Ronin of Dust

Ronin of Dust

by Kai Snider

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Masami Hisakawa settled long ago into the calm life of a carpenter, hanging up her sword in favor of a saw and chisel.

But when a herald of the demonic armies of old appears near her home, Masami realizes peace is no longer an option. And when several townsfolk go missing, Masami is forced to take up her sword once more.

Now, it’s up to Masami to find the source of the demons and cut it off, once and for all. But there are some monsters on the road a human can’t kill...

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Kai Snider

Kai Snider

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Damn, Another Story I Forgot to Rate Highly

Reviewed at: Reckoning

This is a great little story.  The protagonist, a female ronin, is retired after fighting in a demon war 20 years ago in a mythical Japan.  Lo and behold, her retirement is interrupted when the demons reappear and strike hard.  But, armed with her sword, and an empowered demon (left?) arm, and a possibly-trusty sidekick, she'll find out where this started and put an end to it soon enough.

The characters are very solid.  The plot is straightforward, though given some of the complexities of worldbuilding and character, that simplicity is appreciated.  The grammar is flawless and the style of writing is compelling.

All in all, strong recommend.