Ashes of Heaven

by AMRahi

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

We are quite strange creatures, us humans. When we live in peaceful times, we crave for change and marvellous events to happen to us.

when we live in times of war, times of uncontrollable change and moments that can change the flow of history, most of us suddenly miss the peace and quiet times we never cherished.

One human's ideology can change the world, while another human's most profound thoughts never gets past the money needed for dinner every night. Yet there are billions of us; different thoughts, different aims, different way of living. Even for a cultivator at the peak of heavens, it's an unfathomable world of complexity that has no answer. 

We all hate misery, yet our way of life constantly pushes us to more misery. However, it is also true that this way of life is a tested path that may lead to prosperity for a select few.

Which path ahead of us is correct, and what path is the ideal for prosperity and and an eternity of satisfaction?

Are we, humans, the sort of creatures who can ever establish the perfect utopia every suffering lowlife craves while huddling in a dirty corner of their small world?

Han Xuhan, a timid cultivator who got into a sect accidentally and discovered some strange secrets about himself and the world he lives in, decides to explore the root of all these mysteries surrounding him while he slowly encounters these ever elusive questions growing up.

Author's note- I decided to write a xianxia novel because I find the magical aspects and the creativity potential in this genre really appealing. There shall be no cliches or typical xianxia tropes happening to the main character. Even if you see one, it'll later be revealed to be a prank of sorts. The focus of the story is on creating and discovering mysteries, along with some philosophical aspects in the later volumes. Action and scheming takes a lead theme, but overall I'd say it's a slice of life, lowbrow comedy story with a serious plot running in the background to be revealed later on. 

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Word Count (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Crimson Snow Sect ago
2-Bloodline Test ago
3-Nothing Lewd At All ago
4- Awaken Or Die ago
5- Oh Hell No ago
6- The Black Sheep Mountain Peak ago
7- Unrealistic Goals ago
8- Getting A Dose of Real world ago
9- This Sect Has Sharks ago
10- Meet The Black Sheeps ago
11- Han Xuhan Is A Kind Young Man ago
12- Lackey ago
13- Rewarded for Decisiveness ago
14- First Time Hurts! ago
15- Follow The Script
16- Verbal Bombs Drop In Style ago
17- The Badass Elder ago
18- The Sixth Disciple Of The BS Mountain Peak ago
19- Fast Cultivation Is Expensive ago
20- Handicapped Cultivator Xuhan ago
21- Writing A Revolutionary Book ago
22- I'll Pass On This Dao ago
23- Dao Foundation Is Like A Building ago
24- Money Heist ago
25- Uno Reverse Flyer ago
26- A Shounen Protagonist ago
27- Sect Master Isn't Normal Either ago
28- The World Of The Crimson Sun ago
29- Skeletons And Weapons ago
30- Han Xuhan Is A Careful Young Man ago
31- Taking Up Missions ago
32- Grandpa Di Qian Never Lies ago
33- Courting Disaster ago
34- The Dao Of Pee ago
35- Leap ago
36- I Had Eyes, But I Couldn't See Mt. Tai ago
37- Surrounded ago
38- Sharing Is Caring
39- Zombie Goes Brr... ago
40- Han Xuhan Is An Honest Young Man ago
41- This Unfair World Can Only Breed Demons ago
42- Enter The Fog ago
43- Legal Mumbo Jumbo ago
44- Texts Suck ago
45- The Art and The Artist ago
46- Logical Deduction ago
47- A Stone Thrown In The Dark ago
48- Scum Kai Says Bye Bye ago
49- The Next Stage ago
C50- Lore of Laws ago
C51- Predictions and Plans ago
C52- Naked Soldier ago
C53- Coming Together ago
C54- Demonic Cultivator ago

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I like this story so far. I read it in one afternoon to chapter 38 because it intrigued me so much.
The main character is a human of a xianxia world who on his day of ingraduation into a sect learns that he might be someones incarnation.
The main character is a bloody genious and i like that he uses his brain.
The world he is thrown into is full of the generic protag types which irk the wrong nerves in me.

Overall bloody good. Definitely would recommend. Half a star to see where the future leads.


What makes this so awesome is the MC intelligence.

This may sound arrogant but it is rare for me to find a story here where the MC does not have terrible decision making skills.

And smart MC's are my favourite MC.

The MC is so shrewed and cunning.

Give it a read.



I wish I could read the rest of this story to give a more accurate review, but the writing needs to improve first and foremost. Perhaps the author has improved and has yet to edit the first chapter at this time. I'd recommend reading the first chapter if you wish to make your own judgement. 

The writing unnatural, particularly in dialogue. The first chapter is mostly discription, which on top of not building an engaging start, also has the same issue of unnatural word choice. Things don't flow together.