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(Disclaimer, this is a work in progress that I am going back and fixing/editing chapters that were written when I was just doing this more for fun rather than worrying about the quality. I never thought I'd get 100 views let alone thousands. Please bear with me.)

What remains when hope is extinguished?

What stands when justice is smothered?

What endures when the world burns?

The all consuming inferno.


Rageborn is a Litrpg System Apocalypse that is told through the eyes of Grayson Towers. Gray quickly finds himself in more trouble than he can handle, and he may or may not... be going insane. So what if he talks to himself right. Right? Although, there is one thing they can't take away from him, the fire burning inside his chest.

His rage.

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Azrael Bloodborn


This review was made to try and help show the author what I think is wrong in the novel. Enphasis on the "I think" of the phrase.

Chapter Read: 12

I gave it 3 stars. Why? The story feels too rushed, has some minor grammatical errors and the conversations don't seem realistic at all. The mc screams like a xianxia character every time he atacks and the fight scenes seem a bit of (?). I don't know how to describe them. Now onto to the rage thingy. I don't know if it is just me, but using RAGE every time like plot armor to win, kinda seems to take from the story (Yes, I know. The title is RageBorn for a reason).

Thx for the chapters and until another day Mr. Wreckognize. I hope to read more from you.



The Beginning of Something Great

Reviewed at: Chapter 9 - A Desperate Gamble

While the story is still in its infancy, I genuienly enjoy each chapter and look with excitement as to where the story may go. I gave this 5 stars because the rich story telling paints a detailed image of the world and allows me to really engage with the characters.


I'm too lazy to explain in detail why i like this so much, but in the limited amount of chapters that the author has released, there is potential for a great story. I mean, it isn't anything you haven't seen before.

Mc gets transported to a tutorial area, there is a ruthless system that both puts them in danger and helps them survive, you know the drill.

But it's done right, the mc has a life before this that is believable, the characters haven't had a chance to be quite fleshed out yet but given time it is obvious that the author will do a great job if they so desire. Overall give it a chance and i guarantee that if you enjoy litrpgs you will like this.



Lightweight baby! Ain't nothing but a peanut!

Reviewed at: Chapter 1-Just a Normal Day

Writing and singing are always easier when there is real emotions being driven by events that have previously happened in one's life! It just makes it that much more fun. Interesting start to the story and it polished well for the first story posted. Now it's time for the writing to make some serious gains.