Matt Callaghan is in trouble. In a world where everyone has superpowers, he's got squat, and has spent the last five years faking being clairvoyant just to avoid getting caught. Unfortunately, Matt's lies have started to catch up to him, and when a desperate bluff backfires he'll need every ounce of cunning, conning and juvenile delinquency to stay undetected and alive.

Jane Walker is trouble. In a world where everyone is powerful, Jane stands alone and apart, hated for her ability to copy abilities and atrocities far beyond her control. But fate is a fickle friend, and a chance encounter soon finds Jane hurtling towards her lifelong dream - or prejudice, humiliation and a violent, painful death. 

Unbeknownst to them, Matt and Jane’s paths are inextricably intertwined, and as each struggles to find their place an unseen force will draw them ever forward – closer and closer to a secret whose existence threatens not just their lives, but the fate of the entire world.

A loving homage to and twist on the superhero genre, Superworld is a fun, subversive story about identity, empathy, connection and courage which has been called “very entertaining and creative” and “an absolute pleasure” by readers, and "completely unreadable" by the author's blind grandfather. 

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Benjamin Keyworth

Benjamin Keyworth

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - The Clairvoyant ago
1.1 - A day in the life ago
1.2 - Human education ago
1.3 - The silent countdown ago
Supplemental - New Scientist ago
Chapter 2 - Empathy ago
2.1 - Marked ago
Supplemental - Empathic Individuals Regulation Act ago
Chapter 3 - Fear and Loathing ago
3.1 - The Canary and the Cafeteria ago
3.2 - Pariah Learning ago
3.3 - Warrior ago
3.4 - A Man and his Handshake ago
Supplemental - Selected extracts, 10-11 October 1990 ago
Chapter 4 - Talent Scout ago
4.1 - We Mustn't Panic ago
4.2 - Heart to Heart ago
4.3 - Truce and Reconciliation ago
4.4 - Recognition ago
Supplemental - 'A Short History of the Legion of Heroes' ago
Chapter 5 - The Chosen One ago
5.1 - Silence and Celebration ago
5.2 - Tracks ago
5.3 - The Welcome ago
Supplemental - Morningstar Academy Glossary of Terms ago
Chapter 6 - The Legion of Heroes ago
6.1 - New Kid ago
6.2 - Meditations ago
6.3 - War Games ago
6.4 - Learning Curve ago
6.5 - The Warning ago
Supplemental - New York Times: Room For Debate ago
Chapter 7 - Matter and Mind ago
7.1 - Battlegrounds ago
7.2 - The Wounded ago
7.3 - Pierce and Parasite ago
7.4 - The Duel ago
7.5 - Friends Like These ago
Supplemental - Transcript of Congressional Hearing ago
Chapter 8 - Flying High ago
8.1 - El Diablito ago
8.2 - Shindig ago
8.3 - Same Day Delivery ago
8.4 - This Warm and Holy Night ago
Supplemental - Forbes ago
Chapter 9 - The Hunted ago
9.1 - Resistance and Routine ago
9.2 - The Vanguard ago
9.3 - Dread Premonitions ago
9.4 - Spring The Trap ago
Chapter 10 - The Chain of Sacrifice ago
10.1 - Martyr ago
10.2 - Timebomb ago
Supplemental - Superhumanism and The New Social Contract ago
Chapter 11 - Dawn Service ago
11.1 - Our Regularly Scheduled Broadcast ago
11.2 - Midnight Sun ago
11.3 - The Canvas ago
11.4 - In Memoriam ago
Supplemental - Salon (Online): "In Their Midst" ago
Chapter 12 - Thanks ago
12.1 - Attrition ago
12.2 - Holiday Cheer ago
12.3 - These Wounds We Cannot Heal ago
12.4 - Cold ago
Supplemental - Wikipedia: Klaus Heydrich ago
Chapter 13 - Fireworks ago
13.1 - The Eagle and the Sheep ago
13.2 - Snow Shoulder ago
13.3 - Talking Round ago
13.4 - A Shimmering, Shining Blur ago

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I Thought RR Was for Amateurs

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 - Thanks

One of the hands down best pieces of writing on this site. Great story, awesome writing style, utterly believable and unique characters, the banter oh the notch anything else I am forgetting. It is so polished and the story so tight that I consider it pro level writing. I am going to read everything else the author ever writes on the site I'm so impressed.


This is a really good superhero story without needing to be action packed so far. The world feels alive, the core characters are all real and well developed, a very engaging plot and a great style to tell it in. 

Don't even think about not reading, just read it. Just start and let the author take you on a trip! 


This is one of the best takes on a superhero story that I've read in a while. All of the characters are believable and it's fun to watch them grow and develop over the course of the novel. The author also does a good job with the pacing and world building. Keep up the great work. 


Think Harry Potter instead of Percy Jackson

Reviewed at: 11.3 - The Canvas

A brilliantly written fantasy with a superhero twist that is equal parts gripping and entertaining - Superworld, in a single word, is a BLAST to read.

Engaging protagonists, entertaining side characters, growing friendships and rivalries all the while an unseen but sinister threat creeps ever closer? And all of it packaged together by extremely catchy writing?

It was love at first sight...
Or like love at multiple chapters...
You get the gist!

Teja Sunku

Pretty much everything about this story is pretty good. The world building is excellent, the characters fun to read, and the plot constantly taking interesting twists and turns. The only downside is that this is serially updated, so I worry the pushing will be off verses reading it all at once. Nevertheless I can recommend reading this wholeheartedly


Great superpower story. Loving using the supplementals where it doesn't feel as an info dump but actual in story lore.

need words need words need words need words need words need words need words need words need words need words need words need words need words need words need words need words 


Great sentence structure followed by written characters that felt realistic culminating in a shallow story in a badly constructed superpowered world.


At first I thought I liked it and the more I read the more flaws were showing up and the shallower the story felt. I wont spoil anythig but the logical flaws piled on and on and ruined the story for me.

Still surely ejoyable for many. Thank you for writing this, your writing style is great


Wonderfully characterized MC

Reviewed at: 12.1 - Attrition

I very much enjoy the MC's plans  that he has to concoct. It gives me very evil villian vibes. The only thing I don't really like about the story is, unfortunately, the driving motivation behind the whole thing.


Spoilers beyond this point

The motivation of the empaths being outcasts in society is kind of ridiculous. I have a very hard time thinking that real people would ostricize people who can copy their powers, especially enough to have legislation against it. The Black Death was one thing, but most other empaths can't even approach a fraction of his power. It just is not logically coherent enough to be a satisfying explanation.


Also, my guesses for the future of the story:

Complete conjecture on my part, I'm calling it, Captain Dawn was killed by the Nazi and the Nazi has taken his place as a doppelganger. This story seems like it would be cliche enough in parts for that to be the ending.



Like Harry Potter but with superpowers

Reviewed at: 7.5 - Friends Like These

This constantly keeps reminding me of the Harry Potter franchise, but instead of it having magic, the people have superpowers. 

Like everyone keeps saying the characters are really well made. 

I mean kids with powers, exclusive school for training said kids, powers of good and evil. There was even a train ride over to the school.

I really like it and am very excited to what is to come.


Duds if you like superhero stories you're going to like this. It's damn guud.

Real talk: This is a book not an RR story. You'll see what I mean when you start reading. The grammar is good, the descriptions make it easy to imagine the picture and the pacing is great, not to mention the premise.

I would like to point out I've only read up to chapter 3 so I'm not speaking for the whole story but this start is solid. I'll be updating this review once I get to latest chapter.