The Return of the Dragonmoon

The Return of the Dragonmoon

by Caeron

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Three people from earth were reincarnated into a world of magic and mystery. Soon they discover that they were summoned by a warlike empire as elite soldiers and try to take their fate in their own hands. Follow the three heroes struggling with their fate as they try cope with the fallout of the decisions they made. Adaption to their new life is hard and tedious, but they give their best to tackle the challenges life throws at them. 

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1st Anniversary
Group Leader (IV)
Word Count (12)
Table of Contents
88 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Alessia ago
Homeward ago
Gordon ago
Railway to Hell ago
The Eternal Pathway ago
Change ago
Going down ago
Marked ago
Sold ago
Dark paths ago
Cleaning up ago
Wrapping things up ago
Settling in ago
Drilling Maids ago
Disciplining Maids ago
Assault ago
Aftermath ago
Down below ago
Treats and sweat ago
Clearing and Cleaning ago
A day at the Mansion ago
Happy harvest ago
On the road ago
Gathering ago
Boxed ago
First day ago
Kitchen ago
Laundry ago
Ziual ago
Sleepless ago
Iralalith ago
Fall ago
Winter’s Edge ago
Staying afloat ago
A day at the library ago
The day after ago
Research ago
Exploring ago
Bonus - Floor plans of Redcliff Castle ago
On the road again ago
Growth ago
Awakening ago
A kind of magic ago
Boundaries ago
Moving on ago
The enemy moves ago
On the run ago
Skulking ago
Wilderness ago
Up ago
Mirage ago
Déjà vu ago
Reward? ago
Fire and Ice ago
Ambush ago
In too deep ago
Caught ago
Golden cage ago
In Abeyance ago
Looking ahead ago
Working out the kinks ago
Introspection ago
The flow of time ago
Departure ago
Eastward ago
Goblins ago
Escaped ago
Rest ago
Too many legs ago
Back on Track ago
Shaken ago
Follow ups ago
Pass of Soltan ago
City of the walking dead ago
Who wants to life forever? ago
A new Hope ago
Warm welcome ago
Trapped ago
Escape ago
Alenae ago
Out of the Rabbit Hole ago
Running the Gauntlet ago
Escape ago
Recuperation ago
Carried away ago
Retribution ago
Fate ago
Decisions ago

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