Breaker of Skulls (LitRPG)

Breaker of Skulls (LitRPG)

by HereBeTreasure

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The MC bashes skulls and gains levels and overthinks small things. He becomes a knight. 

Synposis: An ordinary twenty-something human male undergoes the test of his life as he gets thrown into the Tutorial without any warning, learning to survive by any means possible with his sense for danger in a world where those who proved trustworthy were rarely competent, and those who proved competent were dangerous. 

Trusting his intuition, Marcello braves each new increasingly perilous test of survival as he slowly discovers that he himself was far from ordinary. 

Release schedule:

5 chapters per week, tentative. 

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Table of Contents
52 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 – Class Selection  ago
Chapter 2 – Skills and Status  ago
Chapter 3 – Tutorial Begins ago
Chapter 4 – Gangsters and Bitches run the tutorial ago
Chapter 5 – Bear Traps and Goblins ago
Chapter 6 – Hobgoblin ago
Chapter 7 – Boss Fight Contribution Bonus ago
Chapter 8 – Area Two Tutorial Store ago
Chapter 9 – Level 2 Human ago
Chapter 10 – Area 2 Closing ago
Chapter 11 – The Castle ago
Chapter 12 – Level 12 Lord's Servant ago
Chapter 13 – Banshee ago
Chapter 14 – Shattered Eardrums ago
Chapter 15 – The Breaker of Skulls ago
Chapter 16 – The Final Room ago
Chapter 17 – The Castle Lord ago
Chapter 18 – The Final Battle ago
Chapter 19 – $$$$$ Class Promotion ago
Chapter 20 – Boss Fight Solo Clear Bonus ago
Chapter 21 – Golden Key ago
Chapter 22 – Artefacts of Power ago
Chapter 23 – Carpenter's First Project ago
Chapter 24 – Shoddy Wooden Ladder ago
Chapter 25 – The Forest ago
Chapter 26 – Advanced Identify ago
Chapter 27 – A Bad Situation ago
Chapter 28 – ? ago
Chapter 29 – The Dumbest Idea In the History of Dumb Ideas  ago
Chapter 30 – Quest: [A Simple Shield]  ago
Chapter 31 – Secret Quest: [Conquest of Lords] ago
Chapter 32 – Shoddy Creation Turns Into a Historic Piece ago
Chapter 33 – Charismatic White Spider Silk Pants ago
Chapter 34 – Bloodshed ago
Chapter 35 – The Blood Moon ago
Chapter 36 – Awful Totem of an Ice GIant ago
Chapter 37 – Gabriel ago
Chapter 38 – Forced Into Giant Transformation ago
Chapter 39 – Arrogant Head Hunters ago
Chapter 40 – Imp's Tail and Dark Magic Warding ago
Chapter 41 – Don't You Dare! ago
Chapter 42 – Goblin Shamanic Ritual Site ago
Chapter 43 – “Human, you die”  ago
Chapter 44 – “Liver Treasure for Human! Delicious Liver!”  ago
Chapter 45 – Wood Isn't Supposed To Have a Hearbeat, Is It? ago
Chapter 46 – The goblin shaman snickers internally at your incompetence.  ago
Chapter 47 – Maybe You’re Just Weak  ago
Chapter 48 – Encounter With a Strong Enemy ago
Chapter 49 – Action Hero ago
Chapter 50 – Reunited ago
Chapter 51 – Watch the Master in Action ago
Chapter 52 – A Maelstrom of Fire ago

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GenFox 1G

For me, I don't have a lot of complaints. I can complain about minor stuff and things based on my own opinion but you shouldn't write a review based on opinions. I'm not good at reviewing but this novel can be really good especially for the Apocalyptic setting, Antihero who isn't edgy with (so far at least) a decent LitRPG field. Do find it weird though that the novel is named after a title he has that isn't mentioned much. May play a bigger part later on. 

Also, the fact that his armor changes(a little bit at least) the way he thinks is a good concept. It can explain a lot of things that he does that are questionable in the future. however, I don't expect this to completely change the MC obviously but enough that it's noticeable if we look back but don't notice it if we read normally unless he mentions it.



This is pretty good. The amount of content is low for now, but the quality is great. Marcello is a well written character who can recognize his own flaws, and the interactions he has are great too. Honestly, I'm having a good time with it. Well done, keep it up.


Western Light Novel? pulpy, edgy, but fun.

Reviewed at: Chapter 22 – Artefacts of Power

It's so-so, a bit pulpy... the author is writing for fun, and the story has fun so mission accomplished there, it's just...

I've seen this story seed, this premise, done before, and done better in Primal Hunter. Our fun-loving author has taken the root, the story seed, and is writing it in his own pulpy, edgelord story -- and it's a fun read.

So I read it, and I enjoy it, but there is a nagging thought that it could be a bit better than it is, but then I check again-- amateur author, writing for fun. On that level, it works, so cheers!


Sensible progression with the way the story is set up. The intuition sense is a good one, I remember reading about this from some other thief stories and the sixth sense is a good skill to have. Some fun fights with actual consequences for not having the team in a proper formation with certain things thought out prior. Looking forward to more.


The setting is not that novel but it is very enjoyable. 

The MC is pragmatic and not a cardboard knight-in-shining-armor or the opposite ruthless asshole. The other characters are also interesting and not just background to make the MC look better.

In the end it is a fun read and I recommend it.


I read the story in one go and found it to be pretty good. The mc isn't weak nor too strong and uses logic to solve problems. The side characters can be understood as well, like trying to run when they think they can't survive even if it means abandoning others. The story is similiar to primal hunter ad that's okay for me. I liked that story and reading storys with similiar concepts is something I like. 


the progression is solid, and has some interesting things thrown in that make it far more interesting than it otherwise would be. and as the story goes on there is a steady rise in quality.

while at first the characters seemed like card board cut out robot people with a overexagerated personality, they are improved drasticly as the story goes on with the over blown traits being muted so they actualy feel like humans.

main character and his power are also very intriguing



A very interesting story, with an intelligent Mc that is not a wimp. It is quite brutal and tragic, which makes it realistic and enjoyable. There is only a minor thing that kind of messed it up, I think that he is a little bit too special and becomes too "OP" too soon, well he isnĀ“t yet, but his potential is enormous. Anyway, I will stay for a while and see how this novel is turning out.


As an author myself I believe this story has real potential. I love how logic the mc is and he understood the benefits and real risks of what he was doing. The Totorial is the most important part in situations like this but most characters in other novels have idiotic reasons to solo thing or have transmigrated back in time a cliche im really starting to hate. Having the reason someone had to solo being thrown into the portal and forced to survive alone is beautiful.

What I would like is a better explanation on the system because a 0.1 increase or 10% i know isnt much during low levels because its multipling the base stats of everyone. That small increase is fine early on but bad later because logically they will not reach those superhuman levels needed 2 servive.

This hampers the story because it makes everyone the same essentially. You should make it so classes and titles make a big difference also the effects of each should stack with each other. Another problem I have is your writing it so that everyone has the same abilities with set limitations instead of allowing the characters to have there own creative take on a skill or train it beyond its limits.

I recommend you read The New Word its a novel based off of randidly ghosthound but is superior to it in every way. It has what im talking about free creative discovery to be more than what your class or level saids which should be possible in your world 2 since this is not a game with set limitations. 


Starts pretty quickly and without too much fanfare in the establishment of a new system. Thankfully the Author doesn't get carried away describing all the super cool new system functions and going into boring detail about any UI bullshit.

The MC takes risks and is rewarded for it but has not become a one man army off the bat yet. Heavy inspiration from another story featuring an MC with a "Talent" but our Author is doing more than just a copy paste of these inspirations.

Character development is fine as far as I am concerned, not over done but giving the party members personality and their own goals instead of worship of the MC like you will see frequently on RR.

All in all this is a very solid offering from HBT.

Worth a follow for sure.


This also needs a few more words so here's a couple to meet the advance requirement.This also needs a few more words so here's a couple to meet the advance requirement.This also needs a few more words so here's a couple to meet the advance requirement.This also needs a few more words so here's a couple to meet the advance requirement.This also needs a few more words so here's a couple to meet the advance requirement.This also needs a few more words so here's a couple to meet the advance requirement.This also needs a few more words so here's a couple to meet the advance requirement.This also needs a few more words so here's a couple to meet the advance requirement.