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Supplemental - Morningstar Academy Glossary of Terms


A note from Benjamin Keyworth


‘Welcome to the Academy’ Introductory Booklet

Page 14 – Glossary of Terms


Acolyte – The designation of all students admitted to the Academy.


Arena – (Map H3) The primary Arena for direct combat sparring.


Ascension – The selection of an Acolyte to become an active and permanent member of the Legion (please note Ascensions are temporarily suspended pending further notice).


Ashes – Acolytes present at the Academy during the African Devastation who continue to support the Legion. The Ashes are here to help you; please show them the utmost courtesy and respect.


Challenges – Academy-wide sparring competitions held at the Arena. Please see the notice board for upcoming Challenge dates.


Memorial – (Map C8) The Memorial to the Legion’s fallen members. Non-denominative services are held here every Sunday, 8:30am. If you wish to make an offering outside these services, please refer to the guidelines on page 12.


Morningstar – The Academy’s central building. All rooms designated ‘MS’ are within this complex.

Shutdown – A four-day period commencing Thursday 23 November (Thanksgiving) during which no classes will be held. If you require continuing accommodation during this time, please contact administration.


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