HxH: Walking The Path Of Evolution

HxH: Walking The Path Of Evolution

by TimeBender

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

This is hunter x hunter fanfiction. The MC is born 88 years before the start of the story. Don't worry, he won’t be an old fart when the plot starts. 

The power will not be gifted. Only earned through hard work and thought out decisions.

The MC tries to be rational and calm. Killing when necessary, not afraid of staining hands with blood. The law of the jungle is ever present in the new and mysterious world and only a fool would not adapt. Taking full advantage of opportunities given and carefully preparing for everything that is to come.

The future is filled with trials and tribulations, all sorts of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Will he be able to reach his dreams and do what has never been done before?

Is his conviction strong enough to withstand the pressure? To stay strong and move forward, to earn the power so desperately desired? To stay in control, even in the face of adversity? 

Yet some lines are not to be crossed. Without restraint, one achieves nothing. All the power in the universe is useless if you cannot control yourself to use it.

“I am no hero. Just myself. Forever am and forever will be. Titles are but words and words are not actions. Why care about what others think? Why hold on to the values of the society I have yet to change. I will bring a new era. The era of truth.”

As of now, I only plan to post this on royalroad and have no plans to change that.

Chapters will be <10 000 characters long, so you can easily use TTS.


Harsh critique is more than welcome. Any suggestion will be appreciated. 

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