(OLD VER.) TRX's Adventures

(OLD VER.) TRX's Adventures

by ChascoPower

(This is a draft.) This is the story of TRX and her friends. They lived happily in their world having adventures until the arrival of a strange creature, who was supposed to be an angel, who sent them to a strange place for finding the Hero, but they didn't know that. This may start a bit slow for some of you... Ah, and if there are some typos, let me know. (Imagine this is a 90s anime or similar)

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I can safely say that I have not read a story anything like this one before.

While there is not much content at the moment, I was rather surprised by the fact that the author had managed to keep my interest piqued in what was efectively a party of self animated prime shapes.

A little rough here and there, it could use a editting pass for polish, but it is otherwise surprisingly well written.

Is TRX's Adventures an epic for the ages? probably not. Did I enjoy reading it? Honestly? Yeah, I kinda liked it. The general impression I got from the story was that the author is just having some fun with it and not taking anything, particularly themselves, overly seriously. So, yeah...IF you have a few minutes free on a slow afternoon, why not pick it up and take a look for yourself?