Isekai'D Shoggoth

by Cytotoxin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

It begins as a usual isekai story.
No, wait. It's worse. It's otome isekai. And I'm the villain.
Of course, there must be some kind of cheat to make up for it. It's that kind of story.
And my cheat is... being a shoggoth. Which apparently includes being a genius with setting up all sorts of production. Because "engineered to be universal labor" backstory for that race, I surmise.
So... Screw it, full steam ahead. Let`s see what I can make out of this world and it's ikebana-based magic.

(This is a mirror. Original was posted at - I do hope to catch up the mirror to original in a couple days)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1. Let’s Take A Stock ago
Chapter 2. Cute Maids And Basic Alchemy (Also, Lots Of Lies) ago
Chapter 3. Getting A Dwarf On Board ago
Chapter 4. Family Time And Sweet Time ago
Chapter 5. Dwarves, Meet Rocksaw. Hey What Do You Mean, Sent By Divines?! ago
Chapter 6. Tar Pit And Tar Road (If The Dwarves Won`t Eat It First) ago
Chapter 7. The Trip And It`s Little Adventures (Also, The Scary List) ago
Chapter 8. Capital And Long-Awaited Coffee (Also, I Accidentally Maid) ago
Chapter 9. Palace, King And Choice Idiots ago
Chapter 10. Royal Commission, Get! (I Accidentally Telephone) ago
Chapter 11. The Protagonist Is Here! (I Wasn’t Ready For This…) ago
Chapter 12. Settling Into Academy (Also Doing Fluffy Happy Things) ago
Chapter 13. Meeting The Squire (Also Teasing My Maid) ago
Chapter 14. There’s A Shoggoth In My Bath! ago
Chapter 15. Annoying Dean ago
Chapter 16. A Few Slow Days (Also Brand New Cheat – GET!) ago
Chapter 17. All Sorts Of Spying ago
Chapter 18. Double Waifu Fun! ago
Chapter 19. The Obstinate Hero (vs. Pavement) ago
Chapter 20. Temple Work ago
Chapter 21. Conversation Over A Cup Of Coffee ago
Chapter 22. Fluffy Talks And Spoiling (Also, Timeskip) ago
Chapter 23. Specialized Studies (Are Not Off To Great Start) ago
Chapter 24. Pizza Party (And One Worried Squire) ago
Chapter 25. Ceremony, Moving And Celebration ago
Interlude 1. Klaus Gets The Red Herring ago
Chapter 26. Jackass Swings Into Action! ago
Chapter 27. Reminding Everyone I’m A Monster (Especially Certain Emir) ago
Chapter 28. Sordid Truth About Ed ago
Chapter 29. Scalping Princes And Getting Evidence ago
Chapter 30. Slumber Party (Also, Dream Cinema) ago
Interlude 2. Sultan's Woes ago
Chapter 31. Shoggoth On The Roof (Relaxing…) ago
Chapter 32. Busy Busy Busy BUSY Relaaaaaaaxing…. ago
Chapter 33. Where Shoggoths Dare… ago
Chapter 34. Strolling Through The Sultan’s Palace Picking Up Some Souvenirs ago
Chapter 35. A Horde Of Girls ago
Interlude 3. Klaus Is Untrained In Pistol Skill ago
Chapter 36. In Which I Talk A Lot ago
Chapter 37. Alyssa Gillespie, The Wingwoman Extraordinaire ago
Chapter 38. After The Longest Day ago
Chapter 39. Disguised King And Complicated Conversation ago
Chapter 40. Conception Of A Tabloid ago
Interlude 4. What Are The Dwarves Doing? ago
Chapter 41. Revelation At The End Of Day ago
Chapter 42. A-Talking We Will Do… ago
Chapter 43. Surprisingly Nice Conversation ago
Chapter 44. Plans Picking Up Some Steam ago
Chapter 45. Aggressive Negotiations ago
Interlude 5. Double Double, Toil And Trouble! ago
Chapter 46. Tying Up Loose Ends ago
Chapter 47. Consolidating The Assets ago
Chapter 48. No One Expects An Inquisition ago
Chapter 49. Family Time (With Unfortunate Side Adventures) ago
Chapter 50. Ship it! ago
Interlude 6. Ask And Thou Shalt Receive ago

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On the Art of pretending to be Human

Reviewed at: Chapter 1. Let’s Take A Stock

This story is amazing. I read it over on scribblehub and seeing it move over is great.

It look into being isekaid into an H-Game from the point of view of the Villaness. 

Lots of detail, Lots of background worldbuilding, lots of really funny character interaction and most of all, at the end of the day, a shoggoth is going to shoggoth. 


The starting point is the standard isekai via vehicular manslaughter into a world with magic based around flowers. The world itself is apparently an odd medieval alt-Earth from a dating game with some relatively dark paths, and... The main character is a Shoggoth. Proper madness-inducing otherworldly entity, neatly corralled into human form. Ironically, despite the absurdity of the setup, the core of the story is a kingdom-building path centered around the divinely productive and brilliant MC, while she acquires a harem of attractive women in her spare time. If someone had told me this is what I would be binge reading, I wouldn't have believed them. But it's genuinely great.

Style: Told from the first-person perspective in something that approaches stream-of-consciousness at times, it's a largely fast-paced progression that only slows down when focusing on character interactions.

Grammar: Not great. There's a number of instances where names have their vowels swapped, and a seeming crusade against articles, "the" in particular is left out. It's enough to increase the difficulty of reading, as some sentences are unclear and missing words, but a testament to how enjoyable the story is that I completely ignored it.

Story: The premise reads like a fever dream, but it settles into a comfortable tale shortly after setting the stage. The main character, Lady Alyssa Gillespie begins a steady spree of innovation, starting with a magical cure for the common cold, before moving on to improving metallurgy, large-scale projects, stone-cutting tools, and minor luxuries. The author doesn't have to pretend that the MC's smart, but competently shows her churning out dozens of tech-appropriate innovations and improvements. It's genuinely satisfying to see the steady growth of her influence and prosperity as she dodges plot lines and works to escape her original villainous destinies. I'm a sucker for kingdom building and industrial revolutions, and this handles that path better than most. That said, the most recent chapters do largely focus on the harem aspect. It's not excessive, given that it suddenly gained members and is the culmination of a minor action arc, but is a bit of a break away from the constant onward and upward that drives most of the story.

Characters: I'm a little torn. On the one hand, Alyssa is a greatly enjoyable read. On the other, she has the standard harem issue. They're all perfectly likeable, but harem members have the most personality just before joining said harem and afterward, the majority of their character is focused around their belonging to it. That said, I just can't bring myself to care. Alyssa is the focal point of the story and the world is slowly bent to her whims. She provides a satisfying enough core to the story that I am actively uninterested in what everyone else is doing beyond the occasional interludes. She's a juggernaut of problem-solving, and everyone else is either a problem or a solution. It's worth noting that while she begins in the role of a villainess, she's very much a hero with flexible morals regarding mortality and delivering it to others.

In short, this makes for a surprisingly entertaining harem isekai, in which an eldritch monstrosity finds both love and technological advancement in equal measure. It lands somewhere between slice of life and kingdom building, with bouts of bloody action drizzled in between. I'm honestly not sure which genre to recommend this to, but if this sounds like the kind of thing you might be into, I highly recommend giving it a shot.


I have no idea what I'm reading, but it's very well-written. The concept is as good as any, the characters are treating the MC like she's a genius, which she is, which is great, and the worldbuilding actually makes sense. It's just good. 

If you like good writing, this is for you. If you like bad writing, read this and repent for your sins, hopefully converting in the process.

A curious behavior of the shoggoth is their repetitive cry of "Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!" Demonstrating their mindless mimicry, this is a phrase they copied from the giant blind penguins trapped with them in the Elder Things' city.

Well, in this story it's Shoggoth for 'DTF!'

And our lead Shoggoth is very much DTF, there's no smut (at least not yet, not unless you count 'graphic depictions of not-really-heavy petting' as smut), but there is a yuri harem.

Now don't get me wrong, this story has the whole package, a mildly intriguing world with kingdoms to be conquered, some kingdom building (the typical industrial revolution sparking protagonist stuff), there's some action but not particularly exciting because the protagonist is so overpowered, but still kinda fun to read because of all the gore :D yeah, warning about that, if you're turned away by gore right out of an 80s slasher film, the nturn away, or well at least away from the action scenes...

The story even has decent characters, but make no mistake, the meat of the story, the only thing that truly matters to the protagonist, and in-turn will probably be the only thing that truly matters to the reader (was for me!) is the yuri harem! (the yuri harem and the diabetes inducing romance surrounding it!)

The girl has her priorities straight!

Now I love this story in a really guilty, very pleasure sort of way. It just scratches all the right itches for me... But I wouldn't tell my parents.

I gotta be honest about the flaws though, first and foremost there is the style issue.

Some of the story reads quite like normal, but a lot of the story, especially earlier on, reads like dialogue from Mordin Solus in Mass Effect; or if you can't connect with that idea, it's just a stream of consciousness. This is to be fair something the author intended, but that doesn't mean it's good, it's my #1 least liked writing style, so hefty hit to the style for that, also minor hit for bits of text being in other languages with no translations (although the author does seem to be workign on fixing that one, and it was really only 2 or 3 times, hardly felt like missing out on anything not knowing what it said, but it was very frustrating)

The grammar... I'm not gonna lie there are some minor mistakes, typos here and misspellings there, yet I'm still giving it a 5 star rating. Why? Because the god damn vocabulary is excellent! That's why! And normally I give stories with minor grammar mistakes 4-4.5 star ratings, but the vocabulary more than makes up for that one to half star difference! The author's got style!

Story is... I mean it's all fairly generic isekai stuff to be honest, there's nothing new here, but it's all put together well enough that it doesn't seem to be falling apart at the seams and that's what counts, this was never gonna be a truly serious story, it's all very light hearted and the worldbuilding and plot are in line with that fact.

Then there are the characters, characters are very much above average, they each have their own personality rather than all being completely generic... But they also all follow rather simple templates so they don't stand out as particularly good characters, just effective ones.

And that really covers it doesn't it? I love the story, if you're here for the yuri harem and don't mind the occasional gore, you're probably also gonna love this story, it has parts that suck (like that stream of consciousness stuff, which at least to me sucked), but it makes up for it with the parts that rock!

It delivers on it's promises, and I recommend it.

Mister Bill

So, the first chapter is a ton of exposition. Don't worry too much about it. The following ones are much better and it's a fun story so far.


Don't look for a ton of crunch. Just have fun with it. I think the author said no stats in one of the comments.


It's entertaining. Nothing new here really, but nothing bad either. If you like any Isekai with OP MC that isn't a tool, this ones for you. Not much else to say so now im filling in the remaining characters with this speal. Yada yada yada yada yada yada yada. 

John Fellows

Its ok - if you're interested in a casually op main character amassing a harem with the twist of being a shoggoth the whole time then read away.

The harem bit isn't for me and the casual country destroying power and invulnerability takes all the tension out of the story. It's not terrible on the grammar front but the story itself just is not up my street and I can't really imagine reading any farther


A pleasurable read that hits numerous cravings. The author keeps things broad but relatively simple and straightforward. Bad guys are bad, MC is stupidly OP, Kingdom Building happens rapidly, and good feeling Harem is GET. 

The grammar is solid and the style whilst simple has an excellent follow with the exception of  occasional other languages which are thrown in without translation (I just skip over them). 

Cannot recommend this work highly enough.