Seisen Cerberus II: Lucid Victory

Seisen Cerberus II: Lucid Victory

by Slaynoir

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy

A year after the events that ended the terror of the arms-dealer Nanbuuko and Hiiro's revenge against Dagon Zot finally resolved, Hiiro and company are trying to stop a full fledged war among the three kingdoms of Kunaaan. But a strange group calling themselves 'Pedestal of Narbe' has emerged, starting it's own self-interested war, the Propaganda-War with Hiiro as their 'savoir'.

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Wow. The first thing I noticed was the paragraphs. Actual paragraphs, compared to what you usually get in web novels. I mostly liked that, since I love reading physical books and miss the condensed information.

However, maybe that should be changed. I know that a lot of the internet finds thick paragraphs off-putting.

I'm also kind of waiting to be introduced to their world. Some of the readers probably haven't been introduced to the original story.

Lastly, I'd like to note that some of the grammar is atypical. For example, usually I see,

"That's a very promising story! I'd love to keep reading," she said.

In this story, I see more of,

"That's a very promising story! I'd love to keep reading," She said.

The first letter of the word following the quotation is capital. If it's simply part of your unique style of writing, that's great. Also, sometimes the combination of missed commas and misplaced modifers is slightly confusing.

Generally, the story seems amazing so far! Please continue to write, I am curious about Hiiro's future.


Not excatly sure what to call this

Reviewed at: Episode 1: Oddities Rising

It's,,, something. Not a good something. Yet, not a bad something either. If I had to describe my interactions with this story, I would summarize it as "Eh." It doesn't hit me in any special way, the quality of pretty much everything is as average as it could possibly be, and the characters... gonna stop there, else I would have been negative.

As for the more obvious recommendations, PLEASE DONT USE CAPITAL LETTERS TO SHOW OFF SHOUTING. A very basic recommendation but whatever. 3.5/5