As Kurushimi walked towards the canisfang leader, the shadows under her feet began to contort. Their form twisted around and spiraled until it came to rest inside Kurushimi’s hand. Constricted and woven together, the shadows became a spear-like construct.

《Used skill: 『Shadow magic Lvl. 3』!》

It was still very unstable and looked like it was about to break apart any second. Kurushimi was a little worried that the shadow’s form wouldn’t last. But luckily, she only needed it for a brief time.

The veil fully broke and the menacing, pitch-black spear in her hand was revealed to the canisfangs. The canisfangs that were standing where Kurushimi previously was became alert. They rushed to get to Kurushimi who was now with their wounded leader.

The canisfang leader had separated itself a fair distance from the other canisfangs in an attempt to get away from Kurushimi. But in the end, that strategy worked against them. Kurushimi was now completely alone with the canisfang leader.


The canisfangs screeched as their paws crashed against the ground, sprinting for Kurushimi. Without any more delay, Kurushimi lifted the shadow spear high. The canisfang leader flinched before running for Kurushimi.

-It’s gonna try and take me head on?

The canisfang leader still had the 40% damage reduction buff. With the fact that it had survived the previous attack with over half HP left, it could potentially take a similar attack and survive.

Kurushimi realised that if it survived, it could easily jump her in the time she is vulnerable after attacking. She could survive momentarily through ‘Short-distance teleportation’ and ‘Camouflage’ but whether she could escape the other 6 dogs coming at her from her side right afterwards... was another question entirely.

But this was all if the canisfang leader survived the next attack...

“...and running in a straight line isn’t the smartest strategy of survival!”

Kurushimi took a large step forward, lunging as she threw the spear over her shoulder. Her strength stat was incredibly high compared to before she started gaining levels. Kurushimi was confident that it could have already reached superhuman levels. Or at least a body builder’s equal.


The spear tore through the air. Right in the centre of its eyes, the spear struck a good few inches deep into the canisfang leader's skull. The canisfang leader had been running straight for Kurushimi with its head facing directly proportionate to her. In other words, a perfect target.

The unstable spear quickly lost its shape and deteriorated until it disappeared. The canisfang leader barely stood up. It looked like it wasn’t dead just yet but had been mostly taken out of commission. Moments later, its head was impaled by many crimson spikes from the inside.

《Used skill: 『Blood magic Lvl. 3』!》

Brain matter shot out in many different directions, a little bit of it landing by Kurushimi’s foot. It was disgusting but Kurushimi had seen similar or worse too many times. The canisfang leader flopped over, dead.

“It’s super gruesome but at the same time it’s so effective…”

Wearing a disgusted expression, Kurushimi stepped back and away from the brain matter by her foot. Her shoe was already dirty from scratch marks and blood stains, but that didn’t mean she wanted to get any more dirty.

《Used skill: 『Evade Lvl. 2』!》

Time started to slow down. Kurushimi looked up after hearing a shriek from one of the canisfangs. Kurushimi’s vision was met with a canisfang lunging at her. Its jaw locked onto her arm. Luckily, she had unconsciously raised her arm in time. Otherwise her face would have been mangled and Kurushimi wasn’t ready for a scar on her face just yet.

Kurushimi shook her arm to try and get the canisfang off. But with the added weight on her arm, she ended up losing her balance. She fell down with the canisfang on top of her. The canisfang strengthened its grip, cutting down into Kurushimi’s arm even deeper.

“Ahhhh! Get off’a me!”

《Used skill: 『Blood magic Lvl. 3』!》

Blood drew from the wound. Losing her patience, Kurushimi pushed forward. At the same time, she activated ‘Blood magic’, ripping through the canisfangs mouth and jaw.


More canisfangs began their assault in the meantime. Kurushimi pushed the canisfang on top of her into another canisfang. As she stood up, she formed a quick dense formation of her shadow. Another canisfang sprinted for her. Its mouth opened, revealing its sharp fangs, only to receive a blow to the side of its mouth.

《Used skill: 『Shadow magic Lvl. 3』!》

The rushed formation that could have been called a stick at most, quickly split apart and broke as it collided with the canisfangs mouth. The canisfang staggered and yelped as it fell back for a second. Time immediately began to slow down again. Kurushimi hurriedly looked around at what she could with where she was looking at the time.

-There is nothing infront of me, so they must be behind me.

《Used skill: 『Short-distance teleportation Lvl. 1』!》

Kurushimi warped back. Appearing just under a metre behind her previous position. In her vision, two dogs to her left and right showed up. Kurushimi was surprised to see two rather than one and quickly started conjuring mana with the time she had.

《Used skill: 『Shadow magic Lvl. 3』!》

Two waves of shadow passed by her, hitting the two canisfangs in the sides. Shallow cuts covered their bodies, leaking small amounts of blood across themselves. The ‘Shadow magic’ didn’t do much damage but immediately afterwards the blood began to rupture along the surface of the canisfangs.

《Used skill: 『Blood magic Lvl. 3』!》


The canisfangs simultaneously shrieked and yelped as their skin was ravaged by their own blood. Kurushimi was now behind the canisfangs and out of their attack range. But most of them only had shallow wounds. Before they recollected themselves, Kurushimi needed to get out.

《Used skill: 『Camouflage Lvl. 1』!》

As the veil began to cover her skin and hide herself, rather than change to a hue of her surroundings like it should, the veil broke before properly forming.

《Could not find a target!》

《skill:『Camouflage Lvl. 1』has failed!》

Kurushimi quickly looked around herself, her eyes darting for anything to blend into. Sadly, there wasn’t anything and ‘Camouflage’ had failed to activate. The 5 canisfangs had already recovered and turned to face her. Kurushimi prepared to use ‘Shadow veil’ instead. But she temporarily halted that action to look at the pack of canisfangs.

“5? Where’s the 6th?”

Kurushimi stared confusedly at the canisfangs. Looking around, she didn’t see where the 6th was. Kurushimi remembered this same kind of situation had happened plenty of times before, where one went missing. Not allowing it to go down to hoping ‘Evade’ will save her, she hurriedly dispersed a thin black mist.

《Used skill: 『Shadow veil Lvl. 1』!》

Kurushimi’s body was covered in the veil at the same time as the mist began spreading around her. The thin veil took on a black hue, contrasting with her pale skin.


Close shrieking followed immediately afterwards. Kurushimi was relieved that she had chosen to cast ‘Shadow veil’ then. The frustrated cry of the canisfang that had attempted a flank of Kurushimi rang out, while the other canisfangs ran into the black mist.

-They shouldn’t… be able to find me. I don’t think.

The canisfangs surrounded her in the black mist. Though they didn’t know her exact position, they had figured out by now that she would be in the black mist.

A canisfang slowly walked by Kurushimi, who was doing her best to not make any noise to alert it. She wanted to get a better position or attack the canisfangs she had injured already.

Kurushimi was crouched down, looking for what she should do next. Two canisfangs walked by her and entered close proximity. Kurushimi was startled when she heard a collision followed by quiet shrieking.

After a second, Kurushimi realised she hadn’t been found. Instead, when she looked up, she saw that the two canisfangs had bumped into each other before continuing on.

-Wait a second… Can they not see?

Kurushimi continued to watch the canisfangs. After a little bit of nothing happening, it happened again. A canisfang bumped into another canisfang. Once again, quiet shrieking followed.

-But I can see just fine... Is it more visible for me?

Kurushimi felt that, although the black mist was a little obstructing, it wasn’t that sight impairing. She definitely wouldn’t end up bumping into someone or something else. Seeing this, Kurushimi had an idea.

《Used skill: 『Shadow magic Lvl. 3』!》

After her shadow writhed about for a second, a shadow tendril formed and began to move around. The tendril connected with a nearby canisfang. The canisfangs movements were slowly constricted until it couldn’t move. The canisfang struggled, but to no avail. It couldn’t move nor could it shriek.

《Target successfully bound!》

-With no vision they shouldn’t be able to tell an ally from a foe. So if I make this canisfang attack a different one…

The canisfang started to move. Its movements were robotic and obviously different but the other canisfangs naturally couldn’t see that. The canisfang got closer to a different canisfang and just before meeting… slashed the other canisfang with its claw.

The struck canisfang shrieked in pain, alerting the other canisfangs. Not long after, it striked back. The controlled canisfang received a wound across its neck. But unable to react to pain, the canisfang didn’t shriek. Instead, Kurushimi made it retreat.

The other canisfangs approached the area that the commotion had just happened. They were grouped up now, trying to find Kurushimi, who they had presumed was the attacker. Kurushimi inwardly laughed.

Using her vision, she directed the controlled canisfang around the mist. Kurushimi made the canisfang attack various other canisfangs and retreat afterwards.

Many times when she attacked, a canisfang would retaliate and hit the closest figure, accidentally injuring its own ally. Kurushimi repeatedly did this until the canisfangs retreated. Wounded and unable to find Kurushimi, they decided the best choice was to run.

The black mist immediately dropped and dispersed, startling the canisfangs. Kurushimi stood a few metres away from the pack. The canisfangs, covered in wounds, attempted to continue running anyway.

Kurushimi watched their escape attempt. Unhurriedly holding up her hand, she pointed towards the heavily wounded canisfang pack. Mana converged into her hand and the blood of the group began to quake.

《Used skill: 『Blood magic Lvl. 3』!》

A beautiful array of bloody fireworks shot out from the pack. Many of them fell instantly as they lost their blood and either died immediately or fell from exhaustion. The others only got a few metres away before dropping like the rest.

Kurushimi dropped her hand as system messages greeted. her vision.

《You have leveled up!》
《You have leveled up!》
《You have leveled up!》
《You have leveled up!》
《You have leveled up!》

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill: 『Blood magic Lvl. 3』 has become 『Blood magic Lvl. 4』》

《Level 20 has been reached!》
《New stat growth settings have been gained!》


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