Breaker of Skulls (LitRPG)

Breaker of Skulls (LitRPG)

by HereBeTreasure

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The MC bashes skulls and gains levels and overthinks small things. He becomes a knight. 

Synposis: An ordinary twenty-something human male undergoes the test of his life as he gets thrown into the Tutorial without any warning, learning to survive by any means possible with his sense for danger in a world where those who proved trustworthy were rarely competent, and those who proved competent were dangerous. 

Trusting his intuition, Marcello braves each new increasingly perilous test of survival as he slowly discovers that he himself was far from ordinary. 

Release schedule:

5 chapters per week, tentative. 

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Table of Contents
52 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 – Class Selection  ago
Chapter 2 – Skills and Status  ago
Chapter 3 – Tutorial Begins ago
Chapter 4 – Gangsters and Bitches run the tutorial ago
Chapter 5 – Bear Traps and Goblins ago
Chapter 6 – Hobgoblin ago
Chapter 7 – Boss Fight Contribution Bonus ago
Chapter 8 – Area Two Tutorial Store ago
Chapter 9 – Level 2 Human ago
Chapter 10 – Area 2 Closing ago
Chapter 11 – The Castle ago
Chapter 12 – Level 12 Lord's Servant ago
Chapter 13 – Banshee ago
Chapter 14 – Shattered Eardrums ago
Chapter 15 – The Breaker of Skulls ago
Chapter 16 – The Final Room ago
Chapter 17 – The Castle Lord ago
Chapter 18 – The Final Battle ago
Chapter 19 – $$$$$ Class Promotion ago
Chapter 20 – Boss Fight Solo Clear Bonus ago
Chapter 21 – Golden Key ago
Chapter 22 – Artefacts of Power ago
Chapter 23 – Carpenter's First Project ago
Chapter 24 – Shoddy Wooden Ladder ago
Chapter 25 – The Forest ago
Chapter 26 – Advanced Identify ago
Chapter 27 – A Bad Situation ago
Chapter 28 – ? ago
Chapter 29 – The Dumbest Idea In the History of Dumb Ideas  ago
Chapter 30 – Quest: [A Simple Shield]  ago
Chapter 31 – Secret Quest: [Conquest of Lords] ago
Chapter 32 – Shoddy Creation Turns Into a Historic Piece ago
Chapter 33 – Charismatic White Spider Silk Pants ago
Chapter 34 – Bloodshed ago
Chapter 35 – The Blood Moon ago
Chapter 36 – Awful Totem of an Ice GIant ago
Chapter 37 – Gabriel ago
Chapter 38 – Forced Into Giant Transformation ago
Chapter 39 – Arrogant Head Hunters ago
Chapter 40 – Imp's Tail and Dark Magic Warding ago
Chapter 41 – Don't You Dare! ago
Chapter 42 – Goblin Shamanic Ritual Site ago
Chapter 43 – “Human, you die”  ago
Chapter 44 – “Liver Treasure for Human! Delicious Liver!”  ago
Chapter 45 – Wood Isn't Supposed To Have a Hearbeat, Is It? ago
Chapter 46 – The goblin shaman snickers internally at your incompetence.  ago
Chapter 47 – Maybe You’re Just Weak  ago
Chapter 48 – Encounter With a Strong Enemy ago
Chapter 49 – Action Hero ago
Chapter 50 – Reunited ago
Chapter 51 – Watch the Master in Action ago
Chapter 52 – A Maelstrom of Fire ago

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The story i've read so far has been pretty great, it has a good pace and has kept my intrest, not perfect but one of the best i've read on this site. The mc has a good mixture of sensably scared and amazingly insane that I really like, he does not shy away from conflect either.


I love me a good power fantasy litrpg, and that looks like what this story is shaping up to be.

The vast majority of characters we've seen so far are weird/psychotic (Agnis being the over-the-top Bad Guy™). But it's enjoyable watching our main boy Marcello grow up into a bigger boy (and our side boy Gabriel being a weird assassin/priest thing) and nothing gets me going like some litrpg numbers going up. 

It's not the pinnacle of literature but if you can turn your brain off for a dew hours you'll have a good time reading it

Zach or Zach

I really like it, except that the characters relationship is garbage and the system's stat points seems very very busted.

an example quite early in one very imposing individual throws someone else into unknown danger and therefore everyone watches, horrified. this is good, this sets up a "Bad Guy" and allows for the creation of factions and the like early, BUT the issue is when he keeps picking on the weak, and no, like four or five ranged classed people decide to take him down, IF he had a gang of say 10-20 peopke with him than this would make some sense as, if your not weaker, than it's less likely you'll be attacked but seeing as how teams only consist of 10 people at most, and you dont want to backstabbed by some unknown team who thinks they won't be picked on by the big guy, and atleast 1 of your teamates almost certainly doesn't want to fight them, meaning were really looking at 3-4 teams of atleast at people all trusting each other, OR some people finishing the jerk off after a smaller fight. even a small-ish gang like that would make the story far more belivable.

next the main characters party, I have no problems with a ton of crazies agreeing to work together because they're A crazy and B pretty strong, BUT entering minor spoiler territory, one of the Micheal is upfront that he doesn't mind harming other party member's for the sake of speeding up the fight, a situation that ONLY helps him and he should have been booted form the party asap as even if he's one of the few guys with a level five skill... bonus (which is seemingly the most important part of leveling) he's to dangerous but they kept him around, and Marcello didn't even say something, which ist the least he should do, say something see reactions and decide if he can push him out or not.

now the ones who I (kinda) like are Troy, Jason, and Sarah, Troy while seemingly unfazed by seath gore and murder, still has principles, and spoiler increasing Jason has an obvious goal, although Sarah.... Is just totally undevelopped. Troy is probably the only one who had any chance of getting through the tutorial really with the way these story's go, and is the only one of them to make it through the second trial, Troy is the perfect character for this, unscrupulous, fairly strong, while a jerk he never go's to far, or pisses off the wrong guy for no reason, and has an internal code, resulting form his past in organized crime. best character in the story besides Marcello, although the competition is pretty darn awful. Jason wants to see his family again no matter what, so him getting mad at Sarah's death who reminds him of her makes sense, he's worrying she wont make it through the tutorial, cool that's great what else, he has a beard awesome, builder alri- and he's dead. welp. Sarah does basically nothing and doesn't really have any role besides re-enabling Jason to smash.

Emma... is possibly a good character could just be completely just meant to be a psycho love interest, which would suck. wether she is or is not a love interest she, as a character is hard to say anything about because she's hiding how she truly thinks most of the time

Zack is used to show even confident, fit, seemingly capable adults can freeze up in terror and get rekt. By friendly fire.

Nolan is forgettable to be honest but other than that fine, he's a coward with an unknown goal.

Alice was brought in as a more normal perspective and then you decided to say her will was nigh shattered which after you give us her backstory while making sense is boring and feels like it's to make other's look worse than the party not theparty look better because of stronger wills or something, no theyre just all skriking nutty.

Other than the characters the system NEEDS to be explained more and if it really does just go based of what someones capability's before it was there for stat growth, than it's a load of garbage, as scalding as the sun and clearly findable by smell alone from 6 miles away. that is unfortunately just about the worst idea ever now I get it's to make it so you can only tell what someones rough strength is, oh they have alot of points in strength they probably wanna get close, like the sword and heavy armor wasn't a good enough clue.

buuuuuut. I kinda like the everything else. while the MC's in the corner deciding to be a mary sue or not I do like the way the story is going, the fights, and the dark setting that isn't just flopping into derp, at all which is rare usually no matter what at some points it's darker and others lighter, but when it comes down to it, I just wish it wasn't so freackin' stupid because I think it has potential dang it and I will take that 6ft above my grave.


Henlo, me from the future. I am at 50 chapters and I'm glad to say that the story has gotten a hood bit better. If it continues its trend of improvement than I'll be happy to deliver a good ol fiver, though I ain't sure yet if it will reach that point, but man can hope eh?

Also changing this to an advanced review, partially so i can point out that the story does have some pretty good style. I think, still not sure exactly what the style rating is


It's really good so far! I'll probably edit this to give more detail at a later point, but the mc seems refreshingly intelligent and selfish instead of blindingly selfless and heroic. I like his abilities as well as the setting so far. I'm exited to find out where the story leads!

The writing is very solidly good and free of spelling mistakes. The author gives a lot of insight into the characters thoughts, which I appreciate, and sometimes gives additional ooc reasoning under spoiler tags; sounds odd, but actually works well. There's a scene where they refer to the psychological effects called bystander syndrome unser spoiler tags, since apparently people kept claiming that 

if someone was getting beaten up in front of a large group of strangers, someone would definitely step in to save them.


The side characters haven't been very fleshed out yet, but that's because I haven't read very far ahead at this point. What I've seen has been a promisingly diverse set of personalities with a lot of potential. The author does lean on stereotypes sometimes, but the characters aren't reduced to just embodying those.

I'd recommend giving this a try if you like clever, selfish MCs trying to survive the odds against them through whatever means possible. 


The journey through the tutorial was a blast! The characters are fleshed out with actual personalities. Characters feel really real which is a huge bonus. Story is good if a little drawn out. Progress in tutorial is slow, like 30 chapters in and hes still in the tutorial. Keep it great author!


Some events and the fights are little rough around the edges. But I have enjoyed the overall story immensely. Characters in these types of stories often go for magic heavy builds and its nice to see a more physical combat style every once in a while. Also, none of the main character's choices have made me want to bang my head agains the wall yet. So good going.


Long time since I have been this hyped about a Story. I have red a lot of tower apocalypse stories and they usually disapoint me quite a lot. I am optimistic about this one though. I realy enjoy it and it feely pretty high quality. Also the mc is not a reincarnator this time

Azel Robles

A tutorial with difficulties (easy or hard), a polyvalent but not op mc, who has both strengths and weaknesses, who's going for an obvious Frontline build while keeping range damage, and with an innate ability that gives him a natural boost typical progression fantasy in litrpg apocalypse but that's what I'm here to read 

Mauro Junior

as a class that has summon magic (or bond) and at least one dark blade spell, it becomes a stupid class that blocks the path of magic, as a character can throw away all the history and development so far to make that choice stupid, besides that it makes no sense to be a knight without magic skills (mainly healing) knowing you will be solo, instead of being a rogue class, which has no clear limitations, just lack of incentive for magic .


this is just the latest issue.


but it's still better than many stories out there.


that's just my personal opinion.


I believe that if the class was the same as it seemed, with the ability to summon or bind creatures, with no explicit blocking of magic, and with an emphasis on bow and arrow, as knights can use that, it would be better


Not much to go on, yet. Very promising start, considering the main character writes a web novel about a detective and talks through his thought process for the one consequential decision he's made thus far. We will see how further chapters develop this character!

Unfortunately, reviews must be 50 words long, so i apologize for this chapter 1 spoiler, but I am excited to see the main character follow the thief archetype. I can see him being a very Jarlaxle/Sherlock kind of hybrid. He could also go an Artemis Entreri route rather than Sherlock... let's see, shall we?