up to chapter 25, and was very impressed with the story so far. The characters are interesting, the story engaging, and there are no major grammar/spelling errors.

Style is where I would say this story is weakest, though even then it isn't that weak. The story, in a few parts, seems rushed, and we don't get that much of a description of the powers.

This is perhaps most notable when he first gains the ability to spend Skill Points. We got a whole list of spell names, but no description of what they do. This is, probably, designed to make it easier to pull out the correct spell or ability for the occasion, but it comes across as lazy writing. There does appear to be some thought into what skills are available, but I think that is more an organic list than a hard one.

Still, I would reccomend this novel for an afternoon (or morning in this case) read, and rate it an overall 4.5/5 stars.

Apparently advanced reviews have to be at least 200 words long, so: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

Dougulas Kaien

Using time dilation to make the MC OP isn't an original premise, but the author makes his story entertaining.  The first "arc" involves Bon experiencing a system glitch and stuck in a boss tower, where he must endure deaths to slowly increase his power.  X number of years later, Bon defeats the tower and goes straight to the normal starter tower he should have went in the first place.  At this point, the author could have gone in various directions: turn the story into a wish fulfillment where the MC swings his big D around like a champ; go hermit route and seek enlightenment; or pretend to be weak and act normal.  The last option is the most challenging, and I'm glad the author took it.  The payoff is a highly entertaining story.

That said, I disagree with the prologue, and I feel that it detracts from the overall story.


3 day old bottle of flat rc cola

Reviewed at: Chapter 27: Aegis

Pretty generic overpowered main male lead dicks around in an extradimensional tower while cookie-cutter characters conflate old fiction with reality. It's ok for an amateur writer, but it's not good. The story focuses more on telling rather than showing-- leading each chapter to be a samey mess of <intro to floor> <boss status> <description that's long yet vague> <instant kill> <skill box> <main character hides>.

I think the premise is good, but it falls into the pitfall of overexplaining and overreliance on status boxes. The setup for the protagonist basically nixes the impact of any numberical values for him afterward-- making a lot of the content in the following chapters feel superfluous. 


i think this book is good, as of chapter 11, bon is a semi belivable character, even if he has fought monsters for 2k years he does not have people skills as he just fought, he is reluctant to kill but does not stop it, bon matures as the story progresses



18 chapters in. 

There's a lot to work with first.

Let's go with Style.

Nutsy style in terms of writing makes the words easy to read, the way he uses the tables to show information and important details to keep this at best a LITRPG. It's a good use of Royal Road's features and convenient. Another thing that makes this great is how easy this is to get into. You don't need to have so many details on everything.

Some details are vague on purpose and it is good with how they take this story.

Grammar wise, Nutsy is fine with a few typos here and there but the highlight of this story.

The highlight has to be story and characters.

Story : The story's prologue literally makes Bon out as a person who could not be bothered or care. Yet, as we progress. We start figuring out these things called Towers that suck people in and they have to do things. 

Simple premise, easy to get into. The explanation and how the story drifted from Bon just being a normal guy to ending up suffering in the story as a result of a 'Glitch' in the system.

As the story progresses, we start to see Bon's motivation and character. 


Now, the biggest highlight. Which I feel that Nutsy executes brilliantly.

It has to be how Bon, the main character is. Bon is believable. He's not some super badass guy that kills without hesitation. He does things to survive, in a few chapters. We read how Bon wants to survive, then the later chapters it shows how Bon has to deal with discrimination for his class. Bon just wants to get back to someone special, he's not one for glory or antics. He just does things because he can and he chooses to do so. 

Bon's risks at this point may seem lacking but Bon is one character I genuinely root for and am excited to see what he does. How he interacts with people, how he views the world. It's very entertaining. How Bon thinks or handles a situation, he doesn't do what most MCs do which is to go in and destroy everything. Bon thinks and makes decisions based on the situation. 

Bon's character and how Nutsy works the chracters is what makes them good. Some of them play into their tropes well, some of them are just there to help others see how lively Bon can be.

Conclusion : If you want a fun protagonist who is as carefree like this. Then I will recommend this whole heartedly.


Just an update, yes the story needs some editing
but i still stand by my review, i meant everything
it's a fun tale, which will re-earn its five stars in time
budding authors testing their knew skills is not a crime :)

I think stuff like this is what this site is all about
it’s so fun and full of heart, the author goes all out
it’s a blend of genres that most people here will love
and its quality of writing is a cut above

The style is really witty, but it doesn’t joke too much
the growth of characters is told with quite a subtle touch
ethics and morality, relationships and more
the story’s fast but these are things it takes time to explore

There’s some POV switches near the end of arc-one
but they add a lot of depth, and I think they’re well done
there’s some stats and blue boxes, used sparingly and well
which help the story flow with all the info that they tell

The story starts within a tower, but there is a ‘bug’
and we’re left with an op mc, who’s strong but not smug
the main cast make some friends and enemies along the way
without spoilers, “solid plot” is all that I can say

They do leave the tower after twenty odd chapters
the plot expands and there’s a lot of ground that it covers
governments or aliens, some ancient gods and pills
a Hendrix signed guitar which when it’s played with qi, it kills

The characters are really where this story shines the most
they’re complex and original, not perfect but almost
the lead is deep and interesting, his growth is rewarding
his moral growth keeps his OP-ness from getting boring

The grammar is all good, and small mistakes rarely appear
most of all, it’s smooth and tells the story loud and clear
it’s about as good as you could ask for on this site
rough around the edges but it’s mostly watertight

This tale is like a love-letter to webnovel culture
it hits all the right notes for an epic adventure
it’s still getting started and the author might be new
but it’s so much fun to read, I think you’ll love it too


Rough start, but still hood

Reviewed at: Chapter 27: Aegis

The first few chapters are honestly pretty bad, essentially just a ton of blue boxes, and completely ignoring the MC's mental health. However the story improves once Bon reaches the tutorial proper and is able to interact with people. The writing not amazing, but it is good and delivers the dopamine from the MC winning perfectly well.