Matt Callaghan is in trouble. In a world where everyone has superpowers, he's got squat, and has spent the last five years faking being clairvoyant just to avoid getting caught. Unfortunately, Matt's lies have started to catch up to him, and when a desperate bluff backfires he'll need every ounce of cunning, conning and juvenile delinquency to stay undetected and alive.

Jane Walker is trouble. In a world where everyone is powerful, Jane stands alone and apart, hated for her ability to copy abilities and atrocities far beyond her control. But fate is a fickle friend, and a chance encounter soon finds Jane hurtling towards her lifelong dream - or prejudice, humiliation and a violent, painful death. 

Unbeknownst to them, Matt and Jane’s paths are inextricably intertwined, and as each struggles to find their place an unseen force will draw them ever forward – closer and closer to a secret whose existence threatens not just their lives, but the fate of the entire world.

A loving homage to and twist on the superhero genre, Superworld is a fun, subversive story about identity, empathy, connection and courage which has been called “very entertaining and creative” and “an absolute pleasure” by readers, and "completely unreadable" by the author's blind grandfather. 

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Benjamin Keyworth

Benjamin Keyworth

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - The Clairvoyant ago
1.1 - A day in the life ago
1.2 - Human education ago
1.3 - The silent countdown ago
Supplemental - New Scientist ago
Chapter 2 - Empathy ago
2.1 - Marked ago
Supplemental - Empathic Individuals Regulation Act ago
Chapter 3 - Fear and Loathing ago
3.1 - The Canary and the Cafeteria ago
3.2 - Pariah Learning ago
3.3 - Warrior ago
3.4 - A Man and his Handshake ago
Supplemental - Selected extracts, 10-11 October 1990 ago
Chapter 4 - Talent Scout ago
4.1 - We Mustn't Panic ago
4.2 - Heart to Heart ago
4.3 - Truce and Reconciliation ago
4.4 - Recognition ago
Supplemental - 'A Short History of the Legion of Heroes' ago
Chapter 5 - The Chosen One ago
5.1 - Silence and Celebration ago
5.2 - Tracks ago
5.3 - The Welcome ago
Supplemental - Morningstar Academy Glossary of Terms ago
Chapter 6 - The Legion of Heroes ago
6.1 - New Kid ago
6.2 - Meditations ago
6.3 - War Games ago
6.4 - Learning Curve ago
6.5 - The Warning ago
Supplemental - New York Times: Room For Debate ago
Chapter 7 - Matter and Mind ago
7.1 - Battlegrounds ago
7.2 - The Wounded ago
7.3 - Pierce and Parasite ago
7.4 - The Duel ago
7.5 - Friends Like These ago
Supplemental - Transcript of Congressional Hearing ago
Chapter 8 - Flying High ago
8.1 - El Diablito ago
8.2 - Shindig ago
8.3 - Same Day Delivery ago
8.4 - This Warm and Holy Night ago
Supplemental - Forbes ago
Chapter 9 - The Hunted ago
9.1 - Resistance and Routine ago
9.2 - The Vanguard ago
9.3 - Dread Premonitions ago
9.4 - Spring The Trap ago
Chapter 10 - The Chain of Sacrifice ago
10.1 - Martyr ago
10.2 - Timebomb ago
Supplemental - Superhumanism and The New Social Contract ago
Chapter 11 - Dawn Service ago
11.1 - Our Regularly Scheduled Broadcast ago
11.2 - Midnight Sun ago
11.3 - The Canvas ago
11.4 - In Memoriam ago
Supplemental - Salon (Online): "In Their Midst" ago
Chapter 12 - Thanks ago
12.1 - Attrition ago
12.2 - Holiday Cheer ago
12.3 - These Wounds We Cannot Heal ago
12.4 - Cold ago
Supplemental - Wikipedia: Klaus Heydrich ago
Chapter 13 - Fireworks ago
13.1 - The Eagle and the Sheep ago
13.2 - Snow Shoulder ago
13.3 - Talking Round ago
13.4 - A Shimmering, Shining Blur ago

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Really well done. You'd think one of the main characters being "powerless" in a world where literally everyone has a power would be a setback or cause him to be less interesting than other characters. But it does not.

If anything the main guy makes up for it in sheer wit, cunning, audacity, and hilarious schemes. 

The other main character is written decently as well. She lives in a world defined by what she is rather than who she is. And that can make a monster of anyone. But not her. Not in a bad way. She struggles. She perseveres. And she tries to do what she can. 

Story has a good pace. Lots of mysteries and vague foreshadowing. Powers are explained decently and plausible enough. No great detail explanation as of yet though. 

However, seeing as one of main characters don't have any super awesome ability for combat. I'm afraid of the ending being a rather disappointing experience seeing as the main bad guy seems to be on a near godlike power level. Something along the lines of "I distract you with wordplay and my partner press a button/switch thingy or a strike to the back of the head" and defeat big bad guy. Or literally one of those "surprise there's an unexpected mechanic that we've never talked about but can totally beat main bad guy" deus ex machina.

One of those clichés. 

All in all. Great story so far. Fairly well-written. Extremely fun to read. Some minor political mumbo jumbo, but that's just inevitable in a story of like this. 


A real page-turner - I couldn't stop reading!

Reviewed at: 13.1 - The Eagle and the Sheep

Five stars for everything because this truly deserved it. The characters here are amazing, a real work of art. Especially the main character Matt - he's an amazing protagonist who you can't help but root for. The way he uses his smarts, social skills, circumstances and occasionally luck to rise and overcome obstacles is incredible. I think he's one of those characters everyone will love, and he's really brought to life here. 

Jane and her decisions admittedly do sometimes annoy me, but the reasons for why she makes them is very realistic, and I always admire how well the author must know his characters to write then so brilliantly. She also has a lot of good qualities that do show through, and I really look forward to her character development - her circumstances has made her socially stunted through no fault of her own, and I feel she can be amazing if she manages to find more confidence and a place for herself in the world. 

I read this all on a whim - I wasn't keen on the whole 'superpower world' idea and clicked on it just to pass some time. Then I couldn't stop until the end, and wow, it was a page-turner! 

The author has invested a lot of effort into this story, with no outright grammar errors and an intriguing story to tell. This a truly great read, and I recommend people give it a go.


Amazingly Great scale of: YESYESYES PLEASE READ!!

Reviewed at: 12.1 - Attrition

So well written. So masterfully built. So intimately described. I experience each moment of this story in my mind, savoring the scenes. Reading carefully, slowly: passionately. THIS is why literature is considered an Art. 

I am excited and entranced. Addicted to this fantastical vision given form. The characters are real; I know them. Their struggles are deep and enticing. The plot is an illusory web; seeded with mysteries. My heart flutters with every passage and my mind races to turn the page. 


Good and waiting for more

Reviewed at: 12.1 - Attrition

This story is solidly in my top 3 of web serials with Mother of Learning and PGtE as the others. Characters feel well written, the MC is an underpowered character done well, who tries to cover his flaws by using his brain and some clever tricks to make up for it. The story has a good amount of world building to make the reailty of a world where (almost) ;) everyone has a superpower feel plausible.  There's no stupid teen drama or unnecessary plot filler, just the story of a dude trying to live his life without being outed as a fraud, and the shit that he ends up in as a result. There's some hints of mystery and future plot escalation, which I'm eagerly awaiting. 


I almost skipped this story because I thought picking a main character without powers in a world of all superheroes was a boring and missed so much potential. BOY WAS I WRONG. I don't know how, but you managed to put in so many levels of worldbuilding that I never would've even thought of. The human genome, the interpersonnal relationship and sociatal views when EVERYONE is a super hero, the lengths one must go to try and trick the world that one has superpowers, super power descrimination. I do wish we get to see a little bit more growth in our characters though (not mental or emotional, Jane defintely has grown a lot since the story started) but for two students that spent at least a month in THE school for super heroes, they don't seem to be progressing at all. Jane is so powerful but it always feels like she plateued since the story started. And Matt seems to be doing the most to get expelled, except for things that would get him expelled. He's always on time for his meetings when missing those would get him in the most trouble. He also doesn't seem to take advantage of his situation and better prepare himself in a world of superheroes, we don't get any scenes of him learning how to better protect himself or asking Ed for any gadgets (even though Ed is more of a scientist than an engineer) Despite all my whining though, it's all so DAMN GOOD! Can't wait for more man, keep up the good work!

Blorgh the muppet

this is that good shit. I beseech you to only try out 2-3 chapters.

honestly all that needs to be said already has, but review says i must add more words so some more context:

the introduced characters are fascinating and feel alive, even those who only play a passing role if one at all. The main character is wicked smaart. Not the bs "so i conclude because of one foot print the man is a fugative and hiding 2 streets across cause the mud or some stuff". But actual smart. god knows he doesnt have all the answer but trust me, you the viewer with all the benefits that provides are exactly as confused as he is.


Very fun, very interesting

Reviewed at: 11.4 - In Memoriam

Very well written, intricate story but fun and still easy to read.  Big thumbs up. There are few stories that have such a thought out plot but are still quick reads.  Binged and read it all in one setting.  Very interesting choice to narrator and narrators point of view.  

Compared to other top fiction, this one is super fun to read but the quality and store are definitely better.


This novel is far too underrated for how good it is. Not sure what caused it, but for me, I shy'd away from the novel since it's in the superhero genre and those don't typically do so well in my opinion. Coupled that with a underpowered mc (quite literally) and I can see why is is underrated. 

Yet, I'm here to sing it's praises because god damn it deserves to be read. What I look for most in a novel is how character driven it is, and damn is it character driven. The two mcs don't exactly have great chemistry but the interactions between the two are just so lifelike and exactly what I would expect irl, unlike how distorted some characters can be in fictional worlds. Real world struggles, that comes with massive payoffs for the reader. This is an amazing story about just two people who are trying to find themselves when the whole world is breathing down their necks and damn does it work well.


This story has shot up in the rankings these last few weeks, and if you read the chapters it is not difficult to see why. On a platform such as Royal Road, where there is a TON of content, perfectly polished stories like Superworld are rare. Obviously, the writer has put in a lot of time and thoughts developing his world and his protagonists. His characters are not only funny but also relatable. I also like the writer's style. The occasional supplementals the writer throws in the mix add compelling colors to the universe he so painstakingly created.  

There are no grammar/spelling issues that I can find. It reads like it has been read and edited multiple times.

I am hardly a superhero genre fan, and probably not the intended target audience for Superworld. Still, I can recognize good writing when I see one and I have no qualms in saying that this is written by a clever person.

Without trying to spoil the story for others, all I would like to say is that so far there is no romantic connection between Superworld's two main characters, and I hope that the writer keeps it that way.

I have read another review saying that this story encourages bullying, but I have to say I really disagree on that point. Just because a story depicts a character being bullied doesn't mean that the author is endorsing that behavior. Wasn't Harry Potter bullied by Dudley and Draco? Was J.K. Rowling encouraging her readers to go abuse others when she wrote about Harry being (seriously) mistreated by his aunt and uncle? If anything, the author is writing about "misfit" characters who feel like outsiders in their community, the experience a lot of readers can identify with. 

Please keep up the good work!


The majority of the book so far has revolved around the character and relationship arcs of two very interesting MCs. They are alike and polar opposite in just the right ways. The lack of romantic tension between the two gives me strong Studio Ghibli vibes, with "mutual inspiration to live" the focus over a more traditional romance. Their dialogue is witty and fun. More than that, they feel like actual people with real feelings and motivations. 

The umbrella plot is a Mystery, which I find quite refreshing. Action books that focus on the character's abilities over their actual character seem to be a dime a dozen these days.

I would easily put this book on the same level as other superpower greats, such as Super Powereds and Pith.

All in all, I found this story to be a great reminder of what a good story should be; Interesting characters, snappy dialogue, and intriguing behind-the-scenes plot devices.

Far too often I find myself reading books with 5 star ratings that are about ill-adjusted sociopaths who's only redeeming traits are some shallow advantages they have in a setting that is suddenly thrust upon them. Here, the plot revolves around choices made by the characters, and the consequences that follow.