Breaking the Chains

Breaking the Chains

by Old Coyote
Co-Author: IIko

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Aegon Silver, a young man on an epic, danger-filled journey to... well, apart from money, power and fame there isn't much more that interests our protagonist.

Nevertheless, witness him as he attempts to reach his goals, preferably without suffering too much, though as we all know... reality is often disappointing. What does the future have in store for this shameless young man? Not even a god knows.

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Old Coyote

Old Coyote

Word Count (6)
1st Anniversary
Group Leader (II)
Table of Contents
33 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Aegon Silver ago
Chapter 2: Kuro ago
Chapter 3: Talent ago
Chapter 4: The First Fight ago
Chapter 5: Second Round ago
Chapter 6: Final Placements ago
Chapter 7: The Martial House ago
Chapter 8: Single-Edged Sword ago
Chapter 9: Twin Swords ago
Chapter 10: Battle Tower ago
Chapter 11: Kicked Out ago
Chapter 12: Resource Hall ago
Chapter 13: Those who don't know are like those who don't see ago
Chapter 14: Electric Meditation Technique ago
Chapter 15: A miserable and tormenting way towards power ago
Chapter 16: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 17: Battle Class ago
Chapter 18: The Beginning of a Legend: Fidget Spinner ago
Chapter 19: A Shady Proposal ago
Chapter 20: Second Coming of Victory ago
Chapter 21: Bonding over Manipulation ago
Chapter 22: A Scene Straight out of a Novel ago
Chapter 23: Shamelessness ago
Chapter 24: Moving Circus ago
Chapter 25: Sleeping and Beauties ago
Chapter 26: The Handsome have it easier ago
Chapter 27: Maybe I'm just too good at this ago
Chapter 28: Actions always spoke louder than words ago
Chapter 29: The Sweet Smell of Conspiracy ago
Chapter 30: The plot thickens ago
Chapter 31: One and a Half Heroes ago
Chapter 32: Aerial Support ago
Chapter 33: The Echoes of Change ago

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