With both hands preoccupied keeping the dog on top of her at bay, the second dog is rapidly approaching!

-Shit, shit, shit! What do I do!?

[Kurushimi: Voice-san...?]

[Kurushimi: You there? I really need help right now!]

Kurushimi called out to Voice-san in hopes of getting advice on what to do next as she had previously been given. But Kurushimi’s last line of hope has been lost!

-Aaaand she’s gone!

-What a time to go silent!


-It looks like I’m going to die again!

Just as Kurushimi had given up hope for the third time and was about to accept her death, Kurushimi saw something and had an idea. Blood ran down her arm from where she had originally been bit.

When Kurushimi checked her status earlier, a lot of strange extra information followed.

《Race: Lesser Vampire》

《Skills: 『Fangs Lvl. 1』, 『Blood magic Lvl. 1』, 『Nightwalker Lvl. 1』》

《『Blood magic Lvl. 1』: Allows manipulation and weaponization of blood via magic.》

-This might work! But… How do I use it?


The dogs shrieked and grew ever closer, allowing no time for Kurushimi to slowly figure it out. Panicking, Kurushimi just tried to do the first thing that came to her mind.

-I don’t have time! Maybe if I just think about it really hard!?

《Used skill: 『Blood magic Lvl. 1』!》

The blood on Kurushimi’s arm began to writhe about before swiping across. The blade of blood severed the head of the first dog, cutting it clean off. The blood continued and swept down vertically and cut the second dog into two clean halves, right down the middle of its eyes.

Finally, Kurushimi was left lying down on the ground. She was covered in the disgusting guts and grimy blood of the two dogs and the carcass of the first dog lay on top of her. The first dog was spewing blood from the base of its neck while its head had gone god knows where.

Kurushimi was breathing heavily trying to regain herself as her heartbeat felt as if someone was banging on her chest like a drum.


She laughed madly at the same time.

[Kurushimi: I did it! I killed the three dogs and survived!]

Kurushimi for the first time since coming to this world had overcome despair. For the first time she had proven that she is capable of victory. At this point, a new fiery determination had built up inside Kurushimi. With the realisation that she can fight, that she can escape her fate of suffering and that sitting around wasn’t going to get her anywhere, Kurushimi had a reason to overcome fear and push forward.


She screamed once more into the forest to commemorate her first victory.

. . .

After taking one more deep breath, Kurushimi pushed the dog off of herself and slowly stood up. Greeting her was another familiar wall of text.

《Skill: 『Blood magic Lvl. 1』 has levelled up!》

《Gained skill: 『Blood magic Lvl. 2』!》

《You have levelled up!》

《You have levelled up!》

《Stat points are available. Do you wish to distribute them now?》

《Yes - No》

[Kurushimi: I levelled up again, huh? I won’t distribute my stat points just yet… I want to view my status first…]

《Opening status…》


Name: Kurushimi Gaman

Race: Lesser Vampire

Gender: Female

LVL: 4

HP: 15/20

MP: 7/10

SP: 2/4

Health 20 + (Increases health points)

Strength 5 + (Increases physical strength)

Endurance 12 + (Reduces damage taken)

Stamina 4 + (Increases stamina points)

Agility 11 + (Increases speed and agility)

Mana 10 + (Increases mana points)

Current stat points: 4

Skills:『 Fangs Lvl. 1』, 『Blood magic LvL. 2』, 『Nightwalker Lvl. 1』

Unique skill: 『What’s yours is mine Lvl. 1』


[Kurushimi: So that was magic, I guess?]

[Kurushimi: Ahhh! What is this!! Monster dogs hunting me down and trying to kill me! A game-like system with skills and levels! And… not only has my appearance changed but I’ve become a vampire!?]

Simply too many wacky things had happened. To Kurushimi, it all felt like some elaborate joke.

[Kurushimi: And… to have seriously become a vampire? I know I’ve always been reserved, I know I didn’t leave my house much and I know I had pale skin because of that, but how ironic is it that I actually end up as a vampire?!]

Kurushimi, in a fit of anger against the world, kicked a tree as hard as she could. The tree shook ever so slightly, a show of her everlasting rage.

[Kurushimi: This world has to be making fun of me!]

She kicked the tree once again. Kurushimi slowed down and took some breaths in an attempt to calm down. Upon clearing her head, she caught something in her peripherals.

-Hmm, what is that?

At the top right of her peripherals were some of her basic stats.

《HP: 15/20》

《MP: 7/10》

《SP: 2/4》

(Currently under bleeding status effect. Will lose 1 HP every 30 seconds until the bleeding status effect is cleansed.)

And something else caught her eye. Upon reading it, she immediately began to panic again.

[Kurushimi: Lose 1 HP every 30 seconds? Won’t I die in just 7 minutes and 30 seconds then?!]

《1 HP has been lost》

[Kurushimi: Only 7 minutes left!]

Kurushimi had not a single clue when it came to first aid. In an attempt to find a solution she ran to look through her skills to see if anything could help her.

『Nightwalker Lvl. 1』, 『Fangs Lvl. 1』 and Unique skill:『What’s yours is mine Lvl. 1』

《『Nightwalker Lvl. 1』: Increases stats by 20% during night time》

The first skill Kurushimi looked at was『Nightwalker』, which increased stats at night time. Kurushimi looked up at the sky. Because of the dense canopy, she couldn’t really see the sky so she didn't know whether it was currently night or not.

[Kurushimi: Hmm, I wonder if it is active now or not…?]

[Voice-san: If it were not active, you would have never been able to outrun the dogs before]

Kurushimi gasped and jumped at the unexpected voice. Kurushimi had thrown out the question directed at no one in particular; unexpectedly, her question got answered. The Voice-san who had disappeared suddenly appeared again just as suddenly out of nowhere.

[Kurushimi: Voice-san! You scared me!]

[Kurushimi: Where in the hell did you go? I almost died back there!]

[Voice-san: You wouldn’t have died. Only bitten a little more.]

[Kurushimi: Only!? Being bitten really hurts you know! What are you, a sadist?!]

[Voice-san: …]

[Voice-san: Anyway, please read the description for《skill: 『Fangs Lvl. 1』 》]

-She dodged the question…

Kurushimi sighed and gave up on the topic. She herself didn’t really have time at the moment to argue, as she was currently at risk of dying from blood loss. Kurushimi opened up the description for『Fangs』.

《『Fangs Lvl. 1 』: Allows the use of sharp fangs to suck blood. Sucking blood regenerates HP, MP, SP and cleanses negative status effects.》

-So I can heal myself and cleanse status effects?

After a second, Kurushimi came to the realisation that this skill could help her problem.

[Kurushimi: Does this mean I can stop the bleeding?]

[Voice-san: Yes, please suck the blood of the dead dog in front of you]

[Kurushimi: …]

The dog was grotesque and furless, its skin purple. Its blood had a strange colour and quite frankly, smelled really bad. It was safe to say… Kurushimi really didn’t want to bite it, much less did she want to suck its blood.

[Voice-san: You will die.]

[Kurushimi: …!]

The mention of death elicited more of a reaction from Kurushimi. It was true she would die if she didn’t bite the dog and activate the cleansing effect of 『Fangs』. If she died again…

[Voice-san: And you will have to fight the dogs again.]

Kurushimi would have to fight the dogs all over again.

[Kurushimi: Fine! I will bite it!]


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