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Pre-chapter warning - Although I am normally very appreciative of people pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes (only united can we defeat this common foe), the ones in this supplemental are deliberate. 

Enjoy - Ben

IN THEIR MIDST: Legion Of Heroes Darkest Day 10th Anniversary Service Reveals Shocking Secret
Salon (Online), October 10th 2000 [8,921,120 views, 25,012 shares]

It was supposed to be a day of mourning, solidarity and most of all, remembrance. But explosive new photos taken at the Legion of Heroes memorial service for the victims of the African Devastation have uncovered a shocking secret Legion administrators have attempted to keep quiet.

>>Read More: Why The African Devastation Was Racially Motivated And What That Says About White America

Exclusive pictures from the service, intended to mark ten years since the empath dubbed ‘The Black Death’ killed hundreds of millions of people, captured in attendance another empath who investigation has revealed has joined the Academy as part of the Legion of Heroes’ rebuilding program. Head of Legion administration Daniel Winters has confirmed that the empath, Jane Walker, was allowed into the institution over two months ago after “demonstrating outstanding combat ability and offensive potential”.

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The Legion of Heroes has declined to comment on the security risk posed by the empath, or whether they believe she possesses a conflict of interest with the Legion’s peacekeeping goals. Under anti-discrimination legislation, organisations are not allowed to exclude individuals including empaths from entry based solely upon their powers if a particular power is not a pre-requisite for membership, meaning the Legion of Heroes could have faced a lawsuit if they had not allowed Walker to attend.

>>Read More: Dawn’s Dismay – Pictures Of Our Hero Reacting To The Empath’s Presence

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Jackie Willcox 3h

Were is the goverment? Surly must be someone in power who can do something abut this. As a mother I know for a fact that this empath is up to no good, you can see it in her eye she is only their to steel powers and their she will steel them all. This is discrace I do not feel safe my children knowning that Legion of heros is not save anymore. Captain Dawn you must be strong and destroy empath threat as you did ago ten years so world can know piece… THANK YOU

4217 Likes 6 Dislikes View all 72 replies


+Jackie Willcox Well said her here

984 Likes 22 Dislikes View all 34 replies


SenseiChingaNaruto 5h

Empath do not respect Human Rights or Democracy and must be banned in civilized countrie

3002 Likes 4 Dislikes View all 80 replies


TheLastDefender 4h

Empaths Are Scum Of The Earth It Makes Me Sick Thinking She Is There Spitting On The Graves Of Everyone Who Gave Their Lives For The Cause If We Do Not Act Now This Will Be The New Normal Empaths Everywhere In Charge We The People At The Bottom Look It Up Open Your Eyes Sheep To The Truth

1612 Likes 101 Dislikes View all 179 replies


Racquel Poison 59m

how can he tuch her dirtie filfth she probally got him in brain contrul

1100 Likes 23 Dislikes View all 150 replies


Xxgriffdog420xX 2h

Probably there 4 Cap Dawns power LOL gg earth screwd nice nowing all u fgts hope u lyk b slav empath dog illuminati y2k

2010 Likes 5 Dislikes View all 99 replies


Jeff Jones 6h

Once again woman given special privleges over man, only let in because she is woman, women rule while men drafted to wars, we are firefighters and coal miners, we get screwed w divorce, pay for wives personal needs and kids tuition, depression and suicide bc of this, domestic abuse is ignored when men are victims and men cant strike back, prostate cancer is ignored, 1 in 8 women get breast cancerand 1 in 7 men get prostate cancer but breast cancer is looked on more, 70% of the homeless are men bc women can just marry a men

103 Likes 567 Dislikes View all 237 replies

Walter Knight

+Jeff Jones Shut up MRA nobody asked you go back to ur whole

512 Likes 47 Dislikes View all 102 replies


+Jeff Jones LOL well done nice work FEM-ocrats girl power 4ever screw society amirite?

98 Likes 312 Dislikes View all 37 replies


Anonimouse 10m

Empath, if you’re reading this, do the world a favour and kill yourself

400 Likes 0 Dislikes View all 5 replies


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