Evernya Rising

Evernya Rising

by Draecath

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Many dream of waking up in a new body filled with potential. However, most ignore the trauma that may follow.

Evernya learned this lesson firsthand when she awakened in a hospital bed alone. Her panic only escalated when she discovered her body wasn’t quite human, as feline ears perched atop her head while a long velvet soft tail sprouted from her tailbone. If her new appendages weren’t traumatizing enough, a storm brewed within her, threatening to explode at any moment.

Follow Evernya as she struggles her way through her new life meeting new friends and foes on her quest for true freedom.

Posting five times a week Monday through Friday.

Chapter length 2k to 4k words.

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Table of Contents
134 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 The Awakening ago
Chapter 2 The Room ago
Chapter 3 The Pool ago
Chapter 4 The Arch ago
Chapter 5 The Vein ago
Chapter 6 The Cell ago
Chapter 7 The Adoption ago
Chapter 8 The Breakfast ago
Chapter 9 The Mistake ago
Chapter 10 The Questioning ago
Chapter 11 The Lesson ago
Chapter 12 The Tour ago
Chapter 13 The Visitors ago
Chapter 14 The Sleepy Kitten ago
Chapter 15 The Confrontation ago
Chapter 16 The First Stage ago
Chapter 17 The Muscle Brain ago
Chapter 18 The Racist ago
Chapter 19 The Tank ago
Chapter 20 The Paranoia ago
Chapter 21 The Auto-Translator ago
Chapter 22 The Creepy Elf ago
Chapter 23 The Match ago
Chapter 24 The Mana Attack ago
Chapter 25 The Surgery ago
Chapter 26 The Discharge ago
Chapter 27 The Contract ago
Chapter 28 The Brand ago
Chapter 29 The Icy Rage ago
Chapter 30 The Suit ago
Chapter 31: The Analyzer ago
Chapter 32 The Body Scan ago
Chapter 33: The Question Session ago
Chapter 34 The Mage’s Council Building ago
Chapter 35 The Control ago
Chapter 36 The ID ago
Chapter 37 The Disastrous Outburst ago
Chapter 38 The Proficiency Tests ago
Chapter 39 The Reveal ago
Chapter 40 The Enticing Bush ago
Chapter 41 The History ago
Chapter 42 The Sespina Federation ago
Chapter 43 The Censorship ago
Chapter 44 The Story Time ago
Chapter 45 The First Grade ago
Chapter 46 The Strength Test ago
Chapter 47 The Limit ago
Chapter 48 The Lawn Ornament ago
Chapter 49 The Core ago
Chapter 50 The High ago
Chapter 51 The Devil Drill Sergent ago
Chapter 52 The Orbit ago
Chapter 53 The Next Stage ago
Chapter 54 The Target Practice  ago
Chapter 55 The Unsatisfied Girl ago
Chapter 56 The Ruby Ring ago
Chapter 57 The Noodle Arms ago
Chapter 58 The Southeastern Gaze ago
Chapter 59 The New Arrival ago
Chapter 60 The Wilds ago
Chapter 61 The Tree ago
Chapter 62 The Confrontation ago
Chapter 63 The Barrier ago
Chapter 64 The Cold ago
Chapter 65 The Unexpected Trip ago
Chapter 66 The Pest ago
Chapter 67 The Portal Station ago
Chapter 68 The Collar ago
Chapter 69 The Mages Elegance ago
Chapter 70 The Dress ago
Chapter 71 The Outfit ago
Chapter 72 The Salon ago
Chapter 73 The Curl ago
Chapter 74 The Cut ago
Chapter 75 The Festival ago
Chapter 76 The Taxi ago
Chapter 77 The Staff ago
Chapter 78 The Fragment ago
Chapter 79 The Artifact ago
Chapter 80 The Return ago
Chapter 81 The Offer ago
Chapter 82 The Warehouse ago
Chapter 83 The Restaurant ago
Chapter 84 The Spotlight ago
Chapter 85 The Entrance ago
Chapter 86 The Inferno ago
Chapter 87 The Booth ago
Chapter 88 The Spirit ago
Chapter 89 The Dull Auction ago
Chapter 90 The Mystery Lot ago
Chapter 91 The Old Gray ago
Chapter 92 The Mother ago
Chapter 93 The Interrogation ago
Chapter 94 The Bond ago
Chapter 95 The Kitsune ago
Chapter 96 The Intermission ago
Chapter 97 The Mishap ago
Chapter 98 The Deal ago
Chapter 99 The Furry Prison ago
Chapter 100 The Guardfox ago
Chapter 101 The Training Plan ago
Chapter 102 The Indecisive Kitsune ago
Chapter 103 The Physics Aberration ago
Chapter 104 The Obsession ago
Chapter 105 The Bond Barrier ago
Chapter 106 The Supervised Training ago
Chapter 107 The Driving Test ago
Chapter 108 The Ruin ago
Chapter 109 The Costly Mistake ago
Chapter 110 The First Awakening ago
Chapter 111 The Draecath ago
Chapter 112 The Aftermath ago
Chapter 113 The Changes ago
Chapter 114 The Roadblock ago
Chapter 115 The Rush ago
Chapter 116 The Inheritance ago
Chapter 117 The Garage ago
Chapter 118 The Encounters ago
Chapter 119 The Chase ago
Chapter 120 The Cutdown ago
Chapter 121 The One-sided Duel ago
Chapter 122 The Destruction ago
Chapter 123 The Rebirth ago
Chapter 124 The Conflicting Mana ago
Chapter 125 The Void ago
Chapter 126 The First Evernya ago
Chapter 127 The Ascension ago
Chapter 128 The Throne Meeting ago
Chapter 129 The Reset ago
Chapter 130 The Tree ago
Chapter 131 The Memories ago
Chapter 132 The Reconcile ago
Chapter 133 The Game ago
Chapter 134 The Flying Tree ago

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Biggus Dickus

Interesting idea but poor execution

Reviewed at: Chapter 47 The Limit

It started nice but after leaving the ini area it's only downhill from there. A character passing out that much is not fun, it's not interesting it only gets more grating everytime. Her mentor is a hypocrite that treats the MC as a pet and never a person and this never gets addressed. Her mentor also doesn't care about MC's consent and keeps makeing this unstable girl angry because it's cute. Not to mention the negligence. Takes too long to explain why the racims and that got overused.  After read the other novel I had hopes for this one.


I tried to stay up until the 31st chapter, but at this point it is too much for me. 

If you like cannon Worm, this is the kinda thing you will like 

The story seems to be one shitty thing happening to the Mc followed by another while trying to squeeze in just enough story progression so that, the Mc has something more to lose.

i tried, I really did, but at this point I can’t see myself reading this any longer unless there is a huge shift in the story focus from “let’s see all the ways we can ruin the Mc’s life”.



Feels weirdly like ABDL or DDLG fiction.


I tried to give the story a fair shake, though the plot stalled quite quickly. After 60 chapters, we haven't gotten to the point where the main lead has any agency for herself without the enabling or directive force of a foil. In fact, most of the descriptive load of this story has been spent on emphasizing what tribulations she's undergone trying to get to the first modicum of agency. The worldbuilding has been ok, though there are odd influences from alpha/beta/omega fiction that seem dissonant with the larger world. Some elements of the world seem to be inconsistent, enforcing the main characters helplessness for <redacted> reasons. For example, the racism and sexual elements faced by the main character are presented as overwhelmingly pervasive-- but characters sympathetic to the lead are, in essence, "pure" and untouched by these influences. There's no real gray morality to be found or subtlety here. Furthermore, even sympathetic characters sometimes sexually assault the lead, essentially forcing her into situations where the lead orgasms in front of the supporting cast without warning, which is... quite violating. "At least you got an orgasm [paraphrased]" is not justification. 


I don't think I need to cover this much further. Characters tend to have stereotypical backstories, handwavey intentions. Archetypal villains abound. Wet blanket MC, swaddled by overprotective caregiver who also sometimes likes to play catgirl marionnette/blow-up doll. I haven't really sympathized or felt any sense of corporeality for them. It's too bad, considering the world the author built and the circumstances of the characters are very versatile, and promise to grow more interesting with a better execution. However, the elements that make these intrigues are handwaved away-- or are brought back to inconvenience the MC in a way as subtle as a C4 detonation.


Pretty good grammar, though some revision may be needed to correct structural elements in certain chapters. Some punctuation and adjective issues.


3rd-person omniscient is an ok style for this type, but it switches to limited 3rd person based off a viewpoint character. For the reader, it sometimes gets... confusing? unintuitive? slightly creepy? I get the feeling that I was sometimes meant to take a certain description in a positive or gray light, but I just get this unyielding distaste or recoil sometimes. Furthermore, there's an infodump issue.

It's ok if you want something dark, but the undertones just turned me off.


After 100 chapters, Evernya explains why this story is awful:

' “To me, the last few months have felt like years and I was sleeping for most of it,” Evernya commented.

"...I’ve just been unlucky so far..." Evernya commented.

...Evernya shivered, replaying her brief enslavement...

"...I shouldn’t have done lost control...." Evernya stated. '

At the end of chapter 100, like the end of most chapters, the main character, Evernya, descends into unconsciousness.

I wanted a fluffy catgirl story. Instead, the author fed me a steady diet of slavery, hate crimes, exploited vulnerability, and a lot of bad things.

I lowered my expectations and hoped for a weak to strong story, but the bad guys level up alongside the main character. The main character is a victim.

Evernya is like a Pokémon Magikarp. Even if she evolved into a stronger form, there are still humans hunting for her evolved form. 🙀


Promising but the MC harm feels way too forced

Reviewed at: Chapter 35 The Control

It could have been an amazing story, but it just turned into a "let's see how Evernya gets attacked/degraded/enslaved/raped this chapter" story. It's just become incredibly predictable that something bad will happen to her every chapter, and that you've forced her to act unnaturally in situations just to maximize the trauma caused to her every single chapter.

Mr Yar

Neat concept, amateur execution.

Reviewed at: Chapter 41 The History

This story takes a cliche concept and runs with it. It explores what happens when someone wakes up in a new world, with a new body, unfamiliar surroundings and there's no help manuals or other people around to get your bearings with. The horrors of the unknown, both mundane and exotic are on full display in the first couple dozen chapters and it's great. I love it.

However after that it definitely reads like the author's first rodeo on putting a story into words and getting it out there. Which hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere. The biggest problem I see is that the writing mostly does one thing at a time. This slows down the pace of the story, throttles character development and means that most of the cool worldbuilding is delivered via infodumps. It also doesn't help the overall style of the story either.

Prose is fine and word choice is acceptable. There are a lot of chunky paragraphs that can be hard to read through, mostly in the narrative. Tone is flat and repetitive which is not good and either exacerbated by or a symptom of the mono-task writing. POV shifts are also not as clear as they could be and this muddies a few things, including the author's voice.

Spelling and grammar are mostly fine. There are a few cases of unnecessary repetition in things ('the design of the room was of more modern design...') so this reads like a quickly edited release.

Premise is great and the initial mystery/horror feel is good. But once the MC leaves their initial setting everything gets a bit boring. There's some good stuff in there but the pacing is like someone walking in snowshoes out of season. Slow and plodding and a bit awkward.

Character voice is a bit strong. Combined with the third person omniscient viewpoint I can't tell if this is a case of 'characters overpowering author's voice' or 'author's voice bleeding into characters.' Also while the characters have gained depth they haven't developed that much at all, another consequence of the slow writing style.

Overall I can recommend a look at the story but there's plenty of areas to improve in it.


A lovely and sad story crippled by singular tone

Reviewed at: Chapter 35 The Control

It's honestly a very enjoyable story at the beginning. It only slowly starts to creep in that the author doesn't have any breaks on their "pick on the MC" train. This wouldn't be too much of an issue, except there is no variation in tone at any point. Any seeming interlude isn't nearly long enough to destress the story. And any seeming vindication is kicked down the road, being held off for some future point. If the author was willing to depart partially from their tone, they could add in small bits of vidication that don't actually make any change for the MC's circumstances while releasing some of the stress of the story.


The other main issue is with the villains in the story. While the MC and her caretaker are prefectly fine as characters, none of the villains seem to be intelligent. The shifter alpha is completely understandable, as it fits both as an early villain and their status/self. After that though, they come across as comically evil and imcompetent. Ch 35's introduced villain is particularly egregious. Considering how easy it would have been for him to hide a bit in the background and then come in as a false saviour, it comes across as arrogance to the point of stupidity. If you're going to have comically inept villains being in power due to pre-existing situations, it would've been super easy to add some variation by showing some of the comic ineptness, but they're treated fully serious, and it turns them into caricatures.  Something as simple as hearing comments from his minions could easily add a bit of comic relief to vary the tone. A minor issue is that while the MC's caretaker is fine, the situations keep painting her as incompetent and it causes some minor dissonance.


On to the story. It's great. It has an interesting setting, the plot is coherent and seems to be moving at a solid pace, the world building is interesting, and there's lots of fun mysteries that are slowly being revealed. If you're fine with the tone, this story is fantastic. Hence, I heavily recommend trying it out, and only dropping it if the constant KO of the MC starts to bother you, as that is the most common evidence of the single tone for the first 25 chapters(10 KOs, not including her falling asleep naturally, which while used as a bit of a crutch isn't bad). The magic system hasn't eben fully revealed, but what we've learned so far is rather interesting, and the magitech is a fantastic stand out from most fantasy.



It's such a shame this story is so awful, it has a ton of potential to be great. The author seems like they should take some creative writing classes or something. The main character is just a passive punching bag that is unconscious for most of the story and is uninteresting. The other characters are extreme in their racism to the point where I can't see any mixed community at all, and all-out war constantly. Everyone contradicts their own rules and breaks their promises almost instantly, even with magically binding contracts in place. It is also unreasonable for almost everyone in a modern equivalent world to just attack someone, or even attempt murder and get away with it.  The author has said that they use the knockouts as time skips but there are better ways, such as training sections or just a summary of the main character's day for that day. As far as the world goes it has a lot of potential even with different main characters and a different location in the world.

I hope in the future the author gains some skills and rewrites this story so it is more balanced and enjoyable, as this is one of the few story's that have a cat-girl as the main character. 


The story lacks any meaningful plot so far. Like the other person said it has just been somone waking up in different spots for 10 chapters so far. The lack of interesting characterisation and worldbuilding is the final nail in the coffin.

It is not painful to read at least.


Panic, break things, faint, repeat.

Reviewed at: Chapter 10 The Questioning

Wake up, minor exploration, navel gazing, deny reality, cry, scream, break things, faint, repeat.

There, now  you've read the entirety of what this story offers. That's it. The only real variation is the number of repeats each chapter and the details of what specifically causes each fainting session.

Everything else is just descriptions and introspection from a protagonist that seems to go out of their way to act as  ignorant of their situation as possible.


I'll give you 2.5 for not having grammar issues or typos.