The Tower Must Fall - Combat Gardener

by noct

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Gardener? A support class? This can't be! What was all my hard work for?

Forget this world. Forget the System. Even if I'm a lowly support class, I'll take on the Tower and take them all down!

Since the System appeared one hundred years ago, humanity has been divided into three: combat classes, intellectual classes, and support classes. Assigned at the moment of high school graduation, one's class determines their future.

Rowan wanted the most out of life. A combat class, an intellectual class, either would be fine. When he is instead assigned a support class, Gardener, he notices the System is completely rigged against support classes. Refusing to give up on his dream of realizing his future by his own terms, Rowan challenges the Tower, the seat of the System and home of the Hero-King, in hopes of bringing the entire System to its knees.

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Important notes:

-LitRPG fantasy

-Rowan is not perfect. He's got flaws, emotions, and personal issues to work through. If you want a perfect, overpowered MC who makes the right decision every time, this is NOT the work for you.

-No harem, no rape, no isekai, no romance

-Questions? Please ask!

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The main character starts off with a fall from grace, which is both unusual in this genre but also very welcome. This leaves a lot of room for character development, again a welcome sign for the story. Worth the candle.

Action at the start is brief and sets the stories pacing. The world building needs to tighten up as the MC scrambles around trying not to die.


Interesting, well-executed

Reviewed at: 20. Master Plan

The main character is dealt a shit hand and tries to get around that fact. It doesn't end well, but it offers a much better motivation, and a much more interesting storyline, than we often see. No OP MC to be found here, though the main character is a whiny git for the first 10-15 chapters, he seems to be growing out of it quickly. Writing flows well, characterization is good, dialogue is smooth, overall quality.

I'll be following with interest. 

Dark Jester

Interesting premise, forced execution

Reviewed at: 7. Trash Tier

I really liked the way the author introduced the story, but the MC grew tiring quite fast. There is a huge emphasis on classes in a way that felt very forced to me. A lot of the dialogue is heavy handed and overall I think it would be greatly improved if the writing was a lot more subtle.

This is iust my opinion and it's a relatively common thing with stories on this site but i was also a bit disappointed for him to conveniently overcome one of his biggest challenges almost immediately. I think it stems from the want to make an underdog character but also want them to be cool.

Overall I think its a fun twist on the tower genre, but could use some refining. If clumsy dialogue and a slightly cliche protag doesnt turn you off give it a go.


interesting though short

Reviewed at: 21. Heist

I really like the concept but the start is a bit forced and the chapters are a lot smaller than I like and feel like a larger chapter split up so make the book feel longer. his reaction to getting a supporting class is at the least stupid instead of having the reaction a valdictorian would he flips his shit and has a tantrum like a 5 year old. he describes every single person with a "useful" class (at least what he sees as one) as arrogant prideful jack asses and bullys. in some ways he's even a hypocrite he treats the people who help him as less even when they are showing him how good they are. he treats his family as if they don't exist and mostlikley has either a mental disorder or a complex. overall he comes off as a spoiled 8 yr old having a tantrum and a asshole than an underdog

(sorry if it feels like a list not the best at reviews)