The Weaveborn Saga [SciFi, LitRPG]

The Weaveborn Saga [SciFi, LitRPG]

by Weaveborn

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Cian is a broke, freshly graduated engineering student working as a janitor when he gets the opportunity to play a new VR MMO. Touted by fans as "More Real than Reality," it has taken the world by storm and in-game credits are even traded on real world currency markets. It's a potential path to real world riches, or financial ruin. But Cian soon realizes this game is more than it seems. A series of events leads him to question the nature of the game and his own reality. What is the true nature of the Weave? Who are the Weaveborn? And why do the game masters want him dead?

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Been hunting for a favorite litrpg in space

Reviewed at: 02.02 – Fight for Survival

Fuckin found the unicorn boys and girls. 


I have legit been searching for a specific kind of litrpg/space opera/SciFi story for almost 2 years now. This story is my unicorn. Super well written, with a good hook and it actually makes sense. I can usually find good litrpgs, and I can usually find good SciFi/space opera... But very rarely does a story put both of them together in a way that works. 

No harems, no murder hobo Mc, and the story doesn't make the Mc the center of the universe. There's other shit going on in the wider world, and the wider universe. I can imagine other people outside of the characters direct line of sight, just going about their day and living life. 

10/10 would binge again. 


The fact this is only the third review is insane - this story is so much better than I expected going in. 

The start is a bit slow, but the quality was high enough to keep me interested. It was very well written by RR/KU standards, which made me confident that the author could deliver. And they truly did. 

The pacing eventually picks up, there is a central mystery that seems deep and intriguing and the characters seem interesting. Even throw-away characters have a certain depth to them, making them feel real. (This would have been a particularly bad mistake for this story if the author had failed, so I'm glad they got this right.)

The only problem is I caught up so quickly! I reached the end of the first book, but it honestly feels more like an extended prologue. Everything has been setup so the real story can start in book 2. I'm looking forward to it!


Well detailed and nice build to what I feel will be a fabulous story! I enjoy all of the questions Cian asks and how the author uses this as a way to explain the setting and how the game works. 

I'm excited to read more about Cians journey and will update this review as needed. 


A lot of people into litrpg are typically not interested in picking up a new story when it's just VR (myself included). Understandably, as it generally really lowers the stakes and requires some serious bending over backwards to make it even a little believable. But it seems like this story is going in a direction to make it more real and consequential, to where even I'm on board. So don't let the VR tag alone turn you off from giving it a read.

I can't remember where I found this and I don't see it on trending or anything. But the writing quality is fairly high compared to average, and the story is interesting. I'm not totally sold on the MC yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Give it a few chapters. If you like the style, it gets more engaging after a somewhat slow start.


This was so good I stayed up till almost 2AM and was late for work due to binging it. Starts off as your standard LitRPG, with the same old story of broke MC and trying to make money in game. And then it gets metaphysical on you. The twists in this story definitely felt like they came out of left field, but thinking back there were some things that definitley made me go 'Hmmm...' and should've telegraphed more. I'm a sucker for good scifi, and an even bigger sucker for scifi litrpg. 11/10 would recommend to lovers of both, definitely looking forward to where this story goes!


Extremely Promising Sci-Fi LitRPG

Reviewed at: 02.13 – Supply Delivery

VR LitRPG usually have issues with the stakes of the story. If everything is just a game, even a unrealistically realistic one, nothing really matters and so the reader feels disengaged from the story, without spoilers, this one manages to avoid the issue , a great plus, in my opinion. The grammar is good, plot appears to be interesting and the main character is not annoying. Overall, I recommend reading this fiction. 



Extremely good litrpg and Sci fi

Reviewed at: 01.18 – Return to Valcim

This is for sure one of the best stories on this website. The overall story and concept is unique and interesting, the world building is incredible, and it has one of the best, if not THE best depiction of psionics/mind magic in any book I've read. Also, the characters and the dialogues between them are very well done, especially compared to most other novels on this site. If you like Sci fi or litrpg at all, you should 100% read this.


Sci Fi litRPG in VR. OR IS IT?

Reviewed at: 02.07 – Saving Jolan

This needs to be read by more people, so I am taking it upon me to write a review for it, which I really don't do often. The story is great, a nice pace at the start that lulls you into the VR world, then it yanks out the rug from under you! In other words, the pace is great, and it made me read almost the whole night with work the next day.

Characters are great as well, they all feel important and lived-in even if they're only in one scene (so far). Payoff so far is great. Quality of writing is good as well, it's just what I was looking for when I was in the mood for some fantastical sci fi.


Don't really know what to say about this one.

The charecters are fine, the world good and the plot, oh man oh boi. It is an arm an a leg above most of what is on here. Really hope the author gets back to writing, as this is one of faviourte stories on here.

Geoff Kenyon

Excellent until it went on hiatus

Reviewed at: 02.13 – Supply Delivery

This is a well developed concept and I like the charactors, but only feels like half a book. I.E. At the point it went on hiatus it feels like we have just entered the middle of the book not anywhere near the end. Though it if was a serial it wouldn't feel to bad as and end of the first book with a little more developement in the last chapter or two toward a jumpoff for the next book.