Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

When your blood calls to eternity, what do you do once bitten?

Jack's life was never perfect, but a run-in with the criminal underbelly of Portswain has left him scarred. His memories are a patchwork he'll happily ignore, and his small handful of friends is good enough. He longs for companionship, but people always want what he's unwilling to give. When he meets antiques dealer Kieran, will he be able to ignore his instincts and give him a chance? Or will Jack's need to remain hidden ruin everything?

Extra tags: Asexual lead, gay relationship, anxiety, past trauma, partially illustrated

April 2022: Some minor edits to all chapters: spelling, dropped words, formatting, etc. A few sentences changed or added here and there for clarity. For the most part, nothing major that changes anything. Except the chapter that apparently had been repeated? Not sure how long it's been like that. 'Knife' now has the correct chapter.

Book/part 2 will be uploaded later in 2022.

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1st Anniversary
Word Count (7)
Table of Contents
56 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Police Report ago
Encounter ago
Walk in the Park ago
Not a Walk in the Park ago
Shopping for Fairies ago
Delightfully Awkward ago
A Phone Call ago
A Drowned Rat Appears ago
Questionable Morals ago
Not Dead Yet ago
Pet Policy ago
The Wrong Memories ago
Tarot and Starfish ago
Stampede ago
Blossom ago
Dive Bar ago
Library Time ago
Suspiciously Good ago
Burnt Out ago
Spooked ago
The Vault ago
Supposedly ago
Creeper ago
Ransom Wear ago
Confessions ago
Eavesdropper ago
The Aftermath of Texting ago
Coin Collecting ago
Liking People ago
A Small Gift ago
Tragically Romantic ago
Shear Damage ago
Shadow ago
Knife ago
Shattered ago
Password ago
Empty Threat ago
Special Blood ago
Ghosts Aren't... ago
Swords ago
Malware ago
Reminders ago
The Tea ago
Pop Goes the Taser ago
Buckets o' Fun ago
Poltergeist ago
Doing Lines ago
Desperate Times... ago
Teeth ago
A Stabbing Pain ago
A Nice Trip ago
A Good Lad ago
Rescue ago
The Fifth ago
So... Goodbye ago

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A slow start to a deep story

Reviewed at: So... Goodbye

Unlike many, this story doesn't drop you in the deep end of all the weird stuff going on. Instead, it starts you off with the day to day life of a damaged man.

Only ... there's something more there. 

If you look, you can see the clues long before Jack puts the pieces together. 

Once he gets there, he has to figure out how that makes him feel - especially since it's also connected to his own past.