Blood Shaper

Blood Shaper

by WillPowah

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Kay didn't have the best life. Most of it was fairly standard, but his past was marred by a tragedy that changed his entire world. Years later he had managed to mostly rebuild his life, and had started making something of himself.

And then he woke up in a different world. A world of fantasy and [Classes], a world much more dangerous than the one he'd been born in.

The new world he's been dumped into doesn't hold anyone's hand. Even with the bonuses that being an Outworlder brings won't keep him perfectly safe. One mistake could kill him in an instant.

But maybe, with a little bit of help, he could start over once more, and start to make something of himself again. And maybe, just maybe, that something he makes himself into could be amazing.


As I'm leaning right now there probably will be sexual content later on, but I might change my mind later. There definitely will be death, gore, violence, and blood. Lots and lots of blood.

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The One True WillPowah

Word Count (VIII)
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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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.. for those looking for an mc that actually works to gain power/skill, The mc is pretty much set to become a god from the get go. for free.

Quite a few grammar mistakes, but unless you are nitpicky and can't stand such a thing, you can just read over them or infer what is being said.

The worldbuilding, its rules and logic, bends over backwards to make the mc special.

- He has good affinity with all 40 weapons. 40...

The dragon bauble:
> noble family pays a lofty reward for the one that kills the monster and recovers their son's body and they want a few items returned.
- The noble pays exorbitantly for just any random noob to hunt a monster (which turns out bandits + pet wolf), which none of their guards could kill, surely they can hire someone competent themselves.
- The job with very lofty rewards, that somehow none of higher rank or other noobs even want. (its like other adventurers don't exist when they aren't there for the mc to interact with)
> Now I'd expect a noble with money has guards that are... at the very least.. better then a newly minted adventurer noob.
- But the mc (quite easily) defeats them all
- Doesn't look for the nobles body at all (in written form), still gets full reward of a lot of gold + loot.
- The adventurers guild clergy just gives a locked jewelry box to the mc for keeping without knowing if it contains something the nobles were after.
- Somehow the nobles forgets about its possession which is a dragon inside bauble that is so magically rare and special and was entrusted to that noble family for safekeeping.
> Result, mc might get a pet dragon or favor of a dragon and gets special relatively high tier item for his class.

His special Class/Titles (part 1):
> This world has many Other-World transmigrated people from countless worlds, This world has tech/magic that even allows communication with off-world bases.
> The mc arrives with the class Blood Mage which has a skill that is banned, kill on sight, so either they burn the class status which removes a class slot, or kill him.
- Then the person who guides the mc, who's job is all about checking other-worlders, who's with an organization who's goal is other-worlders and inter-dimensional research and knowledge, who's first reaction to the mc having a banned skill is to suggest an oath (swear to never use the skill), who even told us of cases of other other-worlders arriving with bad classes, yet never before has such a thing occurred in likely countless lives, across countless worlds, across countless dimensions. This never happened before.
> So guess what, the mc gets a special over the top overpowered class in return.

His special Class/Titles (part 2):
> Mc gets Blood Manipulator as a class, this class has never existed before (somehow), thus he gets a few titles to go with it, one of which is Class Progenitor
- Walk about OP, this allows him to branch/evolve/path out his class which means he gets another never seen before class and another Class Progenitor title, and again and again.
- While everyone else is limited in the amount off class slots they have, the mc gets infinite.
- Why would the system give him a class no one has to replace a class when it can give any from countless T1's.
- Why is the MC credited for its creation in the first place, he created nothing it was given.
> The skill Blood Manipulation was part of the Blood Mage class.
- Why does Blood Mage require blood puppetry and gets Blood Manipulation, which is likely something that was used to aid or is required, to level a blood skill in the first place, never accomplished before resulting in Blood Manipulator class.
> So guess what, the mc gets a special over the top overpowered class that keeps on giving that no one else ever thought of, with the lowest requirement ever of a skill that is likely par for the course for anyone training blood magic, for free.
> Somehow they don't know about blood types. (remember countless world, dimensions, tech/magic allowing for inter-world/inter-dimension communication)
- Our mc does tho and reaps rewards for it, favor with the head healer of the guild, new class (Bloody Healer), can sell his class info, favor of the group who's 1 member life he saved.
> ez gg start. (that's the lingo my fellow cool kids use ye? :P)
>author explained it as "the average citizen that gets transmigrated wouldn't necessarily know such a thing".
- The mc is average himself, he was nowhere near any kind of medical degree, yet he knew.

I did like how the typical racism isn't just the standard "we beat them, harass and kill them", but actual protesting/boycotting/harassing others into not dealing with those they see as lesser aswell.


The Legendary Mytical Godly Armor

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirty-eight

Reviewed as of chapter 38

The story started with a gullible, wimpy and a bit stupid MC. And then it built upon tons of thick AF plot armors. MC basically received everything on golden platters, literally. He got thrown into another world, when he just arrived there's this oh so coincidentally and conveniently a charity organization made of and by outwolders, ready to pick him up and give everything he needs, like a Saint.

And then they get him a teacher which is oh so coincidentally and conveniently, again, a hot girl which is oh so coincidentally and conveniently the best teacher around and obsessed in making him the greatest bloke on the planet and become his girlfriend or hopefully waifu. I won't be surprised if he became a god in the end.

The rest is revolves on the trade mark plot armor "oh so coincidentally and conveniently" again, and again and again. So yeah, this is one those "wishful" stories, good if you just wanna spent your idle time. 

Writing style, avarage. It certainly not the worst but not that bad either. All aspiring writers must have passed this stage too. So yeah, it quite normal for first timer.

Storyline, flat, for short, I don't wanna be too harsh and too truthful about it. If it was plotted as comedy then it'll be good, the oh so coincidentally and conveniently thingy will be quite the fun jokes. But it isn't, it was set as straight so it wasn't even funny. 

Grammar, well I'm not the best judge for it. It looks like english-ish to me so I'll give it randomly 4 stars, because I'm kind. :v

Characters, bland, again for short. I don't find it appealing to give it long blablabla.

Ok, that's it from me folks, good day. 


only read if you are really bored

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirty-four

for a story that got first place in the trending section it's awfull.

Kay is basically plot armored trought everything important, there is a lot of plot armor involved to get him his class, teacher and winning the only serius fight he goes trought, the last one is especially bad, power of frendship level bad, he run out of mana, but won anyway because he is "Sir Kay" and can't lose, so he just won for no reason.

the character are mostly flat and whithout deept, there are a lot of contradictiom between suggestion given and actiin taken in the first few chapters, and most of the development between kay and other side characters has some degree of plot armor, some dialogues are nice and funny but thas about it.

the antagonist are probabilly the worst i have seen, they are all brainless people that telegraph imediatly what they want and think, somehow got a perfectly functioning structure capable of noticeble feats and got in position of power with varius degree of succes but are actually cowards and have no actual ability, to top it of they are evil racist human supremacist, did you make them just to ride the trend of racism? if you want racist antagonist you should invest some time in to making them, just because they are evil it doesnt meam that they are brainless and it make the fact that they have a functioning infrastructure behind them not really belivable. the result is unoriginal and bland, a child story has better crafted and realistic antagonist than this 

the magic system seems crafted just to allow the plot armor to give the mc power more easyly 

setting is not that bad, standard isekay 

the plot is nothing great, about average in originality, the problem is that the execution is just terrible for the reasons listed above 

an exessive use of they with the singulars, there are a few situation where is proper but in this case is just going out of the way to use it, its bad grammar on top of being anoyng to read


MC cant keep secrets, he is like 5 year old ...

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-three


MC has special class, he is repeatedly told to never tell anyone about it and never show it, or it can get him killed. Two chapters later he uses his skills among crowd of people. Skills that are CLEARLY from special uknown class.

MC found special item that is EXTREMELY unique, he tells LITERALLY NEXT STRANGER HE MEETS abot this item...

MC meets group of people, decides to join them and adventure together, when asked about his class he refuses to tell (as he should), BUT 5 SECONDS LATER SHOWS EVERYBODY HIS, CLEARLY UNSEEN BEFORE, SPECIAL SKILLS.

This is a NO from me.

Mohammad Al-Deep

It is not bad at all, I actully enjoyed it to a degree.

It is pretty clear that the system has had some serious thoughts put into it which I really liked.

I am not someone that is picky about grammars or spelling, so long as it is readable and the characters' intent is clear, so yeah I don't see a proplem here (for me at least).

The story is still in its early chapters, so not much to be said about characters yet, they didn't feel unique, but they didnt apear to be too flat either, as I said, still pretty early in the story to tell. Same can be said about the plot as well, too early.

The thing I didn't like about the story, Is just how bloody convenient everything is (pun intended)... Minor Spoilers:

1- So he does something in the early chapters that gives him a super duper powerfull title as a side effect, honestly it felt a bit cheap to me, didn't feel deserved or earned at all, and you can tell that the story revolves around getting op by relying on that said title, so yeah.... meh.

2- Another point is how out of nowhere, just like that, he suddenly becomes the personal student of a powerhouse, mind you, the mentor didn't even know about the op title before taking him in and our MC is like HELL YEAH I AM IN, I mean at least be a little wary or something like that, and why would an old monster who lived for hundreds of years just take him in for no reason ? 


Do give it a try.


Mediocre, character development is forced. Fight scenes are boring and plot armor is all over the place. Also has a hero complex for no apparent reason, his luck is pulled out of his ass more times than I can count and the main character shows little meaningful interaction with other characters

Detrius Vimes

It feels strange to think what didn’t really work for me here. On the surface it looks like it’s got a lot of things going for it, but in actuality it felt like all the litrpg tropes blended up and thrown together, but without substance. The whole racist=bad felt shallow and not fleshed out. Like just lip service of something bad to fight instead of part of the actual story. At least to me. Props for all you’ve done with the writing author, and I don’t mean to put your story down. It had a lot of good elements it just wasn’t for me.


Good, but a wild cliche (possibly?) appears!

Reviewed at: Chapter Fifteen

So far, i am quite enjoying what im reading. Kay is relatively likeable, and everything starts off quickly without alot of faffing about. We know this is going to be an Isekai, so its nice that it gets to the point relatively quickly. It doesn't diminish Kay's reactions to the situation, it just speeds things along nicely.

Note however that i already see potential for Kay to become too overpowered for his own good; a lack of struggle could potentially harm both creative freedom in regards to writing, and hurt reader tension.

Ill follow and keep an eye on this novel and update this review as needed, but i hope to see the main character needing to deal with situations that require large amount of effort on his part, both socialy (maybe a small town misunderstands his class and locks him in prison for example) and physically (thrown into a 100,000 man battlefield and unable to leave or something); hopefully garry stews don't appear here...


A start so underwhelming I couldn't get past it. The protagonist seems like a typical weakling barely male isekia character, who has no masculine energy. At this point the cliche is writing these supposedly realistic protagonists who all go to therapy and are basically asexual blobmen, can we please go back to murderhobos, at least I don't feel like I'm sucking lemons as the protagonist almost bursts into tears or hides in the fetal position as people talk to him like a baby and he reminisces on his therapy sessions.

Tar Eressea

Blood shaper is a good novel for the moment with some good ideas. I am always happy to see a new chapter online, it's a good comforting break in my day.

I really love the characters and the system. 

Curious to see whats is to come. WillPowah is a promising author, I give him all my support!