Eleknar's Heir, The Infernal Prince (Demonic LitRPG)

Eleknar's Heir, The Infernal Prince (Demonic LitRPG)

by Chipper Panda

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A LitRPG and Epic Fantasy adventure:

The son of a mafia boss finds himself abruptly plunged into an alternate world where he must find a way to survive the horrors of a realm called Oblivion, make pacts with demons, form unnatural friendships, and figure out what the hell is going on – all while dealing with the depressing reality of his past.

An artificial intelligence has ascended into godhood and has thrown Trey’s home into Chaos, pulling millions of people into an enchanted new life... or, in Trey's case, a violent nightmare.  As far as he can tell, he is locked into what the system prompts call a ‘Death Game.’  Here, artificial reality is manufactured for the enjoyment of a being called the All Spirit, and he has a very real chance of truly dying.  Just how real is this place though?  Is it merely a simulation, a realistic game of life and death… or is it something much more?

Elves, dwarves, undead, and other races only thought to exist in fairy tales are now a reality.  Black magics, pantheons of gods at odds with one another, predatory symbiotes, and an unholy calling, the significance of which he has yet to grasp, are all entangled with his fate.



Some things to expect when reading this book series:

- Brutal storyline where no character is safe and choices have real consequences.  Heavy on action, survival, and adventure

- An isekai.  The main character struggles to find himself, repeatedly crossing the line between good and evil as other important characters influence his life

- Harem (explicit), though this only starts about 180k words in.

- Good amounts of crafting, town building, and guild building later on

- Good amounts of fantasy-related LitRPG stats, rank ups, and evolutions.  Heavy focus on demons and black magics

- There will be many points of view, but there is only one primary/main character that takes up 90% of the POV

- A long storyline.  Currently (as of 7/26/2021) I have about 1500k words written, though much of it will have to be heavily edited and re-written.  I also plan to go far beyond 1500k words if people like the story (A lot of it is also in the 'backstories' book that explores the guildmates, the link is below)

- Chapters will have an average of about 4k-5k words, a little longer than most other books on RR, though there will be exceptions for more and less.  I just didn't like posting chapters that didn't feel complete, and 2k words often felt like too little.

- If you like super-heroic and goody-goody characters, this story is not for you.

***Updated once a week***

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***Disclaimer to read PRIOR to reading the novel:*** ago
Chapter 1 - Trey's Last Day on Earth ago
Chapter 2 - A Game of Death ago
Chapter 3 - The All Spirit's Introduction ago
Chapter 4 – “You sniveling ape.” ago
Chapter 5 - The Patch Notes ago
Chapter 6 - Victorious (poll) ago
Chapter 7 - The Void Essence ago
Chapter 8 - A Compatible Host ago
Chapter 9 - Jason (New poll) ago
Chapter 10 - Right at Home ago
Chapter 11 - Negaizer ago
Chapter 12 - A New Quest: Escape from Oblivion ago
Chapter 13 - Class Options Acquired ago
Chapter 14 - Summoner (poll) ago
Chapter 15 - Treasure (poll) ago
Chapter 16 - The Fat One (edited 9/1)(poll) ago
Chapter 17 - Nuclear Codes Have Been Activated ago
Chapter 18 - Introspection (Edited 9/1)(poll) ago
Chapter 19 - You Have Failed (poll) ago
Chapter 20 - Some New Teammates (edited 9/1) ago
Chapter 21 - Lies (edited 9/5) ago
Chapter 22 - The Hidden Door ago
Chapter 23 - Rivia Ahst ago
Chapter 24 - Ifrit ago
Chapter 25 - Atharost (NEW POLL since the 9/1 edits) ago
Chapter 26 - The Old Gods ago
Chapter 27 - Temptation ago
Chapter 28 - Bounty (new poll) ago
Chapter 29 - Cultists ago
Chapter 30 - The Battle for Vork ago
Chapter 31 - The Spoils of Battle (new poll) ago
Author's Note - 7/30/21 ago
Chapter 32 - Introductions ago
Chapter 33 - Learning the Language ago
Chapter 34 - "One day we will. It's a promise." ago
chapter 35 - "... Rivia? What are you doing?" (new poll) ago
Chapter 36 - Titan ago
Chapter 37 - Alchemist (poll) ago
Chapter 38 - The Undying ago
Chapter 39 - A Sad Ending ago
Chapter 40 - Primal Imp ago
Chapter 41 - Escape ago
Chapter 42 - The Infernal Prince (poll) ago
ANNOUNCEMENT: End of Book 1 (at 194k words) / start of Book 2 very soon, Patreon incoming! ago
Chapter 43 - Summoning Fails ago
Chapter 44 - Chess ago
Chapter 45 - "I won't forget this" ago
Author's Second Note 8/12 - Chapter 46/47 redone ago
Chapter 46 - Four Months Later ago
Chapter 47 - Pirates ago
Chapter 48 - Sacrifice ago
Chapter 49 - Slaves and a Fox Totem ago
Chapter 50 - Amnesty ago
Chapter 51 - Street Brawl ago
Chapter 52 - Identifying the Merchandise (poll) ago
Chapter 53 - Birthday Present ago
Chapter 54 - Ambush ago
Author's Note 8/25: All chapters involving Taen&Friends or Carol&Friends have been moved ago
Chapter 55 - Earthborn Tournament ago
Chapter 56 - The Swamps ago
Chapter 57 – The Web Runner Queen (new poll) ago
Chapter 58 - Rewards ago
Chapter 59 - The Cult of Sobek ago
Chapter 60 - A New Quest: The Forgotten Dungeon ago
Chapter 61 - Thrall Minions ago
Chapter 62 - A Premonition of Things to Come (new poll) ago
Chapter 63 - Shopping ago
3rd Tier of Patreon is live with +20 chapters, quicker chapter release, and potential write ins ago
Chapter 64 - Another Dream... ago
Chapter 65 - The Real Deal ago
Regarding the sex scenes in this story: poll ago
Chapter 66 - Off to Ornthas ago
Chapter 67 - Ghouls ago
Chapter 68 - Piggy ago
Chapter 69 - Minion Management ago
Chapter 70 - Labasta ago
Chapter 71 – As if you were speaking to a child ago
Chapter 72 – Demons vs. Undead ago
Chapter 73 - The Newbie Tomb Raider ago
Chapter 74 – Dungeon Vertasha ago
Chapter 75 – Unholy Contracts and Subclasses ago
Chapter 76 - Upgrades ago
Chapter 77 - Juila (The end of book 2) ago
Chapter 78 - Mirages (Beginning of book 3) ago
Chapter 79 - A Game Plan for Progression ago
Chapter 80 - Another Attempt at Summoning ago
Chapter 81 - Staking Out the Slave Auctions ago
Chapter 82 - Kill the Auctioneer ago
Chapter 83 – Market Warfare ago
Chapter 84 - The Aftermath of Battle ago
Chapter 85 - Evolution Stones ago
Chapter 86 - A Bad Bet ago
Chapter 87 - The Fost Compound Siege (Part 1) ago
Chapter 88 - The Fost Compound Siege (Part 2) ago
Chapter 89 - "We found... a lich." ago
Chapter 90 – Taen Movorio ago
Chapter 91 - The Games ago
Chapter 92 - Ezdeath (Part 1) ago
Chapter 93 - Ezdeath (Part 2) ago
Chapter 94 - Ezdeath (Part 3) ago
Chapter 95 - Taen's Company ago
Chapter 96 - The First Job ago
Chapter 97 – Greed Stricken Fools ago
Chapter 98 – The Next Game ago
Chapter 99 - A Dungeon within a Dungeon ago
Chapter 100 - Infighting ago
Chapter 101 - Azoth of the Abyss ago
Eyo! Sorry I'm late. ago
Chapter 102 - Vatosis Inferna ago
Chapter 103 - Sex, Manipulation, and Rewards ago
Chapter 104 - Friendships ago
Chapter 105 - Apologies ago
Chapter 106 - Unexpected Threats ago
Chapter 107 - Infernal Elf Pet ago
Chapter 108 - Visions ago
Chapter 109 - A Bloody Awakening ago
Chapter 110 – Annihilation ago
Chapter 111 - Did you love your pet? ago
Chapter 112 - Dadik's Heart ago
Chapter 113 - Preparing to Leave the Deadlands ago
Chapter 114 - The Last Days in Teretog (Part 1) ago
Chapter 115 - The Last Days in Teretog (Part 2) ago
Chapter 116 - Setting Off ago
Chapter 117 - Trey Bon's Family (Part 1) ago
Chapter 118 - Trey Bon's Family (Part 2) ago
Chapter 119 - Dioko ago

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I want to like this story, but the author doesn't make it an easy thing.

Having read the entire story, and paid for the advanced chapters, to my slight regret, here's what I think.

let's get right into it. So we have our main character Trey Bon, our main character, the son of a Mafia boss, who doesn't really like being Mafia, and despises his job of killing, or whatever it is he does. Having recently broken up with his now ex-girlfriend, he drowns his sorrows in hard drugs, alcohol, and woman. Now you would assume that since he despises his job of murdering people, that would be a point of conflict for his character. Yeah no, that whole entire thing is forgotten, and he quickly reveals in the slaughter of his enemies and victims.

In fact, let's discuss Trey's character. He is a most terrible human being, a man-whore, a term he often uses to describe himself, but for what it's worth, he's mostly nice to his companions and minions. A slight saving grace.

Now I don't have a problem with him being a most terrible human being, in fact, I like it. What my major problem with Trey, is that he does all these terrible acts and deeds, but then a couple pages later, will insist he is a good person

He slaughters people in the hundreds, devours their corpses for stat gains, vividly showing his enjoyment, has sex slaves, pimps women, even stating that he wants to start a prostitution ring, sacrifices people to a dark goddess for, once again, stat gains, and other manner of dark acts. To see him do all that, and then go on to insist that he has a moral high ground, just makes me sigh in frustration.

How is the character development, you might ask? Well Trey started off as already quite the bad apple, and pretty idiotic, so his character development can be condensed down to him just getting more terrible as a human being, and slightly less idiotic.

How are the other characters, you also might ask? The other characters of his group consist of mostly his minions, who actively encourage his deeds, and his fellow Earthborn friends, who I mostly found to be annoying, and kept wishing they would go away. They don't.


Rant about the character over, let's move on to other things, and I'm gonna start off what I despise the most about this story. The Smut. Oh my fucking god, the smut in this story is on another level, and I do NOT mean that in a good way. 

The story is advertised that the harem, the explicit stuff, is not a primary focus. I'm gonna tell you straight, that is a lie of most colossal proportions.

To put it quite simply, the author is a goddamn deviant, and he takes great pleasure in telling us that through the story. I already mentioned earlier how he has sex slaves. There are entire chapters, if not at least entire sections of chapters dedicated to the smut. It's not vanilla smut either, no, no, no, no it's freaky, violent, just straight-up weird, smut.

It's incredibly jarring to be reading about stat or skill upgrades, only to scroll down and BAM, suddenly your hit in the face with graphic details of brutal bloody sodomizing, or other freaky shit.

Some other reviews might have mentioned there is a scat scene. I'm not even joking. It's not sexual, thank fucking christ, but there is a scene where Trey and one of his minions are playing a good ol' game of chess. Nothing weird right? Well they make a bet, and if Trey lost, his minion gets to shit all over his face, and if Trey wins, his minion has to eat his shit. Not even joking. Well, Trey lost, and you might think to yourself "Well, surely the author would spare us of reading about this?" Nope. His loss is followed by graphic descriptions of his minion squirting his shit all over Trey's face.

It wasn't funny, it wasn't entertaining, just a hard disgust. as a just hard 'why' echoed through my mind.


How is the system in place? The system itself isn't something incredulous, it's not something to go wild over. It's pretty alright, I like how skills are gained, their upgrades. Nothing particularly negative I have to say, but nothing particularly great either.


How is the world, the story, all that stuff?

The world were given is kinda vague. The earthborn are told that it's a virtual reality, a death game, but other things say different, it's really confusing.

So Trey, our main character, comes into being in a plane called Oblivion, and here he gets possessed, well possessed isn't the right world, partner with a being called Eleknar, some powerful ancient evil.

The story is so far, pretty alright, according to the author, it is still early in the story, so no overarching antagonist is present, and the current goal at the moment is to get strong, powerful, get ready for the 'full release'

However, slight problem. There are a lot of Deus Ex Machina's. Him 'partnering' with Eleknar, getting his super-duper ultra-powerful sword, him spawning in Oblivion, all not of his own will, but by the actions of others. He later then picks a summoner class, which didn't make much sense, as he had been going full-on melee, in fact, to use his uber sword, he needs fuckton strength. Later on in the story, he gets some uber-powerful minions and thralls, and it kinda felt unearned.


That's all I got for now, I may edit in the future, but I'm getting tired of writing this.

Will I continue reading? Probably, I'm curious to see how it gets, and the freaky smut, which I have suspicions that it gets worse, I will just scroll past.


The MC is dark but with a few redeeming points. He's ruthless but concerned for it. He (rightfully) worries about his own moral character. This is quite a dark world that is well constructed that pulls no punches. Enjoy it but know that it is brutal. Don't like the cover art.


I liked it at first but I can't anymore.

Reviewed at: Chapter 26 - The Old Gods

I decided to read some reviews to see if it gets better but from some spoilers about how the story will progress it appears that it will not. I didn't spot any glaring errors and grammatical mistakes. The story is interesting and the system is quite good. I was enjoying it but every chapter or two the Mc would make a decision I was competely baffled by. I'm not against Mc with flaws but I coudn't really spot any positives in our friend. From the get go we got to know he was a coward that preferred to murder 20 people than to say no to his dad... Some examples of weird choices to show what I mean

-Trusting the parasite that can literally take over your body.

-Trusting an evil demonic sword and getting surprised that it lied to you.

-Choosing the class for no reason. He had 1 weak minion and he chose class that allowed him more minions instead of power boost he needed desperately. If he didn't get extremely lucky multiple times he would be stuck with some weak minions.

Those are the few things I remember off the top of my head. They are not that huge but there was a lot of small things like that. If you don't mind then go for it but for me they spoiled the enjoyment. The 2 stars i took away are like 90% for characters.


😈 Gritty. Edgy. Not to be missed. 😈

Reviewed at: Chapter 84 - The Aftermath of Battle

- Interactive, dedicated author. Takes critique well. Does rewrites. A good writer and a long-hauler.

- A vast, dark world that stays with you, and a protagonist who, at times, reflects that darkness. (How is a "Chipper Panda" so brutal in his storytelling?)

- Interesting LitRPG system that leaves you thinking a lot about the choices that you would have made

- New aspects added to the story over time (crafting, townbuilding, enchanting, etc) give it additional layers of complexity and interest

- A story that gets better with every chapter and continually builds momentum. (Doesn't peter out)

- It's long. He says he plans to go far beyond 1500k words which is like 20+ standard length paperbacks


Good, bloody, depraved and deeper than you’d think

Reviewed at: Regarding the sex scenes in this story: poll

The story is well written and thought out. It's not for those weak of stomach or who can't handle immoral/morally dubious things. But the story is good at contrasting this and tells a good story. Some things can be annoying sometimes when it comes to stats, but all in all it's good.


Wasn't expecting to like it this much

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 - Summoner

I came into this with low expectations, but this has actually captivated me more than I thought possible. The main character is the son of a mafia boss, we were never told if it was the Italian mob but given that the main character seems to only speak English- and the Italian mob demands you be of Italian descent or at least speak the language- I'll assume it to be the Russian mob or maybe it's just a fancy new American mafia.

Now, the main character Trey knows how to get shit done, however, he's carrying around a lot of emotional baggage with the whole expectations of his father and the looming threat of being the next head of a multi-national crime syndicate. And his first ever love abandoning him after cheating on him, which is a big thing in this. 

Such a big thing that it makes him want to escape into drugs, alcohol and women. I feel like it shouldn't affect him as much as it does but I've had friends tell stories of being cheated on early in their dating life which left them paranoid and adverse to ever dating again. 

So I guess this isn't too much of a stretch, the execution to Trey being transported is foreshadowed by him turning on the news and it tells us 4 million people have disappeared off the face of the earth, just vanished. 

Trey turns off the tv and then kills a cartel member chained to a chair, and his men clean it up while he tries to hide his distaste for his line of work. Trey doesn't want to be in the mafia business, it's just what he was born into.

Then we get a moment of his cousin and technically rival, asshole-what-ever-his-name-is.

We get a good shot of the fact Trey isn't actually a pushover and doesn't take blatent disrespect, cousin makes a snide remark and insult towards Trey being cheated on and takes a fucking bullet to the leg and pistol-whipped in the head. 

This is where my assumptions were shattered, I assumed Trey was going to be a broken pushover because of the trauma with his girlfriend but clearly he can dish out an ass-whooping and look badass.

Side note, his friend is actually one of the best written I've seen and we only saw him for a brief moment, he had his own character, emotions and personality. 

Sincerely hope this isn't the last we see of him, anyway Trey gets magical fantasy wooshed to hell? The void? One of them, don't know if it was ever stated but I believe the void. The world building is done masterfully and although his reactions may make him seem like a wuss at the start of getting transported to the void.

Everyone knows his reaction is exactly what a majority what experience after being teleported into another world with nothing but his birthday suit on and a demonic gargoyle that keeps killing him. 

I'm actually glad the author didn't skip the adjustment period because ordinary people getting used to these circumstances takes more than a magical epiphany and endless motivation. 

So, now that's over, a quick-fire summary of the four categories.

Style, author has his own unique style and it's written fairly well and it's something I enjoy.

Grammar, I've spotted a few errors but not many noticeable ones, and I'm even a bit of a grammar nazi myself, I do recommend turning on suggest edits however so people can report errors easier.

Story, I enjoy the background and the direction of him and his demonic impulses, mainly down to personal preference but I love it.

And finally, Character. Trey is realistic, he isn't the most mentally stable, he isn't the smartest or the most morally just. He's just a man with a unique to most people background that has brought him great and terrible things. But overall, I think he's likeable and vaguely relatable, to me anyway.

He isn't some goody-two-shoes or some vicious and sadistic killer, nor is he a paragon of justice or pacifist. He, at least at this point in the story is a blank slate and I'm interested to see where he goes. 

Thank you for writing this story author, not everyone will agree with me but I believe you've made something with a ton of potential.



The author has gone back and rewritten somethings that has helped significantly.  The main character is an interesting blend of evil/good.  He strikes me more as Lawful Neutral than anything else.  The world itself, while built on prexitsting troupes, is interesting.  I like that choice is a key part of the character as well as others.  I also like that the MC behaves in a manner that is believable given his circumstances.  I could envision myself behaving very much as he does.

As of Vol 2 I am ambivalent about the introduction of additional characters as we have our hands full with the main character and his posse.  I feel an opportunity was missed there.  The new characters are solid but I find myself wishing the sections were shorter for them so we can get back to the MC and see what he is doing.

In conclusion, the story is well thought out, believable, and entertaining.  There are some new author pitfalls that were not surmounted but they didn't detract from the story too much and mostly were later fixed.  I am awaiting the next installments to see what our "hero" is up to.


Edit: The start is somewhat hard but i can only advice you to keep going if u struggle with the story.(Go at least till chapter 40) It is definitly worth it! 

Old review (chapter 29)

I like the premise, i like the potential of the system, but i dont like the MC.

Minor Spoiler I guess:

The MC is kind of a wimp. Sure it is hard to die, to kill, to have an old god (or something) in the back of your mind, etc... but he feels like a total wimp. Sooo much of him is entire paragraphs lamenting his life, his "bad" luck, him needing to kill, him being disgusted with himself and on and on. And the other second he kills some dudes and eats them. Sure it is character development and some time in the future he will come to terms with it, but has it to be this stretched and detailed. Nobody likes to read that the MC is complaining, makes mistakes and hates himself. At the beginning it was ok, but now as soon as i read some of his inner thoughts i skip nearly half the chapter.

I hope my point came somehow across.

Anyway, if nothing else it is a ok story to read. (currently at chapter 29)
System, the side characters, the world itself is amazing

Edit: Currently at chapter 58
The MC made real progress, just like one would like it. Savage and brutal to the enemies, and good to innocents/bystanders (?). I like him now.

The start is somewhat hard but i can only advice you to keep going if u struggle with the story.(Go at least till chapter 40) It is definitly worth it! 

And the Author is awesome. This is the first time i see author who actually listens to the audience. Please keep going, you are awesome :)


Good, but the MC is a little of a let down

Reviewed at: Chapter 16 - The Fat One

Good: 1) The Litrpg system was made with care, it's interesting and has no major imbalance as far as I can see for now 

2) The Author is a nice guy and can take criticism 

3)The World is interesting 

4)The writing is well done

Bad: 1)The Mc's background is misleading, he's an experienced criminal leader, which normally would mean badass personality, but the Author uses it to give him severe depression among others flaws(I only consider it bad because of the emotional let down, if the author wanted to showcase emotional and physical hurdles from a zero to hero standpoint it may have been better to choose a different backstory) 

2) Long info dumps(but the author is already working on it)



I didnt read the books description until chapter 6, so the direction it takes after chapter 2 was a pleasant surprise. I am really liking the characters so far and I am interested to see how or if they intertwine. This has really strong potential especially for people who are into fantasy with a little bit of video game themes like health points and life resets. It is somewhat reminicent of alternate universe animes with more of a American/western style fantasy feel. Cant wait to read more!